Friday, March 4, 2011

Day...what day is it? Can't remember. Oh right 8.

Very productive yesterday. I was up at 7 like I said, wrote a few thousand words, ate lunch, messed around for another hour or so, then we all went outside to play. I really don't have much to say today, for real.

We went out to this mountain range to take a walk yesterday as our daily get-out-of-the-house-because-it's-sunny excursion. It was an easy walk up, not like my normal 'I climbed a mountain and then died' stories. I got some amazing pictures at the top because the sun was setting, lots of good silhouettes and sunsets. It was a little freezing, but worth it.

Back at the house Tom made risotto and we all just hung out all night talking. We played the Spotify game where everyone takes turns picking the next song to play. Good game, that's the kind of game I like. Eventually Alisha just ended up taking over the music, as usual, but her taste is fantastic so no one minded. At least I didn't anyway.

No deep revelations yesterday, just a really good, perfect day. Today is our last full day, I'm trying not to think about it. But, like everything, I can't. It's like how I'm trying not to think about where I'll live after my lease is up in July (which I should be thinking about now actually), about whether I'll try to stay here another year or not, if I'll have enough money to do that, or where I'll work if I decide to come home. I've been worrying about these things since the moment I got here, and it's a real drag. I want to just be here and stop my mind from being somewhere else, but it does it's own thing.

Alright, going to go try and channel those thoughts toward a story about a boy Pygmalion, his Galatea, and the dude trying to mess it all up. That story's come a long way.



DeeRoo said...

Totally had to go look up Galatea! gonna make us wait for mountain/sunset photos?

Stop worrying......STOP worrying....please enjoy your time there....that's an order!

Owen Michael Johnson said...

I'm feeling similar emotions right now. A very scary time...glad to see you're enjoying writing :)