Friday, August 26, 2011

Reasons I like my new house.

We have a bright blue kitchen.

My bedroom is the biggest I've ever had all to myself.

That's my bike out the window, getting rained on.
I live five seconds away from a cemetery. I did at my last house too; it just seems to always happen.

I can look out the window into my back yard and all my neighbor's yards while I shower.

Weird glassed in bookshelf in my room. Love it.
We are five seconds away from everything. Being out of milk is no longer the worst thing ever.

That blue door out my window is an outhouse. Doesn't work.
Things on Cowley road are open MUCH later everyday. This means I no longer have to starve on Sundays.
Did I mention our living room is also a panic room? It locks from the inside only.

I love my housemates.

I have a bed. Finally.

I got Shobha's printer to work that she left when she went back to Vienna. So, now I have a printer. I scanned these pictures with it the other day:  FLICKER

I have enough floor space in my bedroom to make snow angels, if it were ever to snow in my room.

The end. Back to my essay. Alisha found all the problems in it last night for me, so now I just need to fix it. I'm dangerously close to being finished with my MA. Insane.



DeeRoo said...

Thanks for the photos...are your bikes locked back there?!!:)

Love the glass bookcase....keep your window locked!!

Kerry said...

sheesh, Dee...way to sound like her Mother!!! lol

I love that daughters bedroom is painted that color...yummy!

love the glass mom's kitchen had cabinets like that up to the ceiling....guess what she did...painted them!!!!! GLASS and all!!! it was horrible!

Keep enjoying!!!


Tiffany Coombs said...

I'm soooooo jealous of your house. totally awesome!!!

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

How can you ever leave that? Freeze time. Do it... it's the only solution. Just don't freeze time in Philadelphia please.