Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 9 in which I'm super happy.

For no real reason in particular. Yesterday was another really good day. Up at 7 again, writing writing writing writing all morning, slowly joined by the rest of the troupe. For lunch Meg made Peanut Butter Stew and then we wrote wrote wrote wrote while it cooked, taking turns stiring. Yesterday was a really good day for food. We laid it all out on the table and had a family meal, chatting about how far we were in our stories, what we were having trouble with and how to fix the problems. I realized half way through the day that my main character was boring. If I'd realized this at home on my own, I would have just gotten depressed and not been able to fix it. However, in this magical little house in Wales, I am not alone, so my problem was presented to the group and promptly fixed. Now he's got an attitude. It's so simple, but I could have never done it alone.

This is the life. If you've ever wanted to write a book, or are writing a book, or have plans to write a book, do what I'm doing. I strongly believe no one can do it alone, and it's far too much fun being with people to ever do it any other way.

After our gigantic lunch (we constantly make too much food, but then manage to finish it all anyway) we got back to work for a few hours and then set out on our daily outside excursion. This time we took a walk to the castle, because any self-respecting town in the UK has their own castle. It was cute, but we got there too late and could not get in the gate. Meg lead the way and we took a walk through the woods along this path that ran along the edge of a steep cliff with a river running through it. We took pictures of light coming through trees (Tina's favorite) and talked and laughed. Lot of laughing has happened this week.

Alisha and I agreed in bed last night that we've known a lot of fantastic people in our lives, but none quite like this group. We are all so vastly different with this one unifying thing in common, but we all get along extremely well.

Once we got back to the house it was dark, we watched the sun set over the fields on our walk back to the village. We split in the house, some cooking some not and set to it. I helped cut veggies (we've all been vegetarians for the week, since Charlie and Alisha both are) and then snuck away to fix up my character. We ended up cutting too much vegg which resulted in two massive lasagnas, and for once we didn't finish. The other is waiting for us to dig into today.

That night we hung out at the house until we ran out of recreational drinks, at which point we skipped down the street to the local pub (where we ate the first night) and hung out till 1.30am with the locals. We talked about books and drinks and eventually, which is always the case, about relationships. We shuffled home when the pub closed, skipping back to the house, and sang in the kitchen. Alisha debuted her slam poem to the world (the world of the kitchen) (it was fantastic, by the by), Charlie read to us, and we eventually made out way to bed.

I don't want to go home today.

I love Oxford, and I love my housemates, but I think we really need at least another day here. However, we're out of food (all that's in the fridge is lasagna), I'm out of clothes (been wearing one pair of jeans all week) and we all have lives to get back to. Curse my job tomorrow, because I want another day.

Dispite going to bed in the 2.30-3am region, I got up around 7 again, woke up Charlie and got straight to work. My character still needs fixing (if you read the name 'Dorian Slate,' would you roll your eyes?) and we have to clean the house so Meg's parents let us come back. I really want to come back.

"I know it ain't easy,
giving up your heart."


PS- remember when I used to end all my blogs with a quote of some sort? Maybe I should bring that back. That one is from Adele's new album, a song called 'One and Only.' The whole album is amazing, go get it now.

PSS- Nicole, I've talked about you so much this week that I don't have to say 'my friend Nicole' anymore.

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