Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Matchbox 20 sort of day

Alright, I'm finally a tiny bit inspired, but not in a good way.

WHY does the entire world seem to care so much about whether I have a boyfriend or not? Why is it everyone's business? Why does it matter?

Just a moment ago the Linins of the Week guy came in to replace our rug like he does every Tuesday morning. I was making boring small talk like always while he put down the new rug and get out the invoice for me to sign. Out of nowhere he asked if I was married.

"No," I said, slightly taken aback.

"Really? You do look young."

"I'm 22." If I looked too young to be married, why did he ask?

"Oh ok. Do you have a boyfriend?"


"What?" he said, looking surprised, "why not?"


"I don't know," I said, getting mad, scribbling my John Hancock on his electrical thing and waiting for my invoice. He printed it out and handed it to me, mumbling something I could not understand, probably about how sad my life is. Finally he left, leaving me annoyed and confused.

So here is my question to the world: how do you answer that question? I get asked this a LOT for some reason, and it's starting to get on my nerves. Am I just too uptight? I don't know. I used to just laugh it off, but I really think there must be a sign on my head that says "please ask me why I don't have a boyfriend even though I hardly know you, I am totally cool with that," because it just keeps happening.

Next time someone asks I'm going to say "This is why!" and punch them in the face. Not really. But I will in my head. I was looking at this Yoga Numerology thing online the other day with Tiffany and it said that my personality was violent and that I loved confrontations and the like. At the time I laughed, it was totally wrong, but now I'm not so sure. I swear I'm a nice person.

Alright, enough ranting. Maybe I should make another New Year's resolution (one to grown on) to stop complaining so much. I feel like that's all I ever do.



foo said...

When a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend it's because he thinks your cute and is hinting that he wants to ask you out.

Sooo, your answer to the question could be "because I can't take a hint."

major7th said...

Well in that case lots of old men are really into me. I'm not really wondering why they are asking if I have a boyfriend, is the questions "why not?" that really baffles me.

But you are probably right too. Usually I can't take a hint.

Lynz said...

It's the question "why not?" that baffles you? Really?


Could it be because you are incrediby pretty and not a total headcase and they can't believe that some guy hasn't snapped you up and never ever wants to let you go? Oh, I think it just might be!! Silly girl. It's more a reflection of how stupid they think boys are than anything about you! Am I starting to sound like your Mum? It's okay, I AM a Mum. *grins*

P.S. I was single from 19 until 23. Single, happy and had all the nosey questions, too! I had a snotty answer about being an intelligent, emancipated young woman and not needing the emotional crutch of a man hanging off my arm to be a well rounded and worthwhile individual. I never had the guts to use it. Heh.

foobella said...

That's what I meant! "Do you have one?" "Why not?" -- Because you can't take a hint!

what Lynz said, too. ;)

It just shows that you aren't desperate and won't settle for the first person to ask you out, which is why most people DO have a boyfriend and why they can't understand how you don't. It's pretty much jealousy. They can't be happy without anyone and they can't understand how you CAN be happy. Lord we could ponder on this subject till the cows come home.

Jacques said...

Wow. I was going to come and be all insightful and sing your praises (cause you're freaking awesome and hot and a total catch!) and everyone else has beat me to it!
I agree that the 'why not' question is SO annoying, but I think possibly worse is when they ask why you're not married, if you do happen to have a boyfriend. Excuse me?? Cause I'm in my early twenties and I don't need to tie myself down when I have great things in store for me (like...MOVING TO ENGLAND!) Next time, tell him that you don't have a boyfriend because you're waiting to pick up a hot piece of british bum in a few months :)

Mary said...

I get the "You have a boyfriend so why aren't you married?" question ALL THE TIME! I'm 23! Trust me, no matter what your relationship status is, people will think of awkward things to ask you.

~Mary (your cousin... Hey, for all I know you have 20 other friends named Mary :-) )

Tanner said...

I get the same thing all the time. I get asked how old my kids are even though I blatantly have no jewelry (like wedding bands). Granted, most of the kids with whom I graduated high school do have a couple of rugrats.

I'm sure people are as taken aback as you are when you say "no" for reasons already thoroughly discussed. I just tell them I have the confidence in myself to wait for someone that meets my high standards. But I've only said that like twice. Both to new co-workers.

And as previously mentioned, us male types tend to only presume a girl is already snatched-up because we'd do the honors (although all the old, married men might have "back in the day" attached). So if you get one of those attractive young bucks ask, this is an opportunity to practice your flirting for when you meet that man of your dreams (with an accent!).

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

hahahahahahaha.... oh maria I love you. I think the comments are just as good as the blog entry. This is fantastic. In conclusion I am going to marry you and move to England with you, is that ok? Let me take you out for a basket of fries first and slip the ring onto the ketchup bottle. So romantic.

Liz said...

Okay, first of all, I thought you were 23, which either indicates that I'm the worst friend ever or that I can't do math. Possibly both. I'm sorry!!!

Second of all, I missed the boat on the responses that involve telling you how awesome you are. You are. 'Nough said. :)

Third of all, I get this question a lot, too. I always just say, "Why don't you ask the men in this town?" That tends to shut people up, which seems to indicate that what they're really asking is, "Please tell me your defect," and since you don't have one, it's clearly someone else's fault. And then the person realizes that you're perfect as a single woman, and that's so incredibly amazing that it frightens him/her away. :-D

Fourth of all...did I mention that you're awesome? 'Cause you are.

major7th said...

The comments here are more insightful than the actual blog! Awesome! Good discussion guys.

And Mary, you are actually the only person I know named Mary who I would actually call Mary.

major7th said...

OH, and Kelsey, I accept. Lets go to New Zealand for the honeymoon and climb mount doom :)