Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The only thing in my room is a dead rose, half a bottle of shampoo and my sleeping bag.

Mrs. Norris is on the prowl. She has been peeving me all day, all weekend for that matter. I know it is Tuesday, but still, allllll weekend. My life is pretty much one big weekend right now, since school is out and I am currently unemployed. As long as my life is not one big Sunday, I should be alright. I despise Sundays. Everything is closed and there is nothing to do. There is also this horrible Sunday feel, the feeling that you have loads of homework to do for Monday but don’t want to do it, that little tick inside your brain that you are not living your day to the fullest. I am always going to feel that way about Sundays, even though I am done with school. But it’s not even Sunday, so I don’t know what I am complaining about. Ah, that’s right; it’s another sort of weird day. It’s my last night in the Townhouse.

I am sitting in my room staring at blank white walls. I hate blank walls; I always want to put stuff on them in some capacity. The bed has been moved from the spot it has occupied for the last three years to where Dawn wants it seeing as she will be the room’s next occupant. My room now has two night stands and two dressers but no desk. Again, Dawn’s idea. The door is shut to keep out Mrs. Norris. All the other furniture is in Nicole’s room. But no Nicole. She left me days ago.

I hate goodbyes. HATE them. Graduating high school was one thing; I knew the important friends from high school would never go away, that keeping up with them would be easy and that we would never lose touch. I was right too, oceans, time zones, states or hours; nothing can keep that group apart. But college is different for some reason. With my Lovettsville friends, we will always have Lovettsville to come back to, what do I have with my college friends? Morgantown? None of us actually live in Morgantown, so that does not work. Thank God my last goodbye with Nicole was not permanent; I am SO glad I get to put that one off a few weeks still.

I don’t know why I am depressing myself thinking about things like this, I can’t help it. Tomorrow I am going to Jen’s house to stay for the rest of the week, so this is my last night living here. It’s strange to think about. This is the first room I have ever had to myself, the first one I did not have to share with anyone. Oh goodness.

Here is my plan for surviving the rest of the week; no emotional goodbyes. I am going to stay happy and positive and just smile and hug people that I will never see again. I know some friends will be like Lovettsville, will never go away and be easy to keep up with. However others will not. But I am going to stay positive.

This was going to be a funny blog about how my room mate’s boyfriend’s cat reminds me of Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter the way she is always skulking around the apartment and watching everything I do and how she would not leave this plastic bag alone today no matter where I moved it to, but my brain seemed to have a different idea.


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DeeRoo said...

Sometimes you just need to follow your brain....everything doesn't need to be funny....the friends that are most important will always stay with you...no worries.