Friday, May 29, 2009

It’s Döner Time!

OK. I graduated college almost two weeks ago. Here I am, still alive somehow. I know it’s just summer, but I honestly did not know life existed outside of school. I guess it does, so here is mine.

I have a job. I work as a semi-waitress at the Döner Bistro, home of the Mighty Midget Kitchen. The job basically fell into my lap; my most excellent friend Kelsey works there and told the group that the Döner was hiring. They were desperate for a person over 21 who can pour beer legally, which equals me. I am also a girl, which worked in my favor because no one wants guys serving them beer. A tad sexist, I realize, but it is a good job none the less. It is owned and run by cleanly Germans and provides an enjoyable enough atmosphere that I am not embarrassed to tell people that I work there, even with my semi-useless English degree in Creative Writing. If I am going to write non-fiction at George Mason, I need jobs like this.

SO this is my life. I wake up too late every morning, work at the Döner for six hours, come home exhausted for some reason despite the fact that I have long stretches of nothing to do at work, piddle around the house, waste my time, hang out with my friends and go to bed while listening to music. Nicole e-mailed me saying that she has started to re-write her super awesome book I had the pleasure to read a few weeks ago, and I am extremely jealous. Sure, I’m making money at a relatively no pressure job, but so far this blog is the only time I have managed for myself as far as writing. I have far too many huge projects half started and no direction. It’s not a good way to be.

However I have not lost hope for my year off, after all it’s still the start of the summer. I have a fun job and for another week I get to spend it with Kelsey before she is whisked away to the Middle East adventuring. The German’s are very nice. I am learning a lot about pouring beer, something that even after four years of college I knew nothing about. I am also learning about the different types of German beer. Will I pick up any of the German language working at the Döner all day, listening to German pop songs and the manager, cooks, customers and owners all talking to each other in German? Not likely, but it is still nice to be surrounded by. I like listening to foreign languages even if I don’t understand them. I feel like I am getting a little culture every time I go to work, and I am sure that by at least the end of the summer I will actually be able to pronounce ‘döner.’

What else do I have going for me you ask? Not much. One good thing happened; my current fanboy admirer stopped calling me. I am such a fanboy magnet you would not believe. Actually, if you think about it, it is not that hard to believe at all. I am a fangirl myself, so it is only natural that the creepiest of creepers are drawn to my socially awkwardness and sometimes poorly thought out outfits.

Anyway, when I was in Philly with Nicole last week, we went to the Franklin Institute. It’s a fun place, lots of hands on things for kids and slightly older kids like Nicole and I including a giant plastic heart you can climb through. However the highlight of the museum for me was this new Star Trek exhibit in honor of the new Star Trek movie that just came out. It was excellent by the way, the movie, all of you should run out and see it right now. And take me with you, I want to go again.

We walked through the exhibit and we saw this guy looking around by himself wearing some sort of red and white letter jacket. Nicole and I passed him, whispering to each other that it is a little depressing that he was alone, but then thought nothing else of him. At the end of our day, we were on our way out when trouble struck.

I had been seeing signs for this Star Trek Simulator ride all over and wanted to know what that entailed. The lady at the ticket desk for the ride said we could go ahead in and see it for ourselves. So there we go, skipping down the hall past the line to check it out. The ride was a two seated pod type thing that you got strapped into and turned you all around while you watched a screen in front of you take you on some mission against the Borg. Right up my ally, but I had already dragged Nicole through the exhibit and was not about to pay for something else. We were about to leave when who do we see waving us over? None other than the kid in the letter jacket.

To make a long story short, he offered to pay for one of us to ride with him, I thought what the hey and did it, and then he almost followed us around the city. He was super nice, but SUPER nerdy and had a stutter and I think something else going on with him. He was so nervous talking to us that when he asked for my number I felt too bad to say no, and when he failed at typing it into his phone because his hands were shaking so much, I idiotically wrote down my correct number on a piece of paper for him. I could have changed one number, just one tiny number, but no, I gave him my correct number. Idiot. But you weren’t there! You did not see him, I felt so bad! I feel even worse not answering him calls, but it would be meaner leading him on more than I already did. He called once, and I did not answer when I did not recognize the number because I just KNEW it was him for some reason (magic). It was, he left a message which confirmed my desire to never answer his calls, and then called back two more times in the next two days. However I think I have seen the end of it, he has stopped.

Why can’t a normal fanboy nerd ask for my number? Why do only the most awkwardly pathetic human beings seem to want anything to do with me? Between Wolfman from school (a WHOLE other story for another time) and this Star Trek kid, I am hopeless. I would adore to hook up with a cute, nerdy Star Wars fan who would actually know what I am talking about when I talk Star Wars and would nerd out to the same things I do, but who would also function in society and pass for normal when needed. That’s too much to ask I realize now, so I guess I am destined to wander the earth in my Princess Leia dress, my lightsabor slung over my shoulder with no one to fight with. So sad. Whatever, I have not started grad school yet. UMMMmmm English Grad Students! Yes please. That is a whole other type of fan I am defiantly into.

But first I have to get through this year. I’ve got a job that is better than good enough for now, if I can only find time to write and learn to wake up earlier and make the most of my days I would be set. And finish Ulysses, yes that would be good too. Stupid book. I am sure I will appreciate it after I finish it, but so far it is just torture. I will explain that later too.

I guess I should go to sleep, but I am not yet tired. What are you gonna do?

Why does Queen always seem to be playing when I am contemplating my future? And always the same song, I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW! Fitting, cuz I do.

OH now it’s a kind of magic. Nice.

“It's a kind of magic,

One shaft of light that shows the way,

No mortal man can win this day.”


Ps. No pictures, computer and internet too slow, a deadly combination.


Julie said...

Sounds as if you're getting plenty of living done in your gap year. And isn't that the point of it all?

I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the more staid end of your fanbase.

Here's a post you might like:

Hasn't helped me yet, but it's interesting!

foobella said...

So much to comment on, but no time to do so. You know, work and all gets in the way.

But for now, maybe someone will let you hone your writing skills here:

I am so coming to have you serve me some beer.

DeeRoo said...

Sounds like another adventure is just beginning and you look so cute in your Doner hat!:) xo

Jacques said...

Uh, serving German beer at a German restaurant with real Germans!? I am SO there. I feel a roadtrip coming on...perhaps.
I have so much to talk to you about! I guess, one day I may have to break down and actually call you...and you know how we both loathe that.
As for your creeper--I believe I've told you the story of my British creeper. One redeeming quality (be it British accent or Star Wars nerdiness) does not make a man :) Besides, you have to hold out for the totally not gay Da-vid.
Miss you bunches of oates.

Kelsey said...

Black lager, Pils, Hefe
Umm I am really happy about this blog. Very nicely done. I hope I haven't ruined your summer and ability to express yourself creatively. But I swear the interesting people you will meet and the mula you will make will make up for it. I am so happy we got to work together- we should have been doing this for years. <3