Friday, May 29, 2009

It’s Döner Time!

OK. I graduated college almost two weeks ago. Here I am, still alive somehow. I know it’s just summer, but I honestly did not know life existed outside of school. I guess it does, so here is mine.

I have a job. I work as a semi-waitress at the Döner Bistro, home of the Mighty Midget Kitchen. The job basically fell into my lap; my most excellent friend Kelsey works there and told the group that the Döner was hiring. They were desperate for a person over 21 who can pour beer legally, which equals me. I am also a girl, which worked in my favor because no one wants guys serving them beer. A tad sexist, I realize, but it is a good job none the less. It is owned and run by cleanly Germans and provides an enjoyable enough atmosphere that I am not embarrassed to tell people that I work there, even with my semi-useless English degree in Creative Writing. If I am going to write non-fiction at George Mason, I need jobs like this.

SO this is my life. I wake up too late every morning, work at the Döner for six hours, come home exhausted for some reason despite the fact that I have long stretches of nothing to do at work, piddle around the house, waste my time, hang out with my friends and go to bed while listening to music. Nicole e-mailed me saying that she has started to re-write her super awesome book I had the pleasure to read a few weeks ago, and I am extremely jealous. Sure, I’m making money at a relatively no pressure job, but so far this blog is the only time I have managed for myself as far as writing. I have far too many huge projects half started and no direction. It’s not a good way to be.

However I have not lost hope for my year off, after all it’s still the start of the summer. I have a fun job and for another week I get to spend it with Kelsey before she is whisked away to the Middle East adventuring. The German’s are very nice. I am learning a lot about pouring beer, something that even after four years of college I knew nothing about. I am also learning about the different types of German beer. Will I pick up any of the German language working at the Döner all day, listening to German pop songs and the manager, cooks, customers and owners all talking to each other in German? Not likely, but it is still nice to be surrounded by. I like listening to foreign languages even if I don’t understand them. I feel like I am getting a little culture every time I go to work, and I am sure that by at least the end of the summer I will actually be able to pronounce ‘döner.’

What else do I have going for me you ask? Not much. One good thing happened; my current fanboy admirer stopped calling me. I am such a fanboy magnet you would not believe. Actually, if you think about it, it is not that hard to believe at all. I am a fangirl myself, so it is only natural that the creepiest of creepers are drawn to my socially awkwardness and sometimes poorly thought out outfits.

Anyway, when I was in Philly with Nicole last week, we went to the Franklin Institute. It’s a fun place, lots of hands on things for kids and slightly older kids like Nicole and I including a giant plastic heart you can climb through. However the highlight of the museum for me was this new Star Trek exhibit in honor of the new Star Trek movie that just came out. It was excellent by the way, the movie, all of you should run out and see it right now. And take me with you, I want to go again.

We walked through the exhibit and we saw this guy looking around by himself wearing some sort of red and white letter jacket. Nicole and I passed him, whispering to each other that it is a little depressing that he was alone, but then thought nothing else of him. At the end of our day, we were on our way out when trouble struck.

I had been seeing signs for this Star Trek Simulator ride all over and wanted to know what that entailed. The lady at the ticket desk for the ride said we could go ahead in and see it for ourselves. So there we go, skipping down the hall past the line to check it out. The ride was a two seated pod type thing that you got strapped into and turned you all around while you watched a screen in front of you take you on some mission against the Borg. Right up my ally, but I had already dragged Nicole through the exhibit and was not about to pay for something else. We were about to leave when who do we see waving us over? None other than the kid in the letter jacket.

To make a long story short, he offered to pay for one of us to ride with him, I thought what the hey and did it, and then he almost followed us around the city. He was super nice, but SUPER nerdy and had a stutter and I think something else going on with him. He was so nervous talking to us that when he asked for my number I felt too bad to say no, and when he failed at typing it into his phone because his hands were shaking so much, I idiotically wrote down my correct number on a piece of paper for him. I could have changed one number, just one tiny number, but no, I gave him my correct number. Idiot. But you weren’t there! You did not see him, I felt so bad! I feel even worse not answering him calls, but it would be meaner leading him on more than I already did. He called once, and I did not answer when I did not recognize the number because I just KNEW it was him for some reason (magic). It was, he left a message which confirmed my desire to never answer his calls, and then called back two more times in the next two days. However I think I have seen the end of it, he has stopped.

