Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Orlando, 67 days of smiles,

Please pick Nicole and Maria! Sure, our video is not exactly what you called for, but I think it shows a lot of our positive qualities and thus is still relevant. Please pick us, we cannot be more perfect for the job, and we really need this job. You won’t be sorry.

For everyone else, here is what I am talking about. Nicole and I just applied last night for this thing called 67 days of smiles where two people to go to Orlando and ride ALL the rides. On top of riding all the rides and having a great time, we would have to write a blog about our experiences (easy) and take video along the way to also post on the blog or on Utube (also easy). It’s as if this job were made specifically for Nicole and me, taking our particular skills into mind and shaped to perfection. We have been particularly bummed since finding out that we applied to the Disney college program too late and have been on the look out for something of its equivalent to get us out of the house and onto some adventure. This is perfect!

Here are some reasons we would be ideal for the job:

1. We can write. We both have blogs and, in my opinion and the opinion of our teachers and peers back at WVU, are fairly good at it. Nicole and I are both working on books and aspire to be writers one day. I think YA is our nitch, but lets not pidgin hole. We have big plans for projects in the future, and this Orlando job would be the best thing in the world for getting our names out there.

2. We are not afraid to be in front of a camera. We made TONS of video’s last year of ourselves and our friends. Nicole has an entire site of video’s and is the mastermind behind them all. She is amazing at editing and has about a million visions of future projects and music videos. Put us in front of a camera, and we are total hams.

3. We are kids at heart! Nicole and I are about 10 years old at the core of it, so even the smallest thing fascinates us. We need this job to put off being ‘grown ups’ for as long as possible. What better than going to Florida and riding all the rides!

4. Believe it or not, on top of being 10 years old at heart, we are very hard workers. We both got exceptional grades in college, so we know when to buckle down when need be. I can promise we will work hard for Orlando, because that would be the sort of work we love doing.

5. We have nothing going on. We live at home, Nicole with her two younger siblings and me alone because my brother moved out. I work as a beer wench and Nicole works for her father. There is no more perfect time in our lives than now for this sort of thing to happen.

6. We are different. I think we are anyway. We are not your run of the mill stupid girls who only care about boys and texting. Nicole wants to be a Psychologist and a writer and I want to be a writer and make movies. We have huge life goals and don’t let what’s ‘popular’ influence our decisions.

7. We get along. Nicole and I lived together for two years and hung out every single day and are still not sick of each other. I think we will be fine for 67 days. Being however many miles away from each other now is weird after spending so much time together just a few months ago. This would be an amazing thing to cap off our time together at school.

8. We are used to performing, which I think is a lot what this is all about. We will be Public Relations people for Orlando, which involves playing the part. I’m not saying I can act (CAN’T ACT) but I have been in a lot of performances groups over the years. Nicole and I spent four years together in the Pride of West Virginia Mountaineers Marching Band Color Guard and had a blast performing in front of thousands of people every week. We have done tons of different indoor guards and all sorts of other random things.

9. We love to travel. After Disney rejected us, we spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to move to Orlando anyway, find a place to live, and get jobs at Disney anyway. I just got back from London and Dublin last week which is why our video is not one of us together. Nicole has a trip to Wales up her sleeves she is trying to get together. Traveling rules. One of my dream jobs would be to be a travel writer, which is exactly what this job is.

10. We have great smiles, as you can see, which seems to be important.

I’m sure there are far more reasons, besides the obvious one (THAT WE WANT IT REALLY BAD) but I have to go to work soon. Back to the Döner. I wonder if the regulars missed me. Who has been pouring them beer all this time?? If I get into the Orlando thing, they will just have to deal with it.

So if you are reading this Orlando 67 days of smiles people, thanks for reading. Good luck in the decision process and I hope you chose us!



DeeRoo said...

I hope they choose you too....get you out of the house!;)

Jacques said...

You guys would be SO PERFECT for this!

Kelsey said...


PS- Your mom is mean.