Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dark and dusty, painted on the sky.

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in Oxford, England. She was from the States, Virginia specifically, but had spent four years attending West Virginia University. She always felt that West Virginia was her second home, a place full of spectacular scenery, momentous mountains (which she realizes are the same thing) and the school she loved so much. Imagine her dismay on September 4th, 2010 when the first football game of the season was due to play, which she had no way to watch! The internet in her house was broken, her closest Mountaineer buddy all the way in London and the coffee shop she found herself in kept kicking her off the internet randomly. What was the girl to do?

Ok enough of that. I don't really like writing like that; it's just what came out. I have been getting really nostalgic for WVU lately, what with the start of courses nearing and the game today that I have no way of following. Be sure that I will be listening to WVU Marching Band music all day today and crying inside. Alright I'm not that emo (I am that nerdy), but you get the point. Even last year I was able to watch the games at work, here I'm just high and dry. It's actually pretty lucky I'm dry; it has not rained for days. Knock on wood.

So this is me today. I have nothing else noteworthy to write about. OH but Nicole gets here a week from today!! That's certainly exciting. I need someone to geek out with. Everyone I know here does not quite see how amazing it is. Just wait Oxford, you think the Asian tourists are bad, videotaping rocks and walls and clogging the streets? You have not seen anything like what happens when Nicole and Maria get together. It's going to be ridiculous.




Tanner said...

I just had a buddy in Austraila asking around for WVU Band recordings (you can check my facebook to see precisely his elation when I obliged him).

You and Nicole are totally going to tear up Wales. I'm already jelous of the fun you'll be having while I'm stuck here wishing every morning that I woke up in Morgantown (they never mentioned "can cause chronic nostalgia" on the pamphlet, did they?).

DeeRoo said...

Gotta love texting scores!;)

WhoooHooooo Oxford too!;)

Jacques said...

Dude, SO bummed that we can't watch the games here!! And I'm so nostalgic as well...le sigh.