Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hit by a brick (of Dickens).

So today it hit me. And by today I mean literally ten seconds ago. Regardless of when, it just hit me that I am, although covertly hidden under the title ‘society,’ on a dance team. How did that happen? I am still trying to work tap classes into my schedule and just started learning a dance that Alisha choreographed, just for fun. Before, when I was just in tap, I could pretend I was still just a random girl learning the motions from the shadows, not really a part of it. However now, being a part of two dances, I can no longer deny it. I’m on a dance team. Here’s why this is funny.

We used to make fun of the dance team! In high school anyway. Why? Because I was on the color guard, the most unpopular and unrecognized form of visual art of any high school, and that’s what we did. Made fun of people. Mostly it was the cheerleaders we would ridicule, pretending that what they were doing was so below what we did (I’d like to see any of the guard attempt to throw a girl into the air and then catch her again). However back then, and to be honest, still now, it was somehow important to make fun of the more popular, prettier, bendy-er girls in order to feel better about ourselves. Before you gasp in shock that Maria could ever be so mean, take a moment to recognize that everyone does this. Yes, you do too. At heart, we’re all bitches.

But now here I am, in the Oxford Brookes Dance Society, barraged daily by at least 1.2 million facebook messages about classes and socials, t-shirts and tickets. The girls I previously believed to be stuck up and snobby (because I was jealous that I couldn’t kick my leg over my head like they could. This blog all is about honesty.) have turned out to be very sweet, hard working and welcoming gals. Sure, they like to party, and wear belly shirts, but to be honest, if I had abs like that, I probably would too.

So, I’m sorry dance teams of the world! I should have never called you sluts behind your backs. I was wrong. Hear me universe? I was wrong, and you better be listening, because I’m not saying it again. The moral of this blog is this; watch who you judge, because life is funny, and you never know when you might become the very thing you previously scoffed at.


Ps, Oh yeah, forgot to mention. My course started at last. Very excited about it despite the fact that I have to read a 580 page brick about Charles Dickens this week having never read any Dickens in my life. Final project ahoy!


DeeRoo said...

And we are going to miss it all...we won't believe it unless someone takes a photo!;)

Lynz said...

"at heart, we are all bitches"

never a truer word typed. And seriously. You're a Dickens virgin!?! Say what now? *jaw drops* Have fun with your tippy tappy toes!

Wendy said...

Life Lessons

I believe these are the words of the week for you, my Dear.

(Please don't freak out over the "My Dear" quip! I'm a "friend" of your Mom's on her Blog, and i really like your posts. Cute. Pluse i'm SUPER jealous that you're in ENGLAND!)

major7th said...

Mother- Don't worry, my housemates are already making fun of me and plan on coming to the show. I'm sure there will be far too much incriminating evidence.

Lynz- Any Dickens recommendations?

Wendy- No worries, you can 'my dear' all you want. I just assume whenever I have a follower I don't know that it's one of mom's friends.

DeeRoo said...

"MOTHER?" *sigh*

Lynz said...

Sorry, chickie, just getting back to you now!

My favourite was always David Copperfield but all the big uns are decent (A Christmas Carol, Bleak House, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist - you know the sort!) but A Tale of Two Cities is good and I hear the Pickwick Papers are worth a look but haven't personally perused it. I don't know that there's a real duffer to avoid, actually!

Tanner said...

I am totally a bitch.
And I was a dancer in school.