Thursday, December 9, 2010

100th post.

“I exist!”

That’s the first line of the book I’m reading for class right now (Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson, not that good). My last book of the semester. I feel like I just got here yesterday, and now I’m reading my last book of the semester. What happened? Where have the last 4 months gone? IT’S DECEMBER in case anyone hasn’t noticed, and I can’t get over it. Here is a breakdown of how my December is going to go:

This weekend, Scotland. Edinburgh to be exact. Alisha and I have been talking about going for ages, and now we finally are. We found some cheap bus tickets, and despite the fact that it’s about a 9 hour bus ride, I think it will be well worth it in the end. Yay Harry Potter CafĂ© and Castles!

Next weekend, Dover. Ramsgate actually. That’s where the bus is taking me anyway. I’m going to visit one of my mom’s blogger quilting friends and to see the White Cliffs. Hopefully I’ll see another of mom’s friends in Edinburgh too. This is another thing I’ve been meaning to do for ages and am just now getting around to. Once again, cheap busses are my friends. Find me a cheap bus ticket and I’ll go just about anywhere.

The next weekend, Christmas at home! I am so excited to go home! Unfortunately I only have a week and a half to be there in which I have to cram a lot of family and friends into, but I think I can do it.

The next weekend, I’ll be in New York City!!! Adventuring with my friend Edward, seeing Avenue Q, then off to see Nicole for a bit, than alllllll the way to Baltimore where I’m flying out.

The next weekend, starting a new job in Oxford. Now I’m going to do something they tell us not to do in my classes, jump through time. To talk about my new job I have to first go back to November when Beth was here. Oh yeah, so Beth was here, for almost two weeks. We learned a lot about each other, actually only one thing we didn’t already know for sure, that we could never live together. She was a wonderful house guest, but I think for the sake of our friendship we should never actually be roommates. Personality clash; we would probably drive each other crazy. However, in the two short weeks Beth was here she managed to do the following; showed me how to get pictures off of my phone, got me TWO jobs (or made me apply for them anyway), taught me how to successfully interview for something, rewrote my resume, solved my Christmas gift idea problem, gave me dating advice, and made me get a lot of work done. She came right in the middle of November, so I was well on my way with my book for NaNoWriMo (which I’ll get to later), and I didn’t get behind one day while she was here. Amazing. If anything I stayed ahead. So thanks Beth, for everything. Come back whenever you want. Next time we’ll go to Paris.

The first job she found for me is the coolest. I’m the research assistant for a novelist living in New York who is writing a book that has scenes set in Oxford and London. He sent me my first assignment a few weeks ago where I had to go to the Bodleian library and figure out how his character would get from point A to B and what he would see along the way and so on and so forth. It was pretty fun. I got to sit inside my favorite library in the world for a few hours and write down what I saw, fantastic.

The other job is also all about the Bodleian. I am going to be working in the gift shop, which for most tourists visiting Oxford, is as far as they will get inside the Bod. They told me that people will come from far and wide to see this amazing, old, historical library and then find that they can’t even get inside without paying for a tour or having a library card. However, everyone can go to the gift shop. Beth found me the job with her magic job finding skills online, I applied, got interviewed while she was still here, and was called the next week saying that I got it. This is why I have to come back to OX so soon after Christmas, training.

I don't know these people.

Alright, what else have I done? Well I finished my book for Nano. Nicole beat me in the race by hours, well done Nicole, and we both managed to finish a week early. This is pretty amazing; usually we are working up till the very end. So I finished, but I also realized that what I was writing was not right. I did it all wrong. I don’t regret telling the story like I did, but I see now that I need to do it all over again. I’m scrapping everything and starting over. However, if I had not done it the way I did in November, I would not have the clarity I have now, and might have made this mistake next semester for my final project, run out of time and then been screwed. It’s all good.

I was a pirate, Alisha was a ninja. Those are her nun-chucks around my neck.

Still tap tap tappin. I also had a bass lesson yesterday and played a game of Warhammer (and won). So many useful skills, I know, it’s a collection. I went to two parties in one night (pirates vs ninjas and youtube themed), had bagel sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner and am now witnessing a very frosty Oxford. It’s white and cold and lovely here, the city put out their Christmas lights the other day, suspended over the streets between buildings. Shobha made St. Nicolas Day dinner the other night, so like a late Thanksgiving, early Christmas dinner. SO good. I’ve been getting a lot of work done since my deadline is fast approaching. For the first time in my life I can actually see myself getting better at writing, which is pretty cool. I’m sure I’ll think of many more things I’ve done since last I wrote after I post this.

OK, back to work.


UM, eat shit Pitt!

This is my 100th post. WEIRD.