Monday, August 24, 2009

I don't care about Third Eye Blind

Today’s the first day of class at WVU and I’m not going. I don’t care about Fall Fest, I don’t care about the parties I wouldn’t have gone to anyway; I care about the classes. I miss getting up way too early to go to a new class, sizing up the teachers in the first 2 seconds of their lecture and yes, even getting my first assignments of the semester. I miss new folders and notebooks. I miss new syllabi (or as my old Linguistics’ teacher would say, ‘syllabuses’). There is nothing quite like being a student, it is a time in life like no other. It has it’s extremes highs and it’s negative lows, but it was a game I could always win in the end. OH MY GOD I miss buying books for classes. Getting a new class booklist is one of the greatest things in the world (I’m only talking about English classes, duh, I hate other textbooks). Today begins the first year of my conscious life I’ve not been in school.

So here is what I’m doing today. I got up at 10am because I don’t have work till 4. I made ordering a new phone too complicated and made my mom mad. I ate half a chocolate state of Virginia and had half a can of half frozen, flat coke zero for breakfast. I’m now at a coffee shop not doing the work I came here to do, and in about an hour I have to drive down the street to work and stay there till closing time. Hopefully Beth will visit me. That’s my day.

So to all you college students out there dreading your first day of school and complaining about every little thing, I have two words for you: shut up. I would trade places with you in an instant, and that’s saying something because I actually really love my job.

Other things unrelated. Look at this picture:

Web cams are really fun. Look at this one:

This is a girl I knew at school dressed up as a character in a short story I wrote a few semesters ago. This girl, Jamie, loved my story and my character (named Ziggy) and told me she was going to come to class dressed as her one day. She never did, and then the other day I see this picture on facebook. My aunt thinks’ it’s weird that Jamie did this, but I think it’s fantastic. How many times has someone dressed up s one of your characters? That’s what I thought.

One last thing. Amanda Palmer is really cool. ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’ that is, I have not heard anything else by her. Alright, that’s it.



DeeRoo said...

I wasn't that mad....just mostly aggravated, annoyed, irritated, provoked....

Liz said...

I could send you a book list! And a syllabus to go with it! It's not English, but it IS film studies, which is just as awesome. OR I could send you all my old syllabi. OR you could embark on reading a Norton Anthology cover to cover. If you did that last one, you'd be so awesome that I'd have no choice but to worship you and tell your story to everyone I know until I die.

Along those same lines, Jen'll hate me for this, but while you're in the process of sending your application to Oxford Brookes, I'd like to direct your attention to SIUC's MFA in FILMMAKING. Yeah. I said it.

Just a thought. :-D

One last thing.... Did you eat the half of Virginia you live in? That's real frustration.

major7th said...

I did actually, Mom ate the other smaller half. It was not that good.

JP said...

I went to Thrid Eye Blind last night.
You definitely didn't miss anything.

Beth said...

I did visit you at work, surprise.

foobella said...

I thought it was weird/creepy that she did it so long after saying she was going to do it. But yes, it must be a bit of a thrill to know you have inspired someone.

Next up: midnight book signings with thousands of screaming fans decked out as M.C. Goodson characters.

Tanner said...

Yeah, nobody's ever dressed up like my character. And I really agree about missing school. I'm taking those two welding blocks, but I walk in the side door, sit in a booth for four hours and leave. None of the fun stuff.

But to be honest, I would have actually showed up to this years Fallfest unlike the last three or so.