Friday, April 29, 2011

I wanna wear feathers and lace

Yeah, I bought this. 

Today I managed to catch a bit of the Royal Wedding during my lunch break at work. I went to the Vaults cafe, right next door to the library where Alisha works, just to visit and get a tea. To my surprise, they were projecting the wedding on the wall, so you know, because it was on and all, I watched.

I got there right after they kissed and sat there for the next hour, transfixed, while Will lead Kate down the aisle, into a carriage that I swear will turn to a pumpkin at midnight, drawn by snow white horses. I'm not going to say it was like a fairy tale, because that's disgustingly cliche (but it totally was). This carriage lead the newlyweds all around London where they waved happily to thousands of ballistic people, all waving Union-jacks and screaming. It was all very patriotic. Queenie was wearing a precious yellow outfit and Harry was looking at hot as ever. Oh Harry. I've been in love with him for some time now. Next year you'll be watching another wedding, probably called 'The Weirdly-Colonial Royal Wedding' as Harry and I bring our two great nations together, providing each other with the other half of what is without a doubt world-dominating citizenship, and thus allowing me to have a flat in Oxford, London, New Zealand, Lovettsville (that one will be a sweet little farm house), and probably New York, because that just seems like it would probably come in handy more than once. It may seem that I'm using Harry for his money, but I assure you this is not the case. It's true love, I just know it. 

But anyway, you've got a while before you have to start preparing which 'Harry & Maria' merchandise you plan to buy (I'd recommend the afghan, already picked out the colors. Hint: it's fire-engine red). Today was Will's day, Will and 'I'm-no-longer-a-commoner,' Kate. She really said that, so I'm told. Her dress was lovely, and both she and Will looked genuinely happy, which was nice. I'd be stressin' man, if that were my wedding. I kept hearing, despite the poor internet streaming and acoustics of the cafe, 'My Country, 'Tis of Thee' playing, completely forgetting that we stole the tune for that song from the British National Anthem, and as a result being weirded out over and over again. However the thing that impressed me the most was the Royal Marching Band and the way they effortlessly cut 90 degree turns as one seamless entity, while still playing perfectly. This observation says a lot about me, which is in fact not much at all. 

So the wedding happened, I saw some of it, bought Royal Wedding- The Mug, and continued with my work day. I'm supposed to be out drinking all night to celebrate the future of British Royalty, which is where I suspect all my housemates currently are (home alone for once), but I have too much work to do. I'll celebrate the wedding of the year by working on one of my stories, listening to Stevie Nicks' new album on, and drinking tea out of the ugliest mug of all time. Sorry Mom, I'm starting to feel a little guilty about that. I'll get you a better one and keep this for myself. I have a weakness for ugly, dirt cheap things and this mug was both; I couldn't resist.

Watching the wedding at the cafe today made me think of all the other random places I've been while witnessing important world events. I saw the planes hit the Twin Towers on a TV in the Black Box (the drama room) in high school, lurking in the doorway so no one would see me skipping class.  I watched Obama win the presidency alone in my bedroom in Morgantown, half asleep but 100% into what I was watching (it was like a movie). I sort of saw him get inaugurated in the Creative Arts building at WVU, but mostly just heard it because the live streaming was not working.  I watched MJ's memorial service (yes, that counts as a world event) at work at Doener last year and totally cried while standing at the register, forgetting to pour someone a beer. I sat through Y2K with my family on our couch, all clutching our flashlights, totally disappointed that nothing happened. I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of others, but I'm also sure I saw them in equally strange places, adding to their significance. 

Alright, back to work. I have to read the Bible this week, write tons of stuff as usual and go to work and stand around for seven hours. The most exciting part of my working day today was a woman asking if I was an American. 

Her- You sound American.

Me- You got it.

Her- Where are you from?

Me- Virginia. You?

Her- Utah. 

And that was it, because in fact, being from the same country does not necessarily mean you have anything in common besides that. She told me she just met another American just outside on the street, as if this is an amazing occurrence. It's not, we're everywhere, especially Oxford. Tomorrow promises to be somewhat more eventful. It's the day before May Day, which means that people will spend the entire day drinking, then drink through the night (places are open till like 6am), then if they don't pass out they will make their way to Magdalen College, the sober ones to listen to the choir sing from the tower, the drunk ones to jump off the bridge and into shallow water and break their legs. I'll go to work, go home, then wake up early Sunday to see the choir, and then go to work.

I'm having a hard time finding a natural place to stop this blog, so I'm going to stop it abruptly. Bye. 



DeeRoo said...

I want the one with Kate and Harry...and a fancy hat!:)

Tiffany Coombs said...

I would LOVE a maria and harry mug!!!