Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ten for 10

New Year's resolutions for 2010

  1. Finish things I start.
  2. Actually watch the movie 'The Rock'.
  3. Be less shy.
  4. Be more frugal.
  5. Work on networking skills.
  6. Write every day.
  7. Read more books.
  8. Write down cool dreams before I forget them.
  9. Finish reading 'Ulysses' for good.
  10. Work on my life goals list.

Rather self explanatory I'd say.

Some are the same ones I have every year, like 'be less shy.' It never really works, putting it on a list, but I need to do it none the less. I'm thinking that one will sort of feed into the 'work on networking skills.' Last year one of my resolutions was to actually watch Top Gun, and once I did it felt good to actually cross one off. Before, anytime anyone would ask if I had seen Top Gun I lied and said I did when in reality I had only ever seen the volleyball scene.

I've read almost half of 'Ulysses,' but that was the easy half. I have seen about a million movies, read the spark notes, been to Bloomsday in Dublin, but I've still not finished. I even have the t-shirt, but I feel like I can't wear it because I've not read the book.

Still uninspired! Short blog tonight, hopefully do better tomorrow. I said write every day, but I did not say how much.



DeeRoo said...

I think you're getting better at the 3rd one....good luck on the 9th!:o

Lynz said...

See the shyness thing? It will go! I was a *painfully* shy teenager - I was the aloof one at school but only because I was terrified! It's still not easy for me to talk to strangers face to face but there comes a time where you just have to get on with it else you miss out on so much. I'm willing to bet money that Oxford will be your epiphany; you will HAVE to put yourself out there (this is the voice of experience - I worked in London when I was 18 - it made me!)and really there's nothing to worry about since you are lovely! Who wouldn't love you?

Tanner said...

Write every day is much more feasible if you don't say how much. It will also be handy when that inspiration comes back.
I have to agree that you've become less shy since I've known you, and that you'll find that pretty much everyone you talk to will like you. Most people like me, and you are way more like-able than I am.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

What you did with topgun I definitely do very often... like with Star Wars. What? Please still be my friend. Good list, I love lists, I might follow your lead, but I think it would mostly just be 1. Get your life together 2. Watch all the Star Wars for real
and that first one is not getting done anytime soon.

major7th said...

Oh you guys are too nice to me. And Lynz, that's probably the nicest comment I've ever received from someone I've never meet. If I don't meet you at some point when i'm living in Oxford I will be very disappointed.

Lynz said...

Pet, there's no way you're coming over here and not seeing me! Just. Not. Happening.