Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh goodness.

Home at last.

The last two weeks have been fun-filled, but I am glad to be home. My bedroom, which I actually MINE right now since James is back in Richmond, is full of my junk but I can’t start putting things away until mom and I rearrange the furniture. I am excited; I am getting shelves for books. Awesome.

What was I going to write about again? Oh right, Graduation. So yeah, I am a college grad, world be warned.

Graduation day started at Jen’s house, then at the Coliseum for far too long, and ended up in the Philadelphia area. Doylestown; aka Nicole’s house. That morning James called at 8am telling me that the fam was on their way so I got up and wrote that last blog about whatever it is about. Jen helped me pack the car, helped me look sort of like a girl by doing my makeup and letting me borrow some accessories, and I was on my way. I got to the Coliseum at least a half an hour before everyone else got there, but that’s how I roll so it was ok. James and Dad got there first in the bronco. James gave me an AWESOME card he drew for me, my favorite sort of gift. Then everyone else started to arrive.


I have an awesome family. First after the bronco were mom, her side grandparents, and Aunt Petrina. Then the other grandparents and Uncle Dale. Later Aunt Luanne, Nathan, Laura (don’t worry Laura, wherever I am when you are graduating, I will defiantly be at yours. I owe you :) and Aunt Cindy came. AND my Uncle Tony who I have no idea was coming. He rode his motorcycle three hours to be there and got there just in time to see me walk. I am so lucky.

Nicole’s family was there too, we tailgated outside the Coliseum in the grass that Nicole and I have spent many a band camps and eaten many popsicles, when the guard was invited to have any. It was fun, except I was running around trying to give everyone equal attention and talk to Nicole who I had not seen in a week and her family without neglecting my own family. That’s basically how the day went. So many people came to see me graduate, and I feel like I did not have enough time for them. SORRY!

So Nicole and I went in around 1 to get our honors cords (I graduated with honors! Who knew?!) and find out hallways. It was a mad house. Nicole went upstairs with me to find my hallway and then I was going to help her find hers, but it was nuts upstairs so we just parted ways. My puppetry teacher was the person in charge of my English section for some reason, she is funny.

We lined up, I was not next to anyone I knew, and we walked around most of the Coliseum to get to where we were supposed to be, leaving half the English line behind. My feet were bleeding into my shoes and filling them with blood. That may be an exaggeration, but not really. All life’s major events are marked by how much pain your feet are in, at least for girls. We walked in, I saw my family right away because of all the yelling, sat down and waited. For four hours.

I was in the third row, pretty good seats. I got to see all my friends graduate, but of all of them, the person who looked the happiest was Dawn. She had the biggest smile on her face as she walked, and then after she shook hands and continued walking it looked like she was telling herself “good job Dawn, you did it!” It’s hard to describe how she looked, but it was precious.

The rest was boring, but I did not spent four years in college to not sit there for the entire thing. The girl next to me left halfway through, giving my diploma a seat, and the girl on the other side of me (wearing a Sigma Tau delta stole she did not deserve) kept taking pictures of herself with her iphone. Lame. Aunt Petrina was standing directly across from me next to the screen obsessively taking pictures the entire time. It was a little annoying at the time, but really I am glad she did. They are really good pictures. There will never be a girl with a better documented graduation than me.


After was hectic. Everyone wanted pictures, I was trying to say hi and talk to everyone, and my friends were all over the place needing attention too. Again, I wish I could have split myself into three people to be able to talk to everyone there. I feel like I really neglected my brother. We were both wearing the same thing we wore for my high school graduation, me the dress, him the white shirt. Funny.

After tons of pictures, a few tears and lots of goodbyes, it was over. I drove six hours to Nicole’s house in the dark, but it felt like it took no time at all. I am still sort of thinking it all did not even happen. This weekend the family is having a Maria’s Graduation/Mom’s birthday party, perhaps it will feel real then.

Now I am in real-life-limbo. Why did I think it was a good idea to put off grad school for a year?

No pictures or anything fun in this one. My computer is too slow to allow it.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! See you tomorrow!