Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Maria did today in the style of What Beth did today.

~Helped change Slates bandage.

~Was asked if my restaurant was a restaurant at work.

~Beans in the celery for the last time.

~Elmo’s mom (Elmo’ mom)

~Dr. Quinn Medicine Women fights for Indian rights.

~Glee at Beth’s.


DeeRoo said...


Tanner said...

Your cat looks like he should whoop somebody's ass and ride away on a Harley-Davidson.

So is this Muppet Elmo, or is this some kid down the street Elmo?

foobella said...

slate looks like he's slowly being strangled by that bandana.

major7th said...

Muppet Elmo

And yes, I think poor Slate feels the same way. (being strangled, not kicking ass, which he does already actually)

Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

I feel slightly confused and completely satisfied. I miss beth's blog... thanks for bringing the spirit back. Although, some things I feel require further explanation... I will let my imagination fill in the gaps.