Friday, March 26, 2010


I hate when people ask me "is that going to be enough food?" as if I know how much they are capable of eating or how hungry they are.

I love how mysterious yesterday was, and for no reason beyond the fact that I finished a really good book. Really it was the combination of finishing two really good books in a week that lead to the mysteriousness of yesterday, both books being by Neil Gaiman (surprise surprise) and both on the subject of gods (American Gods and Anansi Boys).

I love how I'm only getting excited about going to England and not scared out of my mind. So far anyway.

I hate Visas.

I hate when people ask me questions that make no sense and make me feel stupid when in fact, they are the ones that should probably learn to read.

I love my blog but hate how little I write in it these days.

I love rain but I hate cold rain. Like today.

I hate that they are making a Harry Potter theme park, but if given the chance, I'd probably go there.

I hate that I have nothing better to write about than a list of random things I love and hate.

I love that the trees are budding.

That is all.


1 comment:

Tanner said...

Love your posts, even when they're just random lists.

Love that picture (and beer and pretty girls with books and notepads).