Why can’t a normal fanboy nerd ask for my number? Why do only the most awkwardly pathetic human beings seem to want anything to do with me? Between Wolfman from school (a WHOLE other story for another time) and this Star Trek kid, I am hopeless. I would adore to hook up with a cute, nerdy Star Wars fan who would actually know what I am talking about when I talk Star Wars and would nerd out to the same things I do, but who would also function in society and pass for normal when needed. That’s too much to ask I realize now, so I guess I am destined to wander the earth in my Princess Leia dress, my lightsabor slung over my shoulder with no one to fight with. So sad. Whatever, I have not started grad school yet. UMMMmmm English Grad Students! Yes please. That is a whole other type of fan I am defiantly into.

But first I have to get through this year. I’ve got a job that is better than good enough for now, if I can only find time to write and learn to wake up earlier and make the most of my days I would be set. And finish Ulysses, yes that would be good too. Stupid book. I am sure I will appreciate it after I finish it, but so far it is just torture. I will explain that later too.

I guess I should go to sleep, but I am not yet tired. What are you gonna do?

Why does Queen always seem to be playing when I am contemplating my future? And always the same song, I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW! Fitting, cuz I do.

OH now it’s a kind of magic. Nice.

“It's a kind of magic,

One shaft of light that shows the way,

No mortal man can win this day.”


Ps. No pictures, computer and internet too slow, a deadly combination.

Monday, May 25, 2009



Saw this in Philly with Nicole. Funny. Saw this too:


Awesome. This was at the Franklin Institute Star Trek exhibit. Saw a lot of super cool Star Trek memorabilia including lots of uniforms and model ships.

I don't really have much to say right now. I just wanted to share some pictures. There is way more to my Star Trek story, but I will tell it in the morning.



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh goodness.

Home at last.

The last two weeks have been fun-filled, but I am glad to be home. My bedroom, which I actually MINE right now since James is back in Richmond, is full of my junk but I can’t start putting things away until mom and I rearrange the furniture. I am excited; I am getting shelves for books. Awesome.

What was I going to write about again? Oh right, Graduation. So yeah, I am a college grad, world be warned.

Graduation day started at Jen’s house, then at the Coliseum for far too long, and ended up in the Philadelphia area. Doylestown; aka Nicole’s house. That morning James called at 8am telling me that the fam was on their way so I got up and wrote that last blog about whatever it is about. Jen helped me pack the car, helped me look sort of like a girl by doing my makeup and letting me borrow some accessories, and I was on my way. I got to the Coliseum at least a half an hour before everyone else got there, but that’s how I roll so it was ok. James and Dad got there first in the bronco. James gave me an AWESOME card he drew for me, my favorite sort of gift. Then everyone else started to arrive.


I have an awesome family. First after the bronco were mom, her side grandparents, and Aunt Petrina. Then the other grandparents and Uncle Dale. Later Aunt Luanne, Nathan, Laura (don’t worry Laura, wherever I am when you are graduating, I will defiantly be at yours. I owe you :) and Aunt Cindy came. AND my Uncle Tony who I have no idea was coming. He rode his motorcycle three hours to be there and got there just in time to see me walk. I am so lucky.

Nicole’s family was there too, we tailgated outside the Coliseum in the grass that Nicole and I have spent many a band camps and eaten many popsicles, when the guard was invited to have any. It was fun, except I was running around trying to give everyone equal attention and talk to Nicole who I had not seen in a week and her family without neglecting my own family. That’s basically how the day went. So many people came to see me graduate, and I feel like I did not have enough time for them. SORRY!

So Nicole and I went in around 1 to get our honors cords (I graduated with honors! Who knew?!) and find out hallways. It was a mad house. Nicole went upstairs with me to find my hallway and then I was going to help her find hers, but it was nuts upstairs so we just parted ways. My puppetry teacher was the person in charge of my English section for some reason, she is funny.

We lined up, I was not next to anyone I knew, and we walked around most of the Coliseum to get to where we were supposed to be, leaving half the English line behind. My feet were bleeding into my shoes and filling them with blood. That may be an exaggeration, but not really. All life’s major events are marked by how much pain your feet are in, at least for girls. We walked in, I saw my family right away because of all the yelling, sat down and waited. For four hours.

