Thursday, August 18, 2011

Every book is a kid's book if the kid can read it.

I stole this picture from Rose. And I stole the blog title from Mitch Hedberg. I have no original ideas.

Today consisted of sitting on the couch for the entire day with Alisha, working on our final projects. The internet man came, hooked us up, then left. That was the only time I opened the front door all day. It's been raining all day, that's my excuse. Yesterday our friends from the course came over. We spent 12 hours straight together, catching up and talking about our final projects. That's another reason for my lazy day I think. My brain hurts.

My project is getting dangerously close to being done. Well, the essay isn't, but the creative part is. If anything I think my essay progress is going backward; I'm sure that with every day I don't look at it, the word count goes mysteriously down. Yesterday was the first time all year that I've talked about my final project story with people and they haven't found a gaping problem with it. I think I've finally got it.

Now we're listening to Avril Lavigne, still not moving. It bothers me that I'm this content doing nothing. Granted, I did get a lot of work done today, I suppose I deserve a break. But that's the thing about doing anything creative; you're never done. Even with I finish the project, there is always another project. Even if I got a book published, there would always be another one. Finish a painting? Start another one. And who's to say when anything is finished anyway? Things can always be better, things can always change, sometimes it's hard to stop.  It never ends, which is good, except that it leaves me feeling constantly like I need to be doing something. I like being busy, I'd go insane if I wasn't, but still.

I did come up with a title for my final project today. Drum-roll please...


Lame? Yeah, maybe. But I think it fits, because my whole story, at the end of the day, is about people having the things they are best at/are most passionate about, stolen. It's about what makes all of us special and how everyone has something they are good at. So yeah, I don't know. Give it like a day, I'll probably change it.

The other day at work I started writing haikus (I think the plural of haiku is actually haiku, but it looks too weird) to keep my brain from turning to mush. I think it did anyway. I wrote this one about living in Virginia in the summer:

It's too hot to live,
so let's play Xbox and dream
of Slushies or snow.

Lame, I know. But whatever, it passes the time. Note to future self: never take a job that makes you wish the day would end faster. Lifewaster.

I want to put up pictures of our new house, but I still don't have the right bed in my room, so I am waiting. Very annoying. I've been paying to live in the house for almost two weeks now, and I still don't have the right bed. We did get a coffee table the other day, so that's a plus.

I do have this one picture, of the front. Cute hu? My own little hobbit hole.

That's all for now. As you can see, I don't have a lot going on. And I'm a little brain dead. Back to work.


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Tanner said...

Your haiku pretty much describes how we've felt all summer on base.