Monday, October 11, 2010

Windy windy windy Monday.

The topic of this blog was stolen from Nicole, which she stole from an elementary school's writing prompt. Funny. If you want to read Nicole's 10 exciting things, click HERE.

Ten exciting things, in no particular order:

1. Making things: I love to make things. When I was little I was the queen of making things, mostly things to play with. I made my own toys, mainly pipe cleaner people, and places for them to inhabit, mainly space ships made of cardboard boxes. Now I still like making things, making stories, crocheting scarves, wall art for my bedroom, scrapbooks, photoshoping pictures (totally counts), French braid, anything really. It's exciting to me to make something and have it turn out just how you wanted it to, know that YOU made that out of nothing, that it exists because of you. In this vein I have always wished I could paint, draw or sculpt. Maybe one day.

2. Socks without holes in the toes: All my socks here have holes in the toes and it's really irking me. On top of that, I can't find the tiny sewing kit my mom so lovingly put together for me to take here, so I can't even fix the problem. So, if anyone wants to send me anything, please send me socks, because I'm far too cheap to buy my own. But, I guess I will. It's starting to get colder and holey socks will soon be an even bigger problem.

3. Finishing things: I have a bad habit of not finishing projects. BAD BAD. I have a bunch of unfinished writing projects, lots of half backed ideas floating in my head and two gigantic books I have yet to finish reading. I hate not finishing things, and yet it keeps happening. I think one of my new year's resolutions for this year was to finish things, like, all things. I believe it read, 'finish books,' which could mean books I've written or books I've started to read. This year I have finished some things, lots of read books and my magic paper story, but even that is not finished. The second draft needs to happen, and soon, because Nanowrimo is right around the corner and I have a whole other idea for that. So anyway, when I do finish things, lately when I finish a book or writing assignment, it excites me.

4. Re-reading things the next day: I tend to do this thing where I'll write something one day and hate it right away, yet when I read it in the morning it's sounds a million times better. I don't know why this is, but with anything I write I need to let it sit at least overnight if not a few hours before I look at it again. Reading things the next day is always like reading something that some other Maria wrote, someone way better than yesterday's Maria. Not to say that things are perfect the next day, that is never the case, they are just better and far less discouraging.

5. Going to the movies: I think I've written about this at length before, so I'll keep this short. I love going to the movies. If I'm planning on going to see a movie later in the day, I spend the whole day excited about it. Something about actually going to a theater, getting bad popcorn and sitting in the dark with your feet sticking to the floor really appeals to me. One day I'll have a home theater, and not one of the wimpy little ones. I mean full sized screen, just like in the movie theaters. Yes you are invited, and yes you can bring your friends, if they're cool. Because you know me, I'm just the queen of cool. I can't even type that with a straight face.

6. Being told I'm doing something right: I am rarely right. Most of the time when I enter an argument, I lose (unless it has to do with the color of the One Ring from LOTR, MOTHER. I'm clinging to that win forever). It happens so often that I usually just give up before I start, or should anyway (yes Nicole, I'm thinking of the whole 'forks' 'fox' debacle. That still upsets me). So anyway, when I'm actually right, I get really excited. Also when someone tells me I'm actually doing something right. When I first started to spin back in high school, anytime someone told me I was doing the move correctly or said 'good job!' I would get SO excited. This happened the other day actually. I went to a tap dancing class on campus full of mostly girls who have already done tap in the past. So scary. I struggled, obviously, tap is really hard. I have no idea how they can get their feet to move that fast, it seems borderline impossible. However, when the head girl was helping me with this one thing, she told me my side step was perfect. PERFECT. She said it more than once too; I was not just hearing things. To all you teachers out there, or anyone who has to show someone how to do something, make sure you take the time to tell your pupil what they are doing right as well as what they are doing wrong. It makes all the difference. I clung to that 'perfect' for the whole day, and although I sucked at every single other thing we did, that 'perfect' is the reason I'll go back next week.

7. Traveling: I've also talked about this at length in the past. I love to travel, that's all there is to it. I love new places and new foods and new languages in my ears. I love planning trips, real ones and imaginary, and everything that goes into traveling. There is not much more exciting to me than getting ready to go someplace new, even if it is just a day trip to DC or a drive to Morgantown or Harpers Ferry. I love to travel.

8. Getting mail or packages: I LOVE mail! My grandma sent me a Halloween package the other day with two awesome Halloween shirts, Lucky Charms and Twinkies for my housemates (they love American junk food you can't get here), candy and a cute little handmade card. Thanks Grandma! And thanks to everyone else out there who has sent me various things in the mail, post cards, peanut butter, books, cloths, letters, you all know who you are. I love love love love love all of it.

9. Fall colors: The trees have been changing colors for a while, but I've just recently noticed. It's gorgeous. And you know what fall colors mean? Fall leads to winter, winter leads to Christmas, and on Christmas I'll be home with the family, and after that off to see all my friends I miss so much. I would not say I'm homesick at all, but I'm definitely friend-and-family-sick. I can't wait to see everyone.

10. Halloween: Alright, so half this blog is just me listing things I always talk about. Sorry, I think I get a C for originality. C+ just to be annoying. I love Halloween, and its right around the corner. I need to figure out what I'm doing, who will dress up with me and where we are going. I have dressed up for Halloween every single year, probably of my life, and I'm not planning on stopping now. Halloween is exciting because I'm a little kid at heart and I love to play dress up, if you haven't noticed.

SO those are my ten things. What are you ten things? I'll tell you what is not on my ten things list, reading poetry for class. Guess what I should have been doing instead of writing a ten things blog? I guess I better get back to that, I guess I guess I guess.

Happy Monday!



DeeRoo said... and your brother used to make the best stuff out of tissues, leaves and need for toys...except for maybe caveman!;)

DeeRoo said...

Sewing little black oval zipper thingy that used to hold earbuds. Stick a cup in the sock to use as a darning ball.

Tanner said...

Before you mentioned it outright, I was too busy thinking "I love that too," to realize that none of these were very big surprises. I suppose if I didn't like reading about them, I wouln't frequent your blog.