Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I made this To Do list months ago when I was first starting to figure out things I needed to get done in order to move to Brookes. I just now found it again and thought it was a little funny, so here it is.


Before I leave-

~Send in Scholarships

    *De Rohan

    *John Henry Brookes

~Apply for Student Visa

    *Find out of site I'm using is legit

    *Set up interview date

~Doctors apt


*Favorite books, movies, music and a few pictures/keepsakes

    *Ipod dock from James

*CLOTHS- all seasons! (Keeping in mind x-mas and the European coolness factor)

*Some choice school supplies like notebooks, pens and legal pads

*Important documents- Visa, acceptance letters, so on and so forth

    *One Halloween Costume (yikes!)

    *Beth&Molly notebook

    *Few important pieces of jewelry

    *WVU banner

    *All electronics necessary for a traveling creative writer in a new land

~Buy Plane Ticket

~Research housing and jobs

~Find place to stay when I get there (Jen? Hostel? Couch surfing?)

When I get there-

~Find place to live

~Set up bank account

~Get a cell phone

~Find a job


Books to pack-

~British versions of Harry Potter books

~Small Cyrano

~MLA handbook

~ Small foreign language dictionaries (Italian, German and Spanish)

~M is for Magic

~Peter Pan

~All Phillip Pullman books

~National Geographic Great Britain book and other travel guides

~The Observation Deck

~This list is too long, figure out how to make it shorter

Movies to pack-

~Old and New school Star Wars


~Green Card

~Romeo + Juliet


~Muppet Treasure Island

~Live action Peter Pan

~A Life Less Ordinary

~ Heart and Souls


~Who am I kidding, I can't bring this many movies. Limit to only the obscure ones.

So that's that. I have done far more things than this list even mentions in perpetration, basically everything except making my book and movie list shorter. This was back when I still thought it would be easier to find a place to live when I got there, which I now see was a stupid idea. I've found a cute little room in a house with four cool people, all via the internet. What would I do without it?

I'm down to my last month. When am I supposed to feel nervous? Soon, right? Traveling is sort of my thing, but I've never actually lived in another country, not for longer than three weeks anyway. I think the main reason I'm not nervous yet is because it does not seem real, it's like I'm not even going. Something so cool could never happen to me, not in a million years.

But it is.

More later about something super cool that happened to Nicole and I the other day. Good night!



Tanner said...

I'm feeling the same way about signing up for the Navy. I've been so long in paperwork hell that I don't really feel much of anything about it, I may be into it before I even notice (college was like that).

Good luck. I have a feeling I'll miss you just a little more when you're over there.

foobella said...

Even your lists are entertaining. =)

Jacques said...

No nerves cause England is super fab!!!! Can't wait!

Hayley Burdett said...

I am SO excited for you, Maria!!

Sally said...

If I don't get to see you, here is one big Bon Voyage Hug! I know you will capture their hearts and love the adventure. I can't wait to read all about it.
Take care and have fun!