Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I should be reading.

As per usual. 

Since I'm currently cameraless (however can she survive?), I've had to resort to the webcam on my computer. 

Card from my parents. I need a haircut. 

She said I could open the card. I won't tell you what was in it, but I will say that it's contents mean I can buy the impractical purse I've been coveting. Thanks parents! 

I have not been on here in a while, and for that I'm sorry, but other writing had to be done, so the blog was neglected. However, stay tuned for adventures. I booked flights/trains/buses to Istanbul, Paris and Vienna in the past few weeks, insuring the next few months will be filled with blog worthy happenings. 

Like I said, I should be reading, so I better get back to it. 


1 comment:

DeeRoo said...

Impractical purse huh? I thought you might buy yourself a new messengerbag since we know what happened to the other one!

Isn't that card adorable? No, I am not going to make you a dress like that!;)

Hope you are keeping the rest of the stuff to open on your real birthday!