Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 13, in which i'm almost done.

I will admit, I'm sort of stoked to be almost finished with my two weeks of blogging. Jackson Pearce did a whole month of vlogs once, no idea how she did that. And my blog is not read in nearly the same capacity as her videos are watched, so the pressure for her to be entertaining is even greater. I don't care if you all are entertained or not, this is mostly for me (that's a lie, I do care. Tell me I'm funny tell me I'm funny!). Anywho, I'm almost done, and then who knows when you'll hear from me. MAYBE NEVER AGAIN. Nah, probably next week.

I bought a book in Hay by one of my professors, James Hawes. It's called 'Speak for England', and it's sitting on my desk right now, spine toward me. Every time I look over at it, I read it wrong and it reads, "JAMES HAWES SPEAKS FOR ENGLAND" and it makes me laugh. James Hawes does speak for England, at least he should. That guy's fantastic.

Yesterday Alisha and I booked tickets to go to Istanbul in April for Spring break. This will be the first time I have had a real Spring Break, at least one where I'm not just going home and hanging out doing nothing. Not that I did not enjoy that, don't get me wrong, I love hanging out, doing nothing. But this will be cool too. I'm gonna get me a real Kebab and it's gonna rule.

Also, we noticed that flights to Berlin are relatively cheap, if we are looking to go in June. So, we might go in June.

I'm supposed to be writing about every day like it matters, but that's hard to do every day. Today I could have skipped. I walked 2 miles in stupid weather to the police station so I could tell them again what happened the night my bag was stolen, so they could actually write it down this time. Really, why did I call in twice if they were not going to record any of the information I gave? Not only did it take me an hour to walk down there, but then the cop who called me in was a half hour late showing up to meet me. That badge doesn't give you a free pass to life, you still need to leave early to make it places on time matey. Traffic is not going to part for you because it says 'police' on your car, no matter how brightly colored it is.

This is all I have to say today. I'm really tired. Also, if you can, watch this video about Planned Parenthood. It's so important America, seriously, DO something about it. It's all about education and aid, how is that funding cut worthy in any way shape or form? I really don't understand, I'd make a horrible politician.



Wendy said...

Wow, EXCELLENT video.

A friend blogged about the (potential?) cutting of funds to Planned Parenthood, and i think it's *disgusting*!!! I think they've become my new "charitable donation" place.

And, yes, you've made me laugh a few times.


Tanner said...

You are funny.