Thursday, August 19, 2010


The track 'Samwise the Brave' on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack always makes me sad. But not sad-sad, more like happy-sad or nostalgic-sad or something. It came on my i-pod the other day while I was on my way to Brookes to meet Jen and I was suddenly walking down my trashy alley on the way to class in Morgantown instead of here. Except it's about 69 degrees here and about to rain and looks like fall half the time. If I really had been walking in Morgantown in August I'd be wearing as little as I could get away with, hating life with at least three, million page anthologies stuffed into my bag. Well, I guess not in August, but whatever. That's not the point. The point is that it's in the 90s back in Virginia and I love Oxford August.

Still have not figured out how I feel. I guess it does not really matter in the long run. Things are going to happen no matter how I feel. I wandered around the city the other day on my own. It was perfect. I kept getting lost, but right before I could be concerned about it I would turn a corner and find something else awesome and interesting and not even care where I was. I am going to totally own this city before long. Just watch.

I'm sitting in the main buildings right now (or I was when I originally wrote this mess) on campus, waiting for the rain to stop and scribbling in my falling apart moleskin (should really break out the new one soon). Everyone who passes by has one pant leg tucked into their socks. By everyone I mean like three people. I miss my bike. Once I stop being a big chicken about the roads being backward, I'm so buying one.

If anyone has been wondering what I've been doing, the answer would be nothing (which seems to be what this blog is about as well). I've walked a lot, taken lots of pictures and watched Friends with my house mates. Rose has a box set of all the seasons. I've also contemplated learning to cook so I can fit into my household. Rose is super sweet and has cooked for me (I've helped) and I want to eventually return the favor. Can't be that hard can it? Just put a bunch of stuff in a pan and stir it around, see if it tastes good. Easy.

Yesterday I wandered around on my own again. I was on a buy-some-boots mission, but I failed. There were just too many distractions. When I had not even gotten off my own road a hearse drove by with huge windows on the side so you could clearly see the flower covered coffin inside. It took me by surprise for some reason. It also sort of set the tone for the day, but not in as negative way as you would think. I don't know what is more creepy, the fact that I love cemeteries so much or how easily I tend to stumble upon them without meaning to. I just kept finding them yesterday, which was just fine by me. In one there was this black and white cat that gave me the evilest look I've ever received from a cat. I know cats are supposedly the guardians of the dead and all, but I was not even doing anything. I was just walking. I think I need to make some friends.

What is the point of all this you ask? There is one, I swear. The point is that although I'm still amazed to be here, the unrealness has worn off. This is a place just like home was a place. All these things I've been doing are in many ways the exact same things I did at home. I feel like I've adapted to this move really well. Besides the fact that my phone has stopped ringing and all my friends in the world but one are only accessible through my computer, I could be anywhere. This is not really coming out the way it sounds in my head, and by that I mean it makes no sense. Let me try again. Everything here is really easy. It's easy to get around, easy to find things, easy to figure things out. The move has been relatively easy, except for the heavy bags. But all in all, no problem. So either the UK is just an easy place to live or I just rule at this game. I think it's a little of both. That being said, I'll probably mess something up soon. Stay tuned for Maria's massive mess up. Should be pretty funny.



foo said...

Mess-ups are fun. They give you great material to work with. So, I look forward to many from you. Just nothing catastrophic, please. =)

Lynz said...

I'm so glad things are nice and relaxed for you!! And I hope it continues - no reason it shouldn't! But, yeah, if you're gonna have a whoopsie then lets have a funny one and not a complete clusterf......yeah, I managed to stop before swearing in front of your Mom. Go me!! Just remember, keep calm and carry on! And you're in the U of K now, there is nothing that a cup of tea won't cure!! *g*

DeeRoo said...

Hahaha...dare I say it...she doesn't like tea!:o

Um....let's keep the mess ups to a still need that visa stamp!!!:)

Lynz said...

Oh, the drinking of the tea is a moot point! It's the whole ritual of "I'll put the kettle on" and the MAKING of it that's important. Those Japanese have nothing on us, y'know? *g*

Tanner said...

As "pointless" as you find this post may seem to you, I doubt I'm the only one who's been to shy to disturb your settling-in and ask how you've been doing. I'm glad to hear it's well, and I hope those blisters heal up.

(I may also point out that if you were in Morgantown you'd be coming in from the last days of "band camp" - the first I've missed in seven years.)