I was in the third row, pretty good seats. I got to see all my friends graduate, but of all of them, the person who looked the happiest was Dawn. She had the biggest smile on her face as she walked, and then after she shook hands and continued walking it looked like she was telling herself “good job Dawn, you did it!” It’s hard to describe how she looked, but it was precious.

The rest was boring, but I did not spent four years in college to not sit there for the entire thing. The girl next to me left halfway through, giving my diploma a seat, and the girl on the other side of me (wearing a Sigma Tau delta stole she did not deserve) kept taking pictures of herself with her iphone. Lame. Aunt Petrina was standing directly across from me next to the screen obsessively taking pictures the entire time. It was a little annoying at the time, but really I am glad she did. They are really good pictures. There will never be a girl with a better documented graduation than me.


After was hectic. Everyone wanted pictures, I was trying to say hi and talk to everyone, and my friends were all over the place needing attention too. Again, I wish I could have split myself into three people to be able to talk to everyone there. I feel like I really neglected my brother. We were both wearing the same thing we wore for my high school graduation, me the dress, him the white shirt. Funny.

After tons of pictures, a few tears and lots of goodbyes, it was over. I drove six hours to Nicole’s house in the dark, but it felt like it took no time at all. I am still sort of thinking it all did not even happen. This weekend the family is having a Maria’s Graduation/Mom’s birthday party, perhaps it will feel real then.

Now I am in real-life-limbo. Why did I think it was a good idea to put off grad school for a year?

No pictures or anything fun in this one. My computer is too slow to allow it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dick Van Dyke, drag queens and magic.



SO you know when something weird happens that makes you feel like you’re magic? This is probably just me, but this happens to me ALL the time. And I am not talking ‘first kiss magic’ or ‘love at first sight magic’, nothing lame like that, I mean littler things. For example, last week Nicole and I watched Mary Poppins. Truly a quality film. But the entire time we were watching it I kept thinking of the movie Bed knobs and Broomsticks. I think we had Mary Poppins and Bed knobs and Broomsticks taped from TV when I was little and we watched them around the same time, so they make me think of one another. Anyway, I kept talking about this movie to Nicole, describing the little I know about it, and she had no idea what I was talking about. After a while I was completely convinced that I was the only person in the world who had seen the movie or even heard of it for that matter, and put it out of my mind.

Then last night, Jen and I went shoe shopping at 9pm. I needed a pair of shoes to wear with my dress for graduation, says my mom, so I did what I was told and went to find some. I do as I’m told. On the way back to Jen’s place after finding not one but two awesome pairs of shoes (one practical, the other sort of stupid, yet amazing in a ‘these are totally space shoes and I bet they have rockets in the bottoms!’ sort of way) and we were talking about this and that. We got on the topic of my blog, of which she is a faithful reader, and eventually we were talking about netflix. We were talking about our categories and how funny they aren’t lately (man that’s wrong; I’m leaving it) and then out of nowhere Jen mentioned how she was thinking about Bed knobs and Broomsticks the other day and found it on netflix. I flipped out. One, this is the most random movie on all time, two, why would it come up in my life again without my prompting for the second time in two weeks or all times in life? There is only one explanation; I’m magic.

But really, this happens to me all the time. I always mean to write it down when it happens but I never do. When I was in New Zealand last summer Molly took me to a thrift shop. There was this song on the radio about cowboys; I can’t remember the title. I was flipping though the black t-shirt section (they were organized by color) to find an All Blacks shirt and I come across a shirt that had the enact lyrics of the cowboy song that was playing on the radio. I don’t know why I remember that of all the times this weirdness happens to me, it just got stuck in my head.

It even happened this morning. I was looking though my blogs an started reading Postsecret a bit, you know, those postcards that people write their deepest darkest secrets on and then send to this PostSecret place to get published? Anyway, I was reading thourgh the Sunday Secrets, thinking about my hair. I was thinking that I should probably bobby pin my bangs back to go under my mortarboard today since it is the most awkward hat in the history of the world and no hair style will never survive it’s clutches. I was thinking of this last night, that the best way to preserve the hair, most importantly the bangs, would be to bobby pin them out of the way. I was thinking about this, trying to remember to ask Jen when she wakes up if I can borrow a poppy pin, when I read this Postsecret: “I left a bobby pin behind on purpose, so she would see it.” That’s not exactly what it said, but still, what’s with that?

