Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fire Forever

Typical overcast, windy, English day. I kind of love it. As long as I don't have to leave the house, days like this are the best. And today I don't, so it's all good. I like sitting on my bed and watching the trees blow around. Not raining yet, but I'm sure it will. Being inside on a rainy day is great, something about it being so wet and dark outside and being able to watch it from a dry and well lit place is sort of fun. And relaxing. And good for reading. You know how I love to read. Started Good Omens today by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Hilarious so far.

I've had astrological signs on my mind lately. I'm sure you've all heard about how they have changed, supposedly, and that all our astrological identities have shifted. I cared way more than I thought I would to find that, according to the new stupid chart, I'm no longer an Aries but a Pisces. Fire to Water, awesome to lame. Horoscopes have always been something I've enjoyed reading about. I don't think they are THE word or anything, but they have always been an entertaining way to waste time on the internet and the page in the paper I tend to turn to first. I believe in them the same way I believe in fairies and ghosts and all matter of fantastical things in the world. However, I was still shocked at how upset I was to no longer be an Aries, something I've been relatively proud of as long as I've known about it. Then I started to read.

Here is, according to, what Aries is all about. Symbol, the Ram. Element, Fire. Polarity, positive. Favorable colors, Red. Key body part, head. Lucky gem, Diamond. Aries are go-getters, courageous, determined, self-confident and enthusiastic. They are impatient, hate silly arguments and let fear limit their choices. They have a youthful attitude, like comfortable clothes and hate inactivity. Direct quote: "Best environment: any situation that requires action, courage in the face of fear, competition, and freedom of choice. Aries individuals are better outside being active than staying close to home."

To be fair, I've never really believed I was 100% Aries. My favorite color is red, I am super impatient and I do let fear limit my choices sometimes. Who doesn't like comfortable clothing? I've never pretended to be super outdoorsy, but I do like playing outside on a nice day. I go a little crazy staying home all day, love to travel. Here is the Aries Personality according to this site:

"As the first sign of the zodiac, the presence of an Aries almost always indicates the beginning of something energetic and boisterous. Not much holds this sign back. They're eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. When it comes to getting the ball rolling, an Aries is the best. Pioneering everything from work-related projects to parties with friends, these folks go for the gusto."

Pretty bad ass right? This is why I always liked being an Aries, they just seem so cool. Nothing holds them back, they have gusto. Panache if you will (my favorite word, thank you Cyrano). And like I said, I have never thought this was totally me dead on, I just liked the idea that I was deep down inside as cool as Aries are supposed to be. Now here is what Pisces is all about.

Pisces: Symbol, the Fish. Element, water. Polarity, negative. Favorable colors, sea-green. Key body part, feet, immune system. Lucky gem, moon stone. Pisces are intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle and musical. They are fearful, overly trusting and have a desire to escape reality. Faces easily show emotion. They enjoy time alone, visual media, romance and music. They hate know-it-alls, being criticized and cruelty of any kind. Under best environment it says, 'the movie theater.' No joke, it really says that.

I am SUCH a Pisces. In almost every way, this is how I really am, as lame and timid as they sound, that's me. Basically the opposite of Aries. I'm artistic (or try to be anyway), super compassionate about people and things, I trust way too easily and duh, of course I want to escape reality. I'm a writer and I love SiFi and Fantasy, come one. I can't act because my face shows my real emotions too easily. I have hard core hermit tendencies. I HATE being criticized, even when I deserve it (which is usually). One of my all time favorite things to do is go to the movies. I am such a Pisces. Here is the personality:

""Understanding" is a most appropriate keyword for this gentle, affectionate sign. Easygoing and generally accepting of others around them, Pisceans are often found in the company of a variety of different personalities. Their willingness to give of themselves emotionally lends to an aura of quiet empathy. A Pisces is comforting to be around. While not likely to be the leader, this sign's presence is strong and vibrant in any cause they put their hearts into."

Yep. I'm a Pisces. But I liked being a strong Aries. This is like always thinking I'd be in Gryffindor and then finding out I really belong in Hufflepuff, what a letdown. Or if you're not nerdy enough to get that reference, it's basically like always thinking your cool, but knowing deep down in your heart that you're not, then being told in front of the world that your deep-down-heart was right. Why do I care so much about this? It's not even real! OH right, because I'm a sensitive Pisces and we like to escape reality with silly astrological sign knowledge. That's why.

BUT, then I saw these links.



So, maybe I'm not a Pisces. I'm a Westerner, and basically those articles say (if you don't feel like reading them) that most Westerners go by the tropical zodiac, which has not changed at all. And this is always how it's been; there have always been two zodiacs, so it's no big deal. I'm really an Aries still. But now I doubt it. My Aries faith has been shaken, my innermost Pisces won't shut up. Which do I choose?

Well, I've given it a lot of thought. And by 'a lot of thought,' I mean like ten minutes this morning. Here's the thing, I'm obviously a Pisces, but I want to be an Aries. Aries' go-getter attitude and courage in the face of diversity is what I want, what I need to be if I ever want to be what I want to be, a writer. I'm going to go through life hearing a lot of 'NO' before I get even one timid 'yes,' so I'm going to need to be an Aries. So while I am more of a Pisces, or have been my entire life, I always thought I was an Aries, and that's what really matters. What you want to be. I want to be an Aries, therefore I am. Screw the Ophiuchus Zodiac and the Babylonians, I am and always have been an Aries. Now get the Hell out of my way and watch me go. Go…somewhere. Fire signs forever!

Alright, if you haven't lost all respect for me for caring so much about something that matters so little, stay tuned for hopefully a few more random blog posts in the month of January, before classes start again and my life is consumed by reading a gigantic book a week and writing my final project. I have a new idea for a story I'm sort of excited about, but all I have solid is the title. It's a killer title, just need a killer story to back it up.

Working on it.

~major7th (As if anyone reading this doesn't know my real name.)

Ps. I hope I have not offended any of you Pisces out there. That's my inner Pisces talking, my outer Aries doesn't care. It's probably good for me to keep a bit of the Piscesness so my head doesn't get too big. So anyway, don't worry Pisces, you are all still cool in your own way. Everyone is! Bigoldcoolworld. DOT com. I should buy that.


Rafael's Mum said...

Lol !! Just be yourself, it'll work out ok :-)

DeeRoo said...

Nope....I'm a Gemini and will always be a Gemini!;)

Tanner said...

I actually got to hear about the difference in the tropical zodiac and the literal alignment of the sun to consteliations and how astronomers shouldn't but in to astrology without actually looking anything up (which has happened before) in the form of a very angry rant by Auriana. Astrological systems are also more complex than we give them credit for now that they're no longer in the realm of "good science," and in most systems you have more than one sign which would equally affect you assuming the causal system actually works. I can give you a bunch of info on it, and if you know about what time of the day you were born; reams of stuff specific to you.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

Incredibly clever and entertaining. I want to know what my new sign is... especially because I only really recently discovered what my old one is. Man oh man Baria I do loves your witty wordsmithing. You rock with the soul of the sea and a heart of fire.

Jacques said...

That. Was. Awesome!