Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a newborn puppy that curls in your hand to sleep

Since I have so much going on this month I think i'll mostly be posting picture blogs. At least in November anyway. So check out what I made today when I should have been writing:


This one is for my NaNoWriMo book for this year called 'Skye.' It's really 'Skye 2.0' because I have another version of it, but it's all been sort of scraped and used as back story that is alluded to every now and then. Everything I'm writing this month is new.

This one I think is especially pretty. 'Ameliorate' is Nicole's Nano book for this month. It's a story about friends, and after lots of searching through my random Oxford pictures I found this one. The actual picture is about twice as big as this, I just cropped this bit out to get only the boy and the girl in it. Man oh man so I love photoshop.

These are not book covers. Duh. This is what happened in my back yard last night. Intentionally, don't worry. We started the month off with a bang, more specifically volcano firework type things.

So I like stealing things. Not in a kleptomaniac sort of way, just in a 'oh good one, I'm using that' sort of way. I think most people who write things do this, so I don't feel bad about it. I am constantly stealing things from my dad, he's a funny guy, and all my brilliant friends. If you ever read anything of mine that happens to make you laugh, it's probably because I stole it from someone. I mean come on, I can't make that stuff up, I'm not funny! I usually tell the person that I'm stealing it, and more often than not I steal it in my head, but forget to write it down and it gets lost forever. So if I ever say to you, 'HA, I'm totally using that,' make sure I actually write it down. If you want me to use it anyway. Here is one I wrote down today:

VOMIT RAINBOW! Isn't that great? I got it from the Style Rookie's blog, which is fantastic by the way, in case you were wondering. It was in reference to a tutu she bought that was vomit rainbow colored. So thanks Style Rookie, I'm totally using that.

Alright, back to that damn book in the picture. 500 pages of nothing, that's what it is, absolutely nothing noteworthy. Just blow up the bridge already! I already know that you love that girl (named Maria, gurr) you met three days ago because you said so EXACTLY ONE MILLION TIMES IN THE SAME WAY. Get a room already, preferably in another book so the last 100 pages go by quicker for me. Thanks Hemingway, your a pal.

Ok, goodnight oldnewalwaysfriends, (I stole that too) farewell to the fairground and all that jazz.



Tanner said...

You could totally pull off blue hair.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

I am in love with that last picture... also blue hair suits you. Just don't do black. Thought it looked awesome I think your mom may murder you.

DeeRoo said...

Kelsey's got my number!

Anonymous said...

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