Thursday, February 10, 2011

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I know that the card companies made Valentine’s Day. I also know that you shouldn’t have to have a candy selling ‘holiday’ in order to treat your significant other to all the romantic benefits of being in a relationship. Why pull out all the stops for that one day? What about all the other days of the year? I know, I get it. The actual St. Valentine (of which there were several, says Wikipedia) didn’t even have anything to do with love. He was a martyr; one of them got their head cut off for whatever reason. So while the act of being martyred does involve a sort of love, love or passion or commitment to whatever you are dying for, there are still little connections to the real Valentines through history and the day we all know now that makes most people either roll their eyes, get upset/depressed or stress out to find the perfect thing for that special someone.

So yes, I understand all the reasons why everyone hates Valentine’s Day so much. However when I get a package in the mail from my Grandparents with an adorable stuffed lion in it, I find it really hard to find anything wrong with the day or the sentiment behind it.

Yeah yeah yeah, maybe I’m just buying right into the card companies plan to take over the world. In fact, I am, because every February I get excited for the day despite the fact that I’ve never had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Instead of getting all depressed, I can’t help but get happy. It’s not just a day for couples; it’s just a day in general to tell those in your life that you love them. And sure, you should probably tell them that all the other days of the year too, but what’s the harm in having a special day to go the extra mile? I honestly don’t see the harm in it. I mean if you think about it, the same can be said about every single holiday. If you’re going to be all cynical, which I don’t think is a super healthy way to live anyway, you could say that every holiday was designed by the man in order to make you spend your money on stuff no one needs, a chance to celebrate materialism and kill trees with cards. OR, (and this might be too radical, I know) you could all just shut up, fold a piece of paper in half and write I LOVE YOU on the front, xoxoxoxoxoxo on the inside, and give it to someone. Done, day over, stop complaining. I mean, it’s a day about love for goodness sake, just go with it!

And for all the single ladies out there (I hope I just got Beyonce stuck in everyone’s heads), I don’t want to hear anything about this so called ‘Singles Awareness Day.’ If you care enough about being single to be depressed about it, then everyday for you is Singles Awareness Day. This I cannot help you with.

Alright, rant over, for now anyway. Dear friends scattered all over the world, I love you! When I’m rich and famous, I’ll buy you all ten pound chocolate hearts (vegan ones for the veggie eaters) and cards full of glitter so you are covered in sparkles all day (more in the boy’s cards, hahah) and forced to think of me any time the light catches your hand and blinds you. It’s going to be that kind of glitter that’s really tiny and gets stuck in your pores (you all know the kind I mean), and then ends up in your hair, and stays there for a week, possibly resurfacing years later. That being said I think I’ve probably deterred any of you from buying my first book to try and stop me from becoming rich and famous. I’ll buy you yachts too, don’t worry.

In other news, my computer ate my itunes, and for some reason didn’t like the taste, preventing me from downloading it again. It probably got fed up with me playing the Avenue Q soundtrack on a loop, interrupted occasionally by Adam Lambert, and just snapped. (“ENOUGH is enough Maria! Get better music taste!” ~ Murry, my computer. So harsh…) Some sort of something about not having the right blah blah blah to install it, which is clearly a lie because I used to have itunes and used it every day. I still have all my music files, just the program has vanished. Honestly, I’m not surprised. It was only a matter of time before something happened with my computer. This is probably the longest I’ve ever gone without a computer problem, and this is not even a debilitating problem, just an annoyance. Anyway, if anyone knows how I can either a) find itunes again or b) download it again, please fill me in.

I finished my brick of Dickens last night, leaving me with more knowledge than I ever cared to have about old Charlie and subsequently no reason to read any of this books having just had them all spoiled for me. I spent the week reading about why he killed so and so and what was going on in his life when he was writing about whatsit going down, only just realizing last night what this was doing to me. I HATE having things spoiled for me, but in my frenzy to finish the brick I did not even notice it was happening. Blast!

Alright, I better get ready for class now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

LOVE, major7th


DeeRoo said...

Yep...consider yourself hugged girlie....and we will eat a bunch of chocolate and think of you next week!:)

Wendy said...

And Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
I love your rants and your random-ness and your philosophy and... all your stuff!

Wendy said...

Oh! and this post made me very happy.

[maybe the caffeine has something to do with it, but, whatever. you can totally take the credit here. fine with me! =-) ]

Tanner said...

I love you, too.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

You've inspired me to bake strawberry cupcakes. Thanks.

Your VD gift is in the mail. I hope it makes it. I don't usually do those types of things and never remember, but I did remember that we are from Lovettsville and I am living in the city of brotherly love so I figured this was the perfect occasion to send you something. It is very small. Don't get excited.