Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 5-6 and the beginning of 7 in which I’m in Wales having too much fun to blog.

Fixed the internet!

So I’m reading Go Ask Alice right now, by a still unknown author. It’s unknown because it’s a real diary of a 15 year old girl in the 70s who did acid and it has lots of incriminating things in it about her and her family and friends. Apparently anyway, I just got to the day she does acid but had to go to sleep. Alisha and I lay in our double bed, reading and drinking tea, covered in a quilt speckled with little pink flowers, like an old married couple.

The whole point of that intro is that I know I’ve failed the whole diary every day blogathon challenge I presented to myself, but as far as my assignment is goes I don’t think I’ve failed. Alice does not write in her diary every day, no one does really. There are very few people who actually manage to write every single day, at least in a diary. I wrote almost a thousand words of story yesterday, so where’s time to write in a diary? Anyway, life gets in the way always, but I’m not going to feel bad about it (excuses excuses, watch me justify my failure. Very good at that). I’m just going to write when I have time.

Brief aside pertaining to not blogging every day: it’s not the healthiest thing to do anyway. I mean for me right now it’s pure laziness, but we were talking about this the other night. We talked about how there are so many things to occupy your time online that are seemingly social, like facebook, twitter, blogger and those sorts of things, that some people spend more time online living than they do actually living, and then can’t actually interact with real people. This is depressing, and along the same vein as my little twitter rant the other day. It is very interesting how the internet has changed everything in our lives so drastically in the last ten years. Just in my lifetime we’ve included terms like ‘facebooked’ and ‘friended’ into our every day vocabulary. ‘Tweeting,’ ‘sexting’ (yes I meant to type that. Sexting is sexual harassment or just flirting via text), and ‘vlogs’ (video blogs) did not exist when I was born (did texting?). Almost everyone relies on a GPS to get around, we look up words on instead in an actual dictionary and research projects have become drastically easier. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a avid facebook user, and obviously I blog all the time, but I like to think that since I’m aware that the internet might be eating my brain and that we are heading fast toward a Terminator like future, than it won’t happen. Or it still might, but I’ll know it’s happening, and although society won’t listen to my warning, at least I’ll be able to form my tiny little group of friends and family, who will inevitably be the last remaining survivors on earth, and thus reform society. All you guys can join too, since I just warned you, but just remember where you heard about it first.

(PS, would you capitalize words like facebook and tweeting? I did in the last blog, but I just don’t know if they have become main-stream enough to make it necessarily correct. I mean, facebook is a noun, so it probably should, and so is twitter, but tweeting is an verb, so I’m not sure.)

I’ve been out of Oxford for two days, we have three days left, and I already want to stay longer. For one thing, I love these people. Writing friends are the best, because you can talk for hours about writing and you never once encounter that glazed over look in the other person’s eyes that happens when they are trying hard to care but in the end just don’t. And I don’t have to feel bad about that, again, because it’s just not happening. Nerdy fun time is being had by all. “being had,” hah, my professor would have a bone to pick with me for that one.

Short little catch up on what we’ve been up to. Tuesday Meg picked us all up and we drove to this town right on the border of Wales and England called Hay on Wye which is known for the number of used book stores that grace it’s streets. There are so many that it has become a sort of book lovers paradise and tourist destination (for nerds anyway), and as such we were in heaven. I’ve already decided I am going to retire in Hay and start my own bookshop, anyone want to join? There were literally more bookshops than there were other shops, it’s probably a little difficult to actually live there since, although you can feed your mind for eternity with books, you can’t actually feed your body. I managed to restrict myself to only four books, (once of which was Go Ask Alice) which I deem quite an achievement. That night we arrived at Meg’s house, settled in and went to the pub for food because it was too late to go anywhere else.

This house is amazing. Three bedrooms, red carpet on the stairs, a jukebox and a gramophone, stars on all the ceilings of the bedrooms and a huge kitchen with a table and chairs, perfect for writing and hanging out. I could easily stay here forever.

Yesterday we started writing. We wrote all morning, but my time was cut short because I’m an idiot and left my power cord UK adapter at home, so my compute died really quick. Luckily Charlie had not left yet, and neither had James (just left the house for the day I mean), so with their powers combine I now have it and my week is not ruined. After working most of the day we drove to the beach, although it was freezing, and took a walk.

Now it’s today. The guys and I said we were going to get up at 7am to start to work. I was up at 7am, but it’s now almost 8 and the guys are just now joining me. I better get onto it.



DeeRoo said...

So how many people are enjoying Reading Week with you there in Wales?

Sound like you would need to open a bookstore/coffe shop/Pub so there are more places to eat there!

Tanner said...

Facebook and Twitter are capitalized proper nouns. Tweets and tweeting are a common word form like texts and texting. At least that's how they print it in Time.