Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wee Chap

This morning I woke up from a dream about Oxford. I don’t remember the specifics of the dream; I don’t think I was actually doing anything, just being there. All I know is that it was the happiest dream I’ve had in a while and when I woke up I was disappointed.

But then I went over to my desk and was greeted by a new little friend that I received in the mail yesterday. Check him out, he’s precious.

I should probably explain. It all started when my mother got a blog. Since she is a part of this quilting blog community, she has all these friends and followers from all over the world. One woman in particular, Lynz, mom and I have particularly bonded with. She lives in Scotland, likes Star Wars, Muppets and vampires and has a lovely 7 year old daughter. She is basically an older, cooler version of me.

So mom and Lynz have swapped a few packages, our last one to them including a few mix CDs for Lynz and Holly her daughter. Yesterday we got one that had my little friend inside and a post card explanation.

It said~ “The hamster/rabbit/whatever is from Holly and while it IS a cat toy (how crass) I think her thinking is that a cute “wee chap” would cheer her up- ergo it is to make you smile. Wonderful is the mind of a 7 year old!”

My new “wee chap” has made me do nothing but smile ever since I got him. Everywhere you set him he is adorable. He’s sitting on the edge of my keyboard right now keeping me company. I decided to name him Cinnabar. I love collecting names for characters and what not and Cinnabar is my all time favorite from my last batch of names I gathered the other day. It is, in a way, an ode to Stargirl’s pet rat named Cinnamon, even though Cinnabar is gray and white, same as Smokey, and not Cinnamon colored. If you haven’t read Stargirl, do yourself a favor and read it.

How wonderful is it that I have made friends with a seven year old in Scotland who is so thoughtful and sweet that she thought to send me a new little friend to cheer me up? Thank you so much Holly! I love him.



DeeRoo said...

Soooo adorable!! Definitely desktop worthy!!:)

Lynz said...

Aaaaw, he arrived!! I hope he didn't find the transatlantic trip too traumatising (ooh, and some nifty illiteration to boot!) Lynz. xox

I love when you pull his cord and he shakes about like mad!I feel sorry for Smokey. I hope you liked your little treasure ! He's a cutie isn't he? Mum wouldn't buy me one! love holly xox.

Tanner said...

A 10 point reading on the "Awww...-O-Meter." Made my day.

Liz said...

Oh. My. God. If you were any cuter, I'd fall over.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

I love you maria.
Also cinibar makes me hungry... not to eat your friend. Maybe...