Monday, May 2, 2011

My tea went cold as I read the news.

This has been an extremely eventful weekend. Started with the wedding on Friday, then May Day festivities Saturday night into Sunday morning. Lots of reasons for people to get wasted. It smelled like vomit and chips as I walked through St. Clements on my way to the city at 5something am, and I won't even describe the things I saw. Your welcome.

It was all very exciting.

I wanted a crown of flowers SO badly. WHY didn't anyone tell me that's what you do on May Day? 

Then, to top off the eventful weekend, I woke up this morning to my facebook newsfeed, full of people celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, while I was sleeping, US troops were hard at work raiding his strong hold, which it took us ten years to finally find. He resisted, a firefight ensued, Bin Laden was killed. There was dancing in the streets of New York. Apparently couches were burned in Morgantown, as we do. 

But it's all making me feel a little uneasy. I don't deny that this is great news, a big step toward getting us out of the war and ending the violence. However, I don't feel comfortable celebrating the fact that someone has died, no matter who they are. It does say, everywhere that I've read anyway, that the US troops raided his stronghold, but he resisted, meaning that they tried to capture him before they killed him. I would rather they had managed to capture him so he could stand trial for what he's done.  

I can't help but think of one of my favorite Yoda quotes; "war does not make one great." You may think it's naive or immature to quote from Star Wars when trying to make a point about serious world issues, but just look at what that little green puppet is saying first. When you take away everything associated with where the quote came from, it absolutely rings true. 

I am glad that Obama has delivered on one of his promises, I'm glad we are closer to ending the war, and I'm glad no Americans were killed, but I still don't feel right celebrating death, even if it had to happen. I can only hope that this whole event brings us one tiny step closer to bringing about a world where killing is no longer necessary to achieve peace. 



DeeRoo said...

Well said girlie...daddy and I were feeling the same...pleased with the news but a bit of unease with the celebrating.

May Day always involves flowers!:)

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

How can death be so celebrated? How can we rejoice in something so vile? We did not destroy terrorism or any of the twisted ideals he espoused we simply killed a very old and sick man in front of his family then dumped his body into the ocean. Now we are bopping around beach balls. People are weird and stupid a lot of times. Thank goodness you are around to give me hope. (PS- Thanks for your comments, you are the BEST and I SUPA DUPA LOVE YOU! I am excited for you to come to Philly, but I want you to bleed that country of its inspiration first)

OK2BU said...

Hey Lady just catching up on SO many of your postings. This one so spoke to me as well, cause there is such mixed messages going on when this happened. Hard to be happy about something so bad.....

LOVE you! Keeping updated via Miss Kelsey - but - will do better about letting you know myself!