In conclusion, I must be magic. I wish I could remember some other times it happens, but like I said, they always slip my mind. I don’t know what this magic power of mine does really besides weird me out sometimes, but I am determined to harness its powers and use them for good. Maybe I am just a Jedi. Most likely. Speaking of Star Wars, I have the best friends. Jen made me a clip board shaped like a speech bubble with a Neil Gaiman quote on it and Liz got me a new clear plastic umbrella, a kit to find inspiration for writers and she gave me her copy of the original Star Wars soundtrack box set. I almost cried. She got it from her brother and is now passing it on to me. My brother has this exact box set, but his is all falling apart and most of the CD cases are cracked. Now I have my own, in perfect condition. Oh man, the Neil Gaiman clip board almost made me cry too, it is adorable. I have the most thoughtful friends.


Me, Jen and Liz.

Since this blog has sort of gone on a tangent, I will let it take over and say what it wants. I am really into Dick Van Dyke at the moment. I never realized when I was little how ADORABLE he is in Marry Poppins as Bert, but he really is. I would so marry that guy, SO cute.

Still tangent-ing: In case it has ever bothered anyone that I tend to start sentences with “and’ and ‘but’ sometimes, let me defend myself a little. Senior year of high school my English teacher, the former Mrs. Austin Kelly, now just Ms. Kelly, told us that rules like that are only meant for kids just learning how to write. She says that once you know the rules and follow them correctly, you are allowed to break them. So I do, often, and since being in college no teacher has ever said anything to me about it. Must be ok then. I enjoy a good incomplete sentence as well, as you can see, but as a creative writer, author in training, I feel not all my sentences have to be complete. As long as I know it is not complete, I’m fine. Emily Dickenson put loads of unnecessary punctuation in her poems and Kurt Vonnegut wrote ‘so it goes’ near a hundred times in Slaughterhouse Five, so I think I am safe. Actually, I think ‘so it goes’ is a complete sentence. Hum. Some English major I am. Well, I’m not really anymore; I’m a real person now. Some real person I am.

So that picture up there was taken the other night at Vice Versa, the gay bar here in Morgantown. This place rules, it’s so fun, and I hate clubs and bars. This place is also probably why I don’t have a boyfriend and why the only guys I know are all gay, but that’s ok because they are all awesome. And yes, we matched on purpose. We are just amazing like that. There was a drag show that night, which just made my day; I have not seen one in a while. Jen, Liz and Liz other friend whose name I never can seem to remember, and I danced all night and a good time was had by all.


Cuteness. This is Marius.

I think I hear Jen stirring, better start thinking about my hair. I wish I could use my magic powers to make my hair stay curly all day, but I don’t think that is possible, even with magic. Jen curled my hair once back in the day, and it was amazing, and held, so my hopes are pretty high. GA, but I have to hang out outside in the elements for an hour or so before going inside, I forgot. My hair is hopeless. I should probably just cut it all off and be done with it. All in good time. Like you even care.

Ok, gotta go Graduate.

“Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.” ~the Neil Gaiman quote on my clip board.


Today is the smartest I’ll ever be. It’s all downhill from here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Car status: PACKED.


I was walking in a cemetery this afternoon and I heard an ice cream truck over the hill. I was just noting how strange it was that I was seeing so many familiar names in said cemetery such as Yost, Huggins, Dorsey and Hodges (none of which really should have seemed strange at all seeing as I am in Morgantown) when the creepily annoying tune of the ice cream truck drifted my way. I was high up on a hill, as is common in Morgantown, over looking the elementary school my friend Jen lives directly next to and the lovely hill beyond that and I kept catching glimpses of the ice cream truck as it drove past house through the trees. It was around 6:30 pm and I remember wondering, “Who wants ice cream at 6.30pm?” Then I realized I wanted ice cream, as I usually do, and remembered the fact that ice cream is not only an every day food, but can be consumed and enjoyed at all times of day. Silly me for doubting the ice cream man’s methods. If I had not been so high up in a cemetery, I might has just hunted the truck down and gotten myself a chocolate éclair.

