Friday, October 30, 2009

I forgot to write about Beth

Greetings from the Friday before Halloween 2009. This time last year Nicole and I were on a bus (or on our way to get on a bus) to New York City, where we took the city by storm as Giselle and Princess Leia in an epic romp all over Central Park and the Trump building, accompanied by our faithful side kick Mandy affectionately dubbed Nancy for the day (Patrick Dempsey’s fiancĂ© in ‘Enchanted.’ It only made sense because Mandy was wearing black and Nicole was Giselle). Nicole got mistaken (not so mistakenly) by a tiny little girl in a castle in the middle of Central Park for a real princess, which I still think is one of the highlights of her life, and everyone thought I was Mother Teresa because I had not gotten my hair quite right. It was a glorious day as you can well imagine.

I wanted to say a few words about Halloween tonight, because it is my favorite holiday and as such deserves a blog devoted to it before it even happens. When I was in elementary school, I think one of the first grades, I came to school on Halloween dressed up as a princess. At least I think I was a princess, I know I had on some sort of frilly pink dress and was looking quite adorable. I could have been a fairy. Anyway, I got to school all excited for a Halloween party we were having in my class. However, what was tiny fairy Maria to find when she got to her class room that faithful day in Lovettsville Elementary school, a school that was supposedly full of love? No costumes. Excuse me if I was lead to believe that everyone was going to dress up for a Halloween party, silly me. I cried and cried. I don’t remember the actual events as much as I remember what it felt like; I think that was my first real encounter with debilitating embarrassment. I can’t remember any details, whether everyone laughed, if I had to stay dressed up all day, or if my teacher said anything to me to stop me from crying, I just remember the tears.

Ever since then, I’ve always dressed up for Halloween. Why, I have no idea. I guess that the switch in normal little girls heads that would have instantly switched to ‘HATE HALLOWEEN FOREVER’ flipped the opposite direction for me at that moment to ‘LOVE HALLOWEEN’ and has been stuck there ever since. Every year my mother has made me a costume, and I’ve been everything from a pumpkin (I think every little kid has to go through at least one pumpkin Halloween), turtle, tree, mouse, witch, can can dancer, medieval princess, Queen Amidala, Ninja princess, Pirate, Sandra Dee, Princess Leia and many others that are escaping me at the moment. I LOVE Halloween.

This year I have options, but not really. I bought Princess Leia hair, basically hair ear muffs, and would love to have another go at being my favorite Princess and hopefully find my Han Solo. However, before I found the hair I had already roped my mother into making me yet another amazing costume. Nicole found this ‘Alice Lolita Poker Dress’ online, and I said, “hey mom, can you make me this?” She grumbled a little but, after many changes and modifications, made it for me. It is AMAZING. I will hold off on the pictures till after tomorrow, but let me just tell everyone right now, my mother is a wizard with fabric. My princess Leia dress is pretty much an exact replica of the one from the movie, and my new Card dress is equally fantastic.

Ok, you convinced me, I’ll show you the picture :)


Unfortunately the only plans I have for Halloween are going to work, but that’s ok. As long as I get to wear it, that’s all that matters. Nicole and I already have plans to get together somewhere somehow for the premiere of the new Alice in Wonderland movie, in costume of course. She will be Alice and I will be her deck of cards.

For those of you disappointed that you will have to wait a whole year to see my new Princess Leia buns in action, never fear, you will only have to wait about a week. My wonderful Auntie got tickets for us to go see Star Wars in Concert next weekend, and I think I have resolved to dress up for the occasion. Those buns did not come into my life for me to not wear them as soon as humanly possible! It is my duty as a fan girl to nerd out as much as possible at every opportunity I come across. I can’t wait.

In closing, happy Halloween world. I hope everyone has a spooky good time and posts tons of pictures. I know I will.




Tanner said...

That is an awesome dress...

DeeRoo said...

I don't mind sewing for you....gumbling is part of being a mom!:)

Wish we could make an Ewok costume for Grandma!:)

Jacques said...

Wow, Maria, that dress is awesome! You're MOM is awesome!
Happy Halloween!!! I'm going to an 80's night at one of the clubs...Making my hair huge and bought lots of neon :)