Saturday, February 19, 2011


Before you do anything else today, before you have your coffee or do your early morning sit-ups or think about what you are going to do on this glorious Saturday, before you do any of that, read this and sign it:


This is super important. I realize we're broke and they are just trying to make up for it, but honestly, find another way. Planned Parenthood is important, leave it alone! I think the government needs more creativity, there has got to be another way to figure out this whole debt problem. I mean, I don't have the answer, but I still refuse to believe this is the only way.

Thanks friends. Now onto less important things. Like my new tattoo idea.

This way, the next time someone asks me why I don't own a Kindle, all I'll have to do is smile sweetly and hold up my wrist. I thought about a few variations of this idea, of 'I (picture of a heart) books', and 'I love books', and 'I LOVE BOOKS' and the grammatically correct 'I like books.' I even thought for a split second of doing 'I <3 books,' but as much as I like joking about emoticons on here, I don't really think I want one on my body forever. Punctuation marks correctly used, sure, but not an emoticon.

One of these days, this is happening. Till then i'll just get someone to write it on me in sharpie like this (this one is Shobha's handy work, because I can't write on my own wrist with my left hand) and try it out. It's already washed off and I miss it, so this one might be the one. We'll see, it's not like I have the money for a tattoo right now anyway.

It's been a good month for me and mail. These snowman peeps I got for Christmas from my grandparents, but I couldn't fit them into my suitcase so mom mailed them to me. They are too sugary to eat on their own, and that should really tell you something since it's coming from me (I LOVE MARSHMALLOWS), so Rose had the idea to make hot coco. Great idea, and rather adorable.

This my dear Kelseykins sent me the other day. Thanks Kelsey! I'm keeping that lid forever.

Alright, worked yesterday, today off, work tomorrow and the next day. Yesh, lazy grad school Maria is not used to this much structure in her life. But I love it. And I'm actually not lazy, for once, i've got 15 million things to do today. Not the least of which is writing a story about characters and stories put in a drawer and then set on fire by their author, as I was told to do recently with one of my stories. It will have a happy ending, I assure you.




DeeRoo said...

That seems like the perfect tattoo....I would just get it a little smaller and I would definitely use a heart...why not use the Lville heart!!:) Have James draw that but a little fancier! Perfect.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...


Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

I wasn't done typing...
GOOD TATTOO IDEA. I spend far too much time about getting tattoos recently. I like the placement of the one you came up with. I mean there is nothing interesting there anyway except lots of creepy looking veins and I would rather cover those up with something cool. I was thinking about doing the giving tree amongst other ideas. I have a lot. Come back so we can discuss them and then go through a lot of pain together and regret it later. I MISS YOU. Hope you are enjoying your Jif. I hope that's the one you wanted.

OK2BU said...

Author! Author!

A HUGE big congratulations on your published article.

My hearty approval on the insights to YA Authors. You hit the nail on the coffin. Down with vampires!

;o) Casey