Today has been a full day. I woke up for the last time in the Townhouse and cleaned the downstairs, just for good measure. Around noon I went to Jen’s to get the lay of the land, and the key. After Jen went to work I went back to the Townhouse (can’t stay away) and went bike riding with Dawn. It took ages for us to pump up our much neglected tires with my little pump and in the end we had to go to the gas station to get them inflated properly. Annoying. I had to pay 75 cents for air. I am breathing air right now and no one is charging, why should I pay for the air going in my tires? But in the end it was worth it because it was a beautiful day and the ride was lovely.

After hanging out with Dawn at the house for a while, getting a frosty and checking out the WVU souvenir store near our house I was off again to bum around town till 6 when I could go back to Jen’s and have the house to myself. That’s how I ended up in the cemetery. First I tried hanging out in the grassy park type place between the rec and the CAC, but it was really muddy, then I put a cereal box puppet in Joe’s mail box, and then headed back to Jen’s road. The cemetery is on the way to her place, so I stopped by for a walk, because I adore cemeteries. When I got to the top of the hill which was as much of the cemetery as I could see form the road I saw grave stones as far as I could see; it is one huge graveyard. I got really excited and started walking around. That’s when I heard the ice cream truck.

So now I am back at Jen’s, chilling out with Arwen and Marius (the cats) and am about to see what is on TV. Most of my stuff is in my car, and I keep thinking of things I need, like my card reader so I can upload pictures of the cemetery. Not happening, car too far away, too lazy.

Photobucket Photobucket

You get these instead.

I donated money to my class gift today. 30 bucks is getting my name on an archway or something like that in some park somewhere. Real specific, I know. I got an e-mail about it. I was sold when I read that by donating I would get my name “immortalized at WVU.” You know me, always trying to be immortalized in some way shape or form. Mission accomplished, for now anyway.

“Ruby red her lips were on fire, do me with a kiss if you please.”


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The only thing in my room is a dead rose, half a bottle of shampoo and my sleeping bag.

Mrs. Norris is on the prowl. She has been peeving me all day, all weekend for that matter. I know it is Tuesday, but still, allllll weekend. My life is pretty much one big weekend right now, since school is out and I am currently unemployed. As long as my life is not one big Sunday, I should be alright. I despise Sundays. Everything is closed and there is nothing to do. There is also this horrible Sunday feel, the feeling that you have loads of homework to do for Monday but don’t want to do it, that little tick inside your brain that you are not living your day to the fullest. I am always going to feel that way about Sundays, even though I am done with school. But it’s not even Sunday, so I don’t know what I am complaining about. Ah, that’s right; it’s another sort of weird day. It’s my last night in the Townhouse.

I am sitting in my room staring at blank white walls. I hate blank walls; I always want to put stuff on them in some capacity. The bed has been moved from the spot it has occupied for the last three years to where Dawn wants it seeing as she will be the room’s next occupant. My room now has two night stands and two dressers but no desk. Again, Dawn’s idea. The door is shut to keep out Mrs. Norris. All the other furniture is in Nicole’s room. But no Nicole. She left me days ago.

I hate goodbyes. HATE them. Graduating high school was one thing; I knew the important friends from high school would never go away, that keeping up with them would be easy and that we would never lose touch. I was right too, oceans, time zones, states or hours; nothing can keep that group apart. But college is different for some reason. With my Lovettsville friends, we will always have Lovettsville to come back to, what do I have with my college friends? Morgantown? None of us actually live in Morgantown, so that does not work. Thank God my last goodbye with Nicole was not permanent; I am SO glad I get to put that one off a few weeks still.

I don’t know why I am depressing myself thinking about things like this, I can’t help it. Tomorrow I am going to Jen’s house to stay for the rest of the week, so this is my last night living here. It’s strange to think about. This is the first room I have ever had to myself, the first one I did not have to share with anyone. Oh goodness.

Here is my plan for surviving the rest of the week; no emotional goodbyes. I am going to stay happy and positive and just smile and hug people that I will never see again. I know some friends will be like Lovettsville, will never go away and be easy to keep up with. However others will not. But I am going to stay positive.

