Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lists, microwaves, Lo.

Quick list of things I have been doing, with pictures, in no particular order.

Got new job at current job. I now write the Döner Bistro’s blog, update their myspace, facebook, newsletter and other various things they need me to do. My official title is ‘Management Assistant’. I would have preferred ‘writer’ or something like that (since that’s what I was hired to do), but I guess Assistant sounds more professional. No matter what I’m called, I love my job. Super fun.

Hung out with Beth. I don’t get to do this as much as I would like, my job keeps me busy, but I hope to do more of this in the future. She does not know I took this picture.

Served my family at the Döner. They came for my uncle’s birthday. Everyone liked their food and I liked the cheesecake they brought. I think it tasted a little better because I kept it in the beer fridge while they ate their meal. Who knows.

Showed Jen the sights in Lovettsville and took her to the airport. She is currently in Denmark, so at the moment I have two friends in said country. We managed to have no-crying goodbye, but I would be lying if I said I did not tear up a bit on the ride home.

Said goodbye to Tiffany and James. They are the others in Denmark, happily married and living it up. That was a really sad goodbye as well.

Skyped for the first time. I visited Jen when she was still in Morgantown a few weekends ago and we Skyped with Liz for like a million hours. It was awesome, I wish I had fast enough internet to do it at home.

So that’s that for now. I have been working a ton, but it keeps me busy which I like. Soon I am going to for real apply to Brooks. I read Lolita the other day. Great book, very disturbing, but still great. I went to see G.I. Joe with my cousin Nathan last night. It was surprisingly good. I was all set to boycott it because I thought it was going to be all sexed up, but it was really hard core and only a little cheesy. Very impressed.

Back to work!

“We used to microwave,
Now we just eat nuts and berries,
you got it, you got it”



DeeRoo said... lots of pictures with quick blurbage!:) Did you actually do this at the gparents?:)

JP said...

OOoooooo- I too am a fan of the pictures.

Next time I'm home I def. need to try out the Doener!

Beth said...

It's me

Liz said...

Word to the wise: don't read a blog that's going to make you tear up while sitting in the library. BAD idea.

I love the pictures, though!! I especially love the one of Jen with the Mountaineer sign. :) I think we should all start taking pictures of ourselves with that banner and make a giant scrapbook just for us.

major7th said...

Good idea Liz!

Tanner said...

"Lolita" made me laugh out loud, often at inappropriate times.