Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't get too excited.

Not that I except anyone to get excited about my blogs, but encase you were, don't be. I have been super busy the last few weeks, and still am, so this is going to be quick and unsubstantial. I've got a house viewing today in our desperate search for a new place to live, all my housemates graduate tomorrow (I'm a stand-in parent for more than one), I've got reading and writing to do, and then get ready to leave again for Manchester on Monday to see TV on the Radio with the one and only Alisha. It's been raining and weirdly warm and I've come to the realization that my collection of books here is a real problem. I gave away like 30% of them only to find even more hidden in corners and on top of shelves and everywhere. However, a sizable stack are books that belong to other people, so that's sort of good. Guess I better read them and give them back!

In the spirit of book love, here is something presented to me by someone I wish to remain anonymous, but just know, this person is awesome.

The only thing I don't like about it is the way life is spelled. Other than that, it's gold. Stay tuned for my essay discussing the pros and cons of e-readers, it's in the works. 
OK sorry for this teaser of a blog, more about more interesting things later!