Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's my Birthday

I am 24 years old today, and that is totally weird. But cool, like weird-cool, or something. Not too sure, I've only been 24 for about 9 hours, so I'll let you know how I feel later about it.

Lots has been happening. 

If that video works, which I suspect it may not, you should watch it. Remember that dance society I said I was in? We had shows this week, this is the one dance I was in. I'm the awkward one in the back, can't miss me. I'm sure my parents will be able to pick me out before the vid even starts, having about 8+ years of practice finding me on gigantic football fields, one out of 6 will be a cinch. But you really can't see me in this pic, I'm in the back. -->

SO I got another article up on the YA fantasy guide also, check it out. It's about The line between creative retellings and plagiarism. 

The coolest part about that article is that there is a link to the bottom about other articles I've written. So, I'm like real now. Exciting.

OK, I've got to get going. Thank you to everyone who has already sent birthday wishes my way, including my parents and both grandparents- thank you for all the packages! Another one (from the Gattusos) just arrived five seconds ago, perfect timing! Love you all!


Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

I <3 You! EXCLAMATION POINTS IN CAPS LOCK AND SUCH! Yay for being real and yay for april birthdays!

DeeRoo said... I am at the gparents with high speed internet and I can't see the video because I'd have to log into Facebook....which you know I can't!:o

Happy Bday anyway lovie!
mummy and da!!:) verification word is

Kerry said...

I loved the new article...Reimagining...well have to have read Joseph Campbell "Thousand Faces of the Hero"!!! He was George Lucas' biggest influence for a "minor" sci-fi
another great work about Fairy Tales is Bruno Bettelheim's Uses of Enchantment...quite an interesting work...I'm glad you mentioned Christopher of the more famous HomeSchoolers!

Hope your day was Happy!