Monday, November 16, 2009

I don’t think the dog likes my music.

I’m at my grandmother and granddaddy’s house again, pet sitting.


That’s me right now. I thought I would do another picture blog since I seem to be on a roll procrastinating the 4000 words I need to write tonight.

Dad got really excited about Knee High Grape today. Not as excited about the BBQ.

Bikes. Looks like a hobbit might jump out of the trees and yell "get off the road!" but with too much pavement.

This is a house I want to live in. Obviously not in it's current state, but, if it were possible to fit it up, I would. I am in love with this house.

My cats are always so cute.

Ok, back to my story. I'm killing off a character tonight that I created just to kill (dad says his name should be Guy, but it's Ben), but I’ve never fictionally killed someone before. However, he must die. I cannot keep his accent up much longer.

"When vacation was over
the word was all over
that I was a crack whore
melissa had told them
and so now were not talking
except we have tickets
to see blur in october
and I think were still going


DeeRoo said...

"Your" cats?:) whom does the credit go for the little ditty at the end of this post?

major7th said...

Amanda Palmer. Remember: "I've seen better days but I don't care, Oasis got my letter in the mail." ?? Same song.

foobella said...

I think she means, "credit" as in who got you the cd.

Also, um, is this dead character in the "Anything is Possible" story that I started reading Friday night at 5am after I couldn't get to sleep from going to see Paranormal Activity? Say it ain't so. No spoiler alert? How unprofessional.

major7th said...

It is a character from that story, but not one in the version you have. I would never spoil my own story! I hate spoilers!

Tanner said...

"I cannot keep his accent up much longer." Excellent reason for a killing if the prior reason didn't do the trick.

major7th said...

hahaha, I thought so. It's for his own good really, if his accent slips, he is no longer believable.