Friday, February 5, 2010

Two days to write very little…

"Real life is so strangely written, sometimes."

Neil Gaiman wrote that in his blog recently, and I liked it. I've not babbled about how much I love him in a while, and I won't bore you now by doing so. I just wanted to share that quote. I love reading writer's blogs and hear about what's going on in their lives. It makes me feel like we are all connected.

That was the moon the other night. It actually looked nothing like that in real life, that's just how my camera decided to react to its awesomeness. It was the type of moon where you could see everything from the craters to the man in the moon. But it was only a half moon, which was even cooler. It looked like the top half had been blasted away by who knows what type of interstellar disaster. And it was orange. And it was huge. It was the type of moon that is so impossibly big that you want to take a picture, but then once you do it ends up looking like this. A speck.

So yes, it's a speck, but look at that crazy weird glow around it. It's like my camera knew there was something special about this moon, but instead of capturing its orange craters it decided to make it look like an amoeba. Interesting.

The moon the other night made me think of Cyrano De Bergerac, my favorite story, possibly of all time. Long story short: Cyrano loves Roxanne, but Roxanne loves Christian. Cyrano has a huge nose so he thinks Roxanne will never love him, but to make her happy he helps Christian woe her using his poetry. So sad, I love it. Anyway, there is a part toward the middle where Roxanne and Christian are about to get married. However De Guiche is on his way with the intent to marry Roxanne himself. To buy Roxanne and Christian just enough time to seal the deal, Cyrano wraps a scarf around his face to disguise his big nose and run into the night, concocting this crazy story about how he fell from the moon in order to distract De Guiche.

"My eyes are still full of star-dust. My spurs are clogged with bristles off a planet. See, on my sleeve, a comet's hair!"

It's a fantastic scene. If you have not read Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, go read it. If you have not seen the 1990 French version of the movie starring Gerard Depardieu, go rent it. It will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love.

If anyone can tell me what it says besides 'Maria' and 'Gerard Depardieu' on that picture, I'd love to know. I was told it might say 'love Gerard Depardieu,' in French, but I'm not sure.

So that was my night. Those are my favorite types of moons, the type that make me want to read. I spent the night curled up in bed, reading my favorite parts of Cyrano. I work up the next morning with my book tucked under my pillow, the best place to keep books.

Today it is snowing. I'm still not sure if I have to go to work or not. It's coming down harder every time I look out the window, yet I can still see the grass and it is not sticking to the trees. I think I'm going to go read a book.



Tanner said...

I know exactly the huge, orange moon of which you speak. I am also a fan.

DeeRoo said... it is really coming down...reading, movies, snacks,'s all good!:)

Anonymous said...


Your blog came up on a Google search for Gerard Depardieu, of whom I am a big fan! Just wanted to let you know, the word you were having trouble reading on the picture is "amities", which translates to "loving friendship" basically.
Just wondering, how did you get a signed picture? Did you write to him? Would love to know!

major7th said...

Thanks Anonymous! I’ve been wondering about that for ages. You just made my day!
Yes, I did write to him. Go to and you can find just about any celebrity’s address and tips about what to write and how to word your letter. I did not think it would work, so I sent him two very small pictures, but about a month later there they were!
You should definitely try it. Good luck!