Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don’t get deep, shut up and dance.

Nicest day ever.

I always tend to want things after it's too late. I got distracted today online watching Aerosmith music videos when I should have been doing other things, since the internet in my house is broken and I have to go elsewhere to get connected. I would kill to be in an Aerosmith music video, how cool would that be? I know everyone is going to say I'm crazy as they usually do when I talk about my celebrity crushes, but Steven Tyler has always been way up there. I remember my mom once said to me, and I think this is a direct quote, "You are going to make some weird looking guy very happy one day." I do NOT like weird looking guys, I just always seem to be drawn to guys who are different, originally good looking, that's all. David Beckham? Gross. Seriously, I see absolutely nothing in him. Robert Patterson? Nope. Not in a million years. But Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, David Bowie, HOT.

Steven Tyler is also just SO damn cool. I mean, not in the whole doing drugs again sort of way, but the whole can wear anything he wants, amazing stage presence, big lips, sexy voice, plays the harmonica sort of way. So anyway, I was just imagining how cool it would be to be in a music video with him and the whole Aerosmith gang who have been my favorite band since my Uncle Peter and Aunt Karen's wedding in 2002. I had just bought the two disk, Ultimate Aerosmith Best Of collection or whatever it was (white CD cover showing a women's back, and hands reaching to undo her bra I believe. So classy. I think it was actually called Young Lust.) and had been listening to it nonstop on my portable CD player for about a week. Because when Maria gets hooked on something, she gets a little obsessive, especially when it comes to music.

Shark attack!

I distinctly remember being made fun for liking Aerosmith too. I mean, not meanly, and only a little (who could be mean to little Maria with braces on her teeth and braids in her hair?). I remember my Uncle Tony asking what I was listening to and when I said Aerosmith he replied, "That's what old people listen to, shouldn't you be listening to Nsync or something?" Ok so he might not have referenced Nsync, but he did make the old people remark. I was not deterred or discouraged and kept rocking out to Eat The Rich and Walk This Way. I secretly thought that Uncle Peter and Aunt Karen should probably dance to Deuces Are Wild just because I thought it was romantic. I never told anyone that because I was embarrassed about it. HA. Man high school Maria was weird. Nothing has changed.
Real butterflies!

So here I am in England, and I just realized that I only have two Best Offs (Young Lust and Oh Ya! Ultimate Aerosmith), Honkin' on Bobo (one of my faves) and Pandora's Box disk 2 (disk 1 was stolen in the great CD lift of 2001, along with ALL my Dada) and a few random songs. Lame! I have so much more Aerosmith than this, including a box set at home somewhere with Toys in the Attic in it. Something must have happened between my last computer and this one in the itunes transfer because I have a shamefully small amount of Aerosmith here.

But this blog did not start off being about my undying love of Aerosmith (all I wanted for Christmas last year was for Steven Tyler to stay in rehab and get better). I love it when mega tangents happen. This blog was originally about things I want after it's too late. I could probably still be in an Aerosmith music video, but they have been on the fritz lately, so I'm not counting on it. Other things include being an extra in a Star Wars movie, seeing David Bowie in concert and meeting De Forest Kelly and Freddy Mercury. Really, for the record, I wanted to be in a Star Wars movie when they were still coming out, but probably after they were already filmed. AND I was in high school, not exactly an easy place to be in life when you want to go somewhere ridiculous and potentially miss a lot of school. AND I think I could probably still catch David Bowie in concert one day (fingers crossed that he'll tour one more time!), but I'll never get to see Ziggy Stardust or the White Duke. Those last two definitely can't happen. Sad sad sad.

Pitt Rivers

However, I'm not depressed about this stuff, about the things I'll never be able to do, because my list of things I still want to do is much longer and totally doable. Rose has this book in our living room called "This book will change your life." It's sort of a stupid book. It's 365 pages long, each page with a task you are supposed to perform, and the idea is that if you devote a year to doing these things your life will change. BUT they are mean things, like dine and ditch, insult rich people and adopt incompatible pets. The whole book is just a joke, but we jokingly started doing it a few weeks ago because some of them are fun. That's why I drew that self portrait; that was the day's activity.

Anyway, day nine was entitled "things you will never do before you die," and the page was filled with 300 some (I counted) things you will probably never do. (The first one on the whole list says "Read Proust." No joke.) The idea is for you to check off everything on the list, accepting the fact that you will never do them. But as I was reading through the list, I realized that I have already done a lot of the things. The first column includes things like 'write that novel/screenplay,' 'learn Italian,' 'go to a drive-in cinema,' 'become an artist,' 'drink yourself silly in New Zealand,' 'smoke a Cuban cigar,' and 'be on tv.' I've done all of those things (and mother, I was only a little silly in NZ, do don't get all concerned). Sure I don't know Italian still, but I did learn it. I have written four novels (finished one, almost finished the rest) and a screenplay (writing is an art, in case you were wondering). I have been on tv little bits at a time during my Marching Band career from being on an episode of West Wing the day before my first day of high school to random tv appearances with The Pride in college.

So who's to say I won't do the rest of those things, if I've already done a handful? Sure, there are things on the list I don't want to do like 'shoot heroin,' 'marry someone you've never meet' and 'be eaten by cannibals.' Not the point. Not sure what the point was, but I know that's not it.

Something else I wanted to mention in this blog before it went Aerosmith on me; look I'm writing again! This is more blogs than I've done in ages. Last year was so weird, not only because I was not in school and had a real job and smelled like beer all the time, but also because I did not do a lot of writing. I was afraid that would happen, that once I was out of school it would just stop. And it didn't stop, not at all. I wrote 50,000 words in November, rounding it out to 60,000 the next month to finish the book and a bunch of other random little things throughout the year, but still. Compared to being at WVU, that's not much. But lately these random blogs have come more easily, less of a struggle to write. AND more excitingly, last night I wrote over 2,000 words of something totally new and fictional. It's a new direction for my Capstone story that's been my head ever since I got here, and last night I finally got it going. It's nothing amazing or anything, but still, it's new and I made it. Thank goodness.

Maybe it's the fact that classes are starting soon, or that I'm in a new place with no job and nothing to do but explore, or that I'm in freaken Oxford- the most inspirational city in the world as far as I'm concerned. Who knows? But I'm not complaining.

AANNDD I'm going to Cork on Wednesday! I better get packing!



foo said...

2002, I believe it was. Wow, you were only 15 then? You were already taller than me, or at least the same height.

Tanner said...

David Beckham and Robert Patterson are toothpicks with abs. Not nearly as manly as a rock star with a "nothing to prove" attitude who can pull off an ostintatious wardrobe complete with perpetually exposed pectorials at age 62.

It's great to hear your creative juices are flowing again. And, you should be proud that you have done things someone expects people to "never" do. You're clearly more interesting than them (and better poised to be a good writer).

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OK2BU said...

I just saw the picture of this Shark in a recent US mag....

You are SO on the pulse...

Guys that have depth, weird or not, are ALwAYs the way to go...