This was going to be a funny blog about how my room mate’s boyfriend’s cat reminds me of Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter the way she is always skulking around the apartment and watching everything I do and how she would not leave this plastic bag alone today no matter where I moved it to, but my brain seemed to have a different idea.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If my bags could talk.

SO, only the first two paragraphs of this are true, the rest is fiction for the sake of my puppetry project. Nicole cried her eyes out last night reading it out loud, partly because I was pulling her hair in an attempt to French braid it and partly because she thought it was so funny. It’s probably not really funny to the outside world, but whatever. She said I should publish it somewhere, so here it is.


A Brief History of Catfish Productions:


Catfish Productions is the brainchild of Maria Goodson and Nicole Bartow, college roommates and longtime creative team. The name came across one sunny day when Nicole and Maria were celebrating a successful day of shooting a music video to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ over lunch at a Garfield’s restaurant. Both girls felt they should have a name for themselves since they had many projects in the works and infinite many more ideas. The origin of the name went like so:

Nicole- “Lets name our company Catfish.”
Maria- “Why Catfish?”
Nicole- “Why not?”


And thus Catfish Productions was born. Nicole quickly scrawled an adorable catfish drawing on the paper table cloth with the crayons provided for impatient children and the team was off to a memorable start. Catfish continued creating in their favorite mediums, written works (children’s and young adult stories and novels), photographs (Alice in Wonderland photo shoot) and short films (mainly music videos), until one day when Maria signed up for an Intro to Puppetry class and the scope of their creative genius expanded even further.

Nicole and Maria were content with their small scale success and low audience visibility until one fine day they were struck with the sort of luck the pair had never seen before and were never likely to see again. Walking on High street in downtown Morgantown West Virginia (where they both attend WVU) the pair noticed an old bag women being hassled and beaten by a group of high school boys. Nicole and Maria rushed to the women’s aid and chased off the boys, helping the old women to her feet. She turned out to not be a bag woman at all, but Ms. America Lisette, undercover writer and fulltime millionaire, doing research for her newest book, ‘If My Bags Could Talk.’

Ms. Lisette took a liking to the girls and bought them espresso milkshakes at the Blue Moose coffee shop. The new friends all swapped stories, Ms. Lisette telling the girls about her new book and Catfish talking about their new interest in puppetry. Ms. Lisette happened to be a long time lover of the Muppet Show and decided to fund all of Catfish Production’s further projects. “Besides,” she said, “I’m a millionaire, what else am I going to do with my time? Work? That’s a laugh.”

The generous funding of America Lisette is what made ‘Skye’ a possibility. Maria had been sitting on the story ever since her senior creative writing Capstone project and always dreamed of making it a movie some day. Maria and Nicole hope to show the world the importance of having an imagination and in turn spark said imagination in children and adults across the world.
Catfish Productions have moved from the hallway between Nicole and Maria’s bedrooms at WVU to a spacious facility in Washington DC, a hop skip and a ways away from Maria’s hometown of Lovettsville Virginia. Along with their shiny new building, the girls have hired hundreds of the world’s best puppeteers to work for them in their studios and make their puppet movies the success they are today. Nicole, being the resident expert with a video camera, has also put together a top notch team of cinematographers, videographers and all around filming geniuses to shoot Catfish’s movies to perfection.

Meet Catfish Productions


Maria is a writer of children’s stories and lover of graveyards. She is about to have a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing and before America Lisette’s money, had no future prospects. She will be forever indebted to Ms. Lisette for enabling her to bring her work to Sundance, something she has always dreamed of doing. She enjoys reading a great deal as well as going to the movies, traveling overseas and dreaming of all the things she may one day become.


Nicole Bartow also goes by the pseudonyms of Giselle, Jocelyn, and Alice in Wonderland. She is a writer of young adult urban fantasy novels, a Disney Character Performer, and by night is a Clinical Psychologist-in-training. She has America Lisette to thank for turning her “pipe dreams” into reality. In addition to putting her Psychology BA and Creative Writing minor to good use, Nicole enjoys the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne.


Catfish Productions


I think 'if my bags could talk' really got her. Alright, better go finish the project. That might be a good idea.


Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, 'cause it hurts like hell.


I am one final and one project away from being finished with college.

So why can’t I seem to finish the project?

Sigh. The day wears on.

"Sister, sister, please take me down, gotta get underground"