Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so close to having 50 followers, sooooo close. Tell your brothers, sisters, second cousins twice removed to follow me. Because you know me, it's all about the numbers. (jokes jokes jokes)

Things have been feeling different lately. It's that awful feeling that things are changing, which is not always an awful feeling. Just in this case it is. My classes are over, now it's just up to me and my friends to keep on our final projects until September. It's the season of goodbyes. I am going to have to say my first round of goodbyes far sooner than I ever thought I would. Already said one on Monday, two next week, another in July. Why can't everyone I love just end up in the same country/town/city/wherever?

Change can be good and exciting, and usually I don't mind it all that much. But this time I'm not having it. I'm in a melodramatic mood, so I think I'll stop writing now.

Oh one last thing. A bunch of my friends and I got stories and poems into this little Anthology put together by the Brookes Creative Writing Society. So that's pretty exciting. Don't worry mom, I pre-ordered a bunch of copies for you. Sweet cover hu?

Over and out,



Kerry said...

will they be autographed copies???? lol

Tiffany Coombs said...

how can i get one?

Maria said...

I can get a few more if people want them. I am not sure if they are sending them out at all, I'm going to have to go physically pick up my copies myself. But I'll look into it!

DeeRoo said...

OOooooo Yes! At least 10 copies!:) Put it on the credit card!:)

Don't say good-bye!:)

Jacques said...