Friday, May 20, 2011

In case the world ends tomorrow...

...I want to be remembered like this.
In case some of you were not aware, the world may or may not be ending tomorrow. So, I'll try to keep this nice and positive, in case it is my last blog post. I can see the internet surviving somehow even if the world ends. I feel like it's so engrained in the world, in every fiber of humanity's being that somehow, even when all the physical things that are supposed to keep the internet up and running are destroyed, it will still exist. The next generation will just have to figure out how to tap into it, and when they do, BAM, major7th at Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe will still exist, and thus, so shall I. I'm just securing my legacy here with this good old blog spot, or just wasting my time. Either way, I'm fine with. We don't have a TV, what else am I supposed to do?

About a month ago Rose gave me this post card to fill out for an art project that a girl in her class is going to do in the next few years. It said on the back, "I graduate in ___. Two years from then, I will be..." and we had to fill in the blanks. On the other side we had to write in our address in two years, if we knew it, and this person is apparently going to send the cards back to us in two years. Some people, I'm sure, wrote funny things, but I took it literally and wrote what I really hope I'm going to be doing in two years. Here's what I wrote, and this is the returning-to-the-USA version of my life. (There's a whole staying-in-the-UK version too, but that one is really unrealistic.)

"I graduate in 2012. Two years from then, I will be back in the States, living in Philly, writing away and trying to get published. Hopefully I will have a job I don't hate and will be well on my way toward, if not already financially independent."

That's all I really want, to still be writing and have enough money to live. That's all I need. I'm easy, in that regard, so hopefully this is not as unrealistic as my staying-in-the-UK plan, which includes either marrying for citizenship, making it big with the next best seller and or winning the lottery and buying a castle. I just want to write and not hate my job. I don't even have to like it, not at first anyway. I just don't want to hate it. That is it.

So if the world ends tomorrow, and this is being read by the next generation of the world that has sprung up from my world's ashes and is just now discovering the internet and all that the former world once was (I'm sorry, really), I want you to know that I had a plan. I had a plan, and those amazing pink sunglasses. I had a plan, and a minor addiction to ridiculous sunglasses. Read the rest of my blog to see what else I was into, future-world-internet-discoverer, if you are so inclined. You will also see that I loved Neil Gaiman, loved living in Oxford, loved Star Wars, and loved everything that has to do with books and reading and writing. Also, you will see that I never did learn to spell, like to sometimes make up words, and enjoyed a well used hyphen. My long gone spirit will not be offended if you soon get bored, many do. It happens.

However, one thing that I am very glad happened before the end of the world is that I finally reached 50 followers. Thank you, 50th follower, you may go down in history as not only my 50th follower, but perhaps even my last follower. I promise future people, that I was not nearly as much of a tool in real life as I sound sometimes in this blog. It's all for show. What I'm trying to show exactly I'm not too sure.

We went to a poetry slam last night ('we' always meaning Alisha and I) and this guy preformed a poem about how lots of guys like girls with either big butts or know...but that he likes a girl who reads. I fell in love with him a little bit. Then he did another one about teaching kids, and how worth it the job is, and I fell in love with him pretty hard. Then Alisha preformed her poem, and rocked the house. Watch it HERE, well worth your time. I'm so proud of her, I'm way to chicken to even get up and do that. Well done Alisha! Also note, future people, that I really loved my friends. All of them, all over the world, every one of them.

And my family. My mom sent me a package full of hand-made pillow cases for all my housemates. She is the sweetest; they are lovely.

I feel like, seeing as I made a big deal about the possibility of this being my last blog, that I should probably end with something profound. I've got nothing. The only advice I have for the future, if you are reading this on the cusp of remaking the world, is to just be nice. Be nice to each other and you'll all be alright. Be nice to the world too, don't mess with the planet or it will mess with you. Just to be nice might seem like really simplistic advice for a whole new generation of humans on earth, but as Jim Henson once said, "simple is good." I find it hard to argue with the creator of the Muppets (Google that one, future people, once you figure out how to use Google).

Alright, that's it for my Apocalypse blog. I'll see you on the other side of tomorrow, world, wherever that may be.



Kerry said...

I want you to know if the world ends that one of the last things *I* did was read you...

Glad the pillowcases arrived...your Mom worked hard on those!



DeeRoo said...

Lovely...misspellings and all!:)

Be on the lookout for the second package!!

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

I am kind of disappointed the world didn't end because your blog would have lived on so poetically, unfortunately now you just have to keep writing and making beautiful and memorable turns of phrase and reflections on life in such unique and simple ways. The security word I have to type in is "quish" and I feel that this is an appropriate thought to end on. I emoticon heart you. Quish.

Jacques said...

Even though I'm reading this now, clearly after the supposed 'end of the world' (until October, obviously), I want you to know it made me cry just a tiny, wee, little bit. I love you and your crazy sunglasses and horrible spelling. Also, if you're in a post-apocalyptic world starting over kind of mood (and you ever have time to read for pleasure again) you should read Riddley Walker. I had to read it at WVU and hated it...but you might like it! :)

Tanner said...

I totally have a history with girls that read (probably because it corelates with girls that think). That being said they also had "you know" in some size or another, but that never added to a good conversation.