Friday, November 20, 2009


I think everyone should be required to have a job in customer service at least once in their lives, any customer service. As much as I tend to hate it at times (not too often, but it happens), I really think it has helped me in the long run. I really appreciate helpful people now, more than I did before, because I know it’s not hard to be helpful. It’s not hard to smile while you are helping someone, putting them at ease even if you don’t know what you are talking about. And I know how it feels to actually help make someone’s day better, and it’s a good feeling. Therefore, now, when I encounter unhelpful people or establishments, I cannot understand why they are that way. It makes the customer AND the server’s day better when everyone is just polite and helpful, so why don’t we all try acting like that, all right world?

I’m at the airport right now (surprise surprise) waiting for my flight to Chicago where I will catch a bus to Madison to visit my lovely cousin Mary, and a few days later bum a ride to Milwaukee to see my dear friend Molly. It’s 5:55am. I’m tired. I got up at 3:30am. Thanks Mom and Dad for the ride, and wake up call. And believe it or not, I did not have a bad experience with anyone working here, despite my trouble finding my gate or any information about said gate in general. It did not show up on any of the screens I encountered, neither did any other Southwest flights, which was extremely disconcerting. Unfortunately, at the crack of crack in the morning, the people at the information desks don’t feel the need to be at their information desks, which was not helpful.

However, after lots of wandering around, wondering why I should ever have a problem finding my way in Dulles Airport given the sheer number of times I’ve been here and hoping I did not get the wrong day or something, I finally found a helpful flight attendant (the littlest flight attendant of them all, she was really cute) who pointed me in the right direction. I guess her helpfulness made me think about how much worse being lots in a gigantic airport with no gate number would have been had she been rude or inpatient. I will try to remember this next time I am at work and someone comes in, doesn’t look at the menu at all and asks me for two cheese hot dogs and some BBQ. Now here I am in gate B50, and I have an hour till I’m airborne.

I just saw a women walk by with lights on the wheels of her suitcase. They were inside the wheels and blinked and changed colors when she wheeled it. Honestly, on a coolness scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, that suitcase has to be an eleven. And no mother, that is not a Spinal Tap reference. I need to get me one of those. Or just the wheels anyway, I have sweet luggage.

Ohhhhh nooooo, a mother with four small children, all boys, just sat down in my gate. How much do you want to bet I’m going to be sitting between them somehow, just my luck. If one of them gives me the swine, there will be hell to pay. Mark my words; I will not get the swine, much less from a small, sticky child.

I will not be posting this from the airport, even though they have wireless, because I will not be paying 6 bucks for two hours. Honestly, why isn’t the entire world a free WiFi zone by now?

I’m listening to the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire right now, feeling a little badass, because that’s just how that soundtrack makes you feel. Try it, it’s great. All I need are some aviator sunglasses and a backpack I have not had since middle school with my initials on it. Sigh.

All right, I should probably be writing my story instead of a blog and times a wastin’. I hope everyone reading this got to sleep in and has a wonderful day!




DeeRoo said...


Hummm, lightup should have asked her about it....and haven't I always said everyone should work in a service job at least once in their lives?:)

Hugs to M and M!

foobella said...

Wow, I am beaming with pride for my niece right now. This is a topic I am quite familiar with. Being someone who has worked in SEVERAL service jobs in my life, I couldn't agree with you more, Maria. It's definitely character building, IF you take your job seriously.

Tanner said...

I use to have the shoes with those lights as a kid.

And I agree about service jobs. Unfortunately people in them don't always get it, but you learn a lot about the world of people by having to be tactful to them.

Oh, and some states in Europe are adopting legislation to require free "WiFi" service in all metropolitan areas or in all of the state. Of course if anybody tries that in the US, they'll be branded as a "Socialist" or "communist" by someone who doesn't know the difference and run out on a rail.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

yayyyyyyyyy! I am excited for your adventure and your positive attitude despite some set backs. I especially like your crack of the crack of dawn... made me feel like I was five again. This luggage needs to be in your posession. Let me know how it goes. Also, the kiwi I am living with had swine flu like a week ago. That was fun. I'm fine though despite the fact that we even shared the same food before we found out she was sick. I feel invincible.

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

don't tell my mom
: )

Jacques said...

"Mark my words; I will not get the swine, much less from a small, sticky child." And this is why I love you so much! xxx

Anonymous said...

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