Friday, December 11, 2009

Bye Bye Monkey

I canceled my Netflix the other day. I was so upset about stopping it that I didn’t even write down my last categories, nor look at them. Too sad. However, one good thing is that they keep your queue saved for two whole years from when you canceled, so I can always go back. I will miss you Netflix, I never thought I’d see the day when we were to part ways, but alas, that day has come. I miss you already.

Why did I cancel my Netflix if I love it so much? Because, as my dear friend Jen informed me, they do not have Netflix in England. Why does that matter? BECAUSE I’M GOING TO LIVE THERE! That’s why!

I got into Oxford Brookes, that school I feel like I’ve been applying to for at least a year now. Last Thursday was my phone interview which went very well, and a few days later I got the e-mail confirming that I have been offered a position in the MA in Creative Writing course. I am so excited; I can’t even write any sort of insightful blog about it. This is just me regurgitating what I’m thinking. EXCITED! Is it sad that I’m going to school for writing and I can’t even write something thoughtful about getting into my dream school? Probably, but that’s ok. That is what school is for, to make me better.

Here is my plan for the next year of my life, eloquently put into works by my dear Aunt Petrina:

"Adventurous, free spirited girl attends grad school in Oxford, England. Meets English boy while working in tiny bookstore to supplement her tuition. Boy and girl fall in love but know that they only have a short time together. Girl graduates with highest honors and accolades and moves back home, all the while promising her love to boy. Time passes. Boy and girl lose touch. Girl goes on to write best-selling novel inspired by her time in England and with boy. Boy shows up at girl's book signing in NYC. They live happily ever after, traveling the world together."

I like it. I mean, I don’t really want to lose touch with future dream boy for the amount of time it takes to write a book, so years, but it does make for a good story so why not?

Speaking of writing books, I need to get back to mine. I’m so close to finishing, it’s unreal. This will be the first Nano story I’ve ever completed, the longest single story I’ve ever written (getting around 200 pages) and my favorite storyline of all time, once completed. Nicole gave me a deadline of December 12th to finish so I can send it to her with enough time for her to read it by New Years, and that day is tomorrow. I better get cracking.




beth said...

Maria goodson you are ridiculous

Tanner said...


And dream boy will obviously have an accent.

Sally said...

May all your dreams come true!