Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 14, finally.

There are a few things I should be good at by now. But I'm not. This list includes:

- Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.

- Converting kilograms to pounds (forget the stone, that's not happening).

- Military time.

- Where things are.

These are the main things, there are many more that are not as important. These are just the ones I encounter just about every day and still can't do. Once the time gets past noon I have to count, I look up the temperature every time on a conversion site when I check the weather and, well the weight one is not really every day, but still enough that I should know it by now. It's not that I'm lazy, or that I don't want to learn it, it's just that they never stick in my brain, like spelling and all other languages. And I know there are easy was to math your way around them, but come on, everyone knows Maria can't do math. So, anyway, these are some things I need to work on.

As for where things are, I don't mean in Oxford. I own Oxford. Even when I don't know where something is, usually is someone starts to describe what it's around, I'm there. I mean the rest of the UK. I have no concept of where cities and towns are in England, even though I should because people are constantly talking about where they are going, where they are from, where they want to go. I just need to stare at a map for a while and remember. It's getting annoying.

It's class day, so I should be writing in the evening when I have something to actually talk about, but I'm not. I won't feel like it when I get home, and I should be working on my final project. It's really coming along, I'm pretty happy with it so far. But the further I go the further I am into uncharted territory. I have no idea how it's going to end. What beats the all-powerful? Besides love, J.K. owned that one. I have till September, so it's all good.

Alright, I've got things to do. I'm not sure if I've learned anything from this two weeks of blogging like I should of. Well, I did learn that I prefer writing in the morning to the evening. I think I write better stuff when I've just woken up over when I'm about to fall asleep. So that's something. Give it time, it will come to me.


OH PS. how do I make some sort of banner thing for my blog? Auntie P and mom, I'm looking at you. I like the simplicity of mine, don't want to clog it up, but it could be fun to make a header sort of thing.


DeeRoo said...

I'm with you on that military time and I'm a product of a 24 year Air Force Dad! Thank goodness for my fingers!

Banner....go to "Design" on your dashboard and then on the template there should be a place there at the top for a header...edit by uploading a photo.

You can edit your photo to have your blog title...then upload it.

Making your photo narrower looks better too.

Kerry said...

How bizarre is it that we were talking about Military time yesterday!

Maria...I have enjoyed reading you for these 2 weeks...and I think you've learned a lot...

Personally...I will miss my daily dose..what else will I have to say to your mother!!!lol

Wendy said...

Maria, Military time is easy, and that coming from who's SUCKED at Math all her life!
Take the "main" number and take away 2.
i.e. If they say 13hundred,
do Three take away two = One

So the time would be 1pm.

For 16hundred: Look only at the Six, and take away 2 and it means Four O'Clock!

It took me awhile to "figure" that out for myself, and i WAS in the Air Force myself!

23hundred: Look at the Three and take away 2 and you have 11pm.

You'll get it... JUST before it's time to leave! =-)

The temperature thing? Well, just use the Celsius temp you're usually most comfortable in (around 23 to 25 for me [which is about 75, 76 Farenheit]), and use that as the "basis" for whatever other temp anybody's telling you about to just "guess-timate" it.

"Stones" really only matters to Rugby players, so unless you know someone who plays or follows avidly...

I'm SO glad you're having fun and taking advantage of this opportunity while you're young and while you can!

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

Good list. I agree with everything on it. No clue about any of those things. Ever. But then again I can barely add and tie my shoes so maybe I should start off small.

PS- I made an entire unit based on Gaiman's Sandman for this depressed crazy kid and he is so happy. YOU MADE SOMEONE SMILE. I talk to him about you SO much. You give him oodles of hope everyday. Literally. You are saving his life. Thanks : )

I LOVE YOU BLOG! I have to catch up!

Tanner said...
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Tanner said...

TLS237 said...

LOL. I always have trouble converting celsius into fahrenheit. I do know that 0°C is freezing and 30°C is getting hot. Metric measurements like weight and lengths also don't come easy. When someone tells me they are 175 cm tall or that they weigh 70 Kg, it doesn't mean anything to me.