Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 3 in which I start with no point, but gradually find one.

I am drinking the biggest cup of tea right now. Seriously, it's as big as my face. Clearly we need to run the dishwasher if I'm using this mug. The other day I was standing in the kitchen, making tea and looking out the window into the garden and the air from outside wafted in through the window. The smell of it reminded me of summer, last summer in particular, and I asked myself, "since why did I start drinking tea? When did I start thinking of the back yard as a garden?" So much has changed. Next thing you know I'll probably be watching football every night and eating Marmite. Not likely.

So, day 3 of blogging for two weeks. Good thing I posted about the conference earlier today, otherwise nothing much of interest would be up today. Two in a day is allowed, by the way. But that does not mean I get to skip a day (I’m making up the rules as I go).

Today was as boring as yesterday was exciting. I went to work, counted postcards and note cards for 6 hours straight, and then went home and blogged all night. That was my day. It rained a lot, but never when I was outside, and nothing was open because it’s Sunday. I made it home in record time, almost exactly a half hour, chatted with James and Rose, but for the most part spent the whole evening in my room. Which is a mess. But I just cleaned it. How does this keep happening. I neglected the question mark because it’s not really a question. I know exactly how it happened.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the crack of crack, be at work at 8:30am, and stay all day counting again. Counting counting counting. When you count things for so long, you sort of forget how to count, then you daydream in the middle of counting and lose your place and have to start all over again. I hope I get something big to count, like mugs or wallets or basically anything not made of paper. I think I’m hurting my eyes looking so closely at card stock for so long.

There is one thing I have to talk about actually. Twitter. I don’t have one, and this is the first week ever where I’ve felt like this might be a bad thing. However, there are two sides to Twitter, both of which I have drastically different opinions on. I feel that if I’m going to join Twitter, I need to make sure everyone knows what I still don’t like about it. Because, what I think matters, right? Not really, but whatever, it’s my blog, so on here it does.

Alright, so Twitter. Here is why I’ve been avidly anti-Twitter every since it first Tweeted its way into popular culture. Initially, Twitter was just a website that consisted solely of people’s status-like updates about their days.

“OMG I’m brushin’ my teef, it’s gonna be a good one!”

While no one can contest the importance of good dental care, I just don't care about this. And for a while, this is all it was. People posting 140 characters about their everyday lives, many times using poor grammar, and vastly uninteresting. At that point in time, and up in till this year, I was very turned off by the idea of Twitter.

What's the difference between Twitter and blogging you ask? For one thing, I can't contain my opinions in 140 characters, I'm far too long winded. For another thing, not a lot actually. In this blog I write about my every day life, at least that's how it started, back when I was fairly certain that no one was reading it anyway. It was just for me, just a little fun. Then I started learning more and more about writing and loving it more and more, (well, I loved it before I started this, but started learning about non fiction more) and my blogs started having more of a point. Not every time mind you. Those of you who have been with me from the beginning know very well that sometimes I just blog to read myself write.

Anyway, now I use my blog for a few things. I use it to keep my family and friends in on what I'm up to while in England. I use it to write about things I feel strongly about that I want other people to read and think about. And occasionally my blogs have very little point at all, and are purely for fun. I try to be funny sometimes, but usually if someone laughs, it's was a happy accident on my part. None of these things would translate through Twitter, unless I updated a million times a day. But that would be so fragmented. I like telling fuller stories, and blogger gives me the space to do it.

Another issues I have with Twitter is basically the same one, but from a different angle. I worry about the whole 140 character restriction and what it's doing to the world. You may laugh, may think that's a silly thing to say, but think about it. Many people would look at my blog about Save The Children next to a 140 character post about, I don't know, say about carpet cleaners, and read the carpet cleaners post instead. Why is that? Besides the fact that this imaginary person may just have a desperately dirty carpet, it's mainly because many people don't have the attention span for reading something longer. Restricting people to 140 characters cuts a lot out, and people are starting to like things better this way. I read a secret on PostSecret's blog that said something along the lines of, "I'm starting to think in 140 characters or less." This is not funny, not even a little bit.

Children are starting to have shorter and shorter attention spans due to video games and TV. Even games on the Wii that get you to move around are not nearly as beneficial as good old fashion playing outside. Are we growing a generation of people who think in 140 characters, who stop voicing their opinion because it is to wordy? Clearly there is no place for me in this world. This blog is ample evidence of that.

This is why Twitter never appealed to me in the past, I like words too much to restrict myself to so few. However this past week has opened my eyes to a whole other way to use Twitter that I had never really thought about. NETWORKING.

There are SO many people on Twitter. If you post something, you have the potential of reaching thousands of people with your words, depending on how many followers you have. My article was posted to the Young Adult Fantasy Guide last week (which I'm still super stoked about and will probably mention a million more times, just to warn you) and I've been told that it's generating lots of buzz on Twitter. What buzz? Where? I'm missing my own buzz! I can't believe I made buzz and I can't even take part in the discussion. Because that's one thing Twitter seems to be very good for, conversations.

Another reason for getting on Twitter is still the same reason, but again, in another way. There are communities on there, communities of writers, readers, activists, just about anything in the world you are interested in is represented on Twitter somehow. You just have to find it. If you want to do anything creative especially, networking is one of the most important tools you can have in your utility belt. Right next to the retractable zip cord, but to the right of the throwing stars. Never underestimate a good throwing star in a sticky situation.

All this being said, it seems almost silly for me to not have a Twitter. SO although I still have major issues with it, I'm in it for the networking. Facebook is for the fun, Twitter will be for the contacts.

Alright, so now that I've talked myself into getting a Twitter account, who wants to teach me how to use it? All those #s and @s just look like curse words to me, so clearly I'm going to need a little help.

Time to sleep. Dreams of giant tea cups with fangs dripping Marmite dancing in my head. Gross. So much for sleeping.



DeeRoo said...

My head is going to explode!

First your interest in PR!! Shoot me now....only took how many years since it finally sunk in that you should look into that?

Second...Contacts....daddy and I have been telling you the importants of contacts since you and James worked at the golf course!:)

Third....oh're going to Tweet! But really...that's a good idea....guess you need a better phone!;)

Nicole said...

Dear Maria, I love you. Please get a twitter immediately. And also, if I ever become a published writer, please run my blog for me to build the illusion that I am well-worded and interesting, because your blog is amazing and so are you!

Lynz said...

Dude, I'm in a tearing hurry but wanted you to know I've nominated you for an award on my blog. Play or not, it's all good. I'll be back later for a proper read!! xox

Julie said...

Think of Twitter as another art form. Like writing Haiku. To be able to write an amusing, witty, interesting thought in 140 characters is extremely difficult. Look at some of the stuff Neil Gaiman has done!

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

hahaha teef...