Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steve Martin

I tried to cancel my Netflix today, but I just couldn’t do it. I realize that I have not had time for it for this entire semester and have been wasting my money on movies I have no time to watch, but canceling my account just tears at my heart, something I cannot afford to loose presently. Netflix is like a friend you are always in contact with but never have to talk to, sort of like all your facebook friends. It knows you and you know it is always there when you need it, just a mouse click away, and sometimes I really need it. Here is the main reason I couldn’t cancel my account, my movie suggestions.


On the home page of everyone’s Netflix account are five categories of the sorts of movies that Netflix figures you would be interested in based on your current viewing and rating. Here are mine as of today:

1. Romantic British Comedies
2. Movies Staring Robert Downey Jr.
3. Critically-Acclaimed Independent Dramas
4. Suspenseful Foreign SiFi & Fantasy
5. Visually-Striking Mind-Bending movies from the 1970’s

Now how hilarious is that list? Very. I remember when Netflix used to categorize movies into simple, one word genres like “DRAMAS” and “COMEDIES.” Now it seems that these simple classifications are not sufficient any longer. Either Netflix is trying extra hard to please its users by thinking extremely hard and creating genres that encompass every single thing its users like about movies into a category or I am just weird and these are the only descriptions they could think of to describe the types of movies I tend to watch these days. What about the rest of you? What are your categories? Do you just have Comedies and Dramas or do you have “Gay and Lesbian comedic tragedies from Finland” and “High-action and particularly bloody love stories?” I wish that last one really existed; I would watch a movie that fell into that category any day.

The long and the short of it is that I could not do it, I could not cancel my good friend Netflix, and I think I can live with the decision.


OH boy! I just got onto Netflix, just now, to see how much I was actually paying for their movies I don’t have time for (because I suck and can’t remember) and I have new categories already! See, they change by the minute according to my mood. Here is my new list:

1. Mind-bending Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy
2. Inspiring Independent Comedies
3. Critically-acclaimed Visually-striking Cerebral Movies
4. Emotional British Dramas
5. Romantic Musicals

WOW! This list is almost as good as the last one. They seem to like using the adjective mind-bending a lot. I would love to see the list of adjectives these are all coming from, cerebral is another good one.

I have had a busy day full of every emotion I can think of. The day went a little like this:
• Wake up- unhappiness (it was 6:30am, gag)

• Finish project I was up till 2am doing- annoyance

• Snap at parents unintentionally because of lack of sleep- annoyance at self

• Get ride to class from dad and avoid walking in the rain- happiness

• Sit through class without having read the chapters assigned due to lack of time- guilt

• Run to next class in the rain- uncomfortably cold

• Realize that group project members (same project I stayed up late doing) did not get my e-mail and don’t seem to care that they may have ruined our project- hatred and loathing

• Walk through the rain again to library after turning in a project I was not happy with- annoyance, anger, frustration

• Sit through another class unprepared and unread- guilt again and confusion (had no idea what they were talking about)

• Picked up by parents and avoided walking home in the rain- happiness

• Ate broccoli cheddar bread bowl at Panara Bread with rents- happiness

• Drove to coliseum to pick up Nicole for our Capstone reading- nervous, happy to talk to Nicole

• Run through rain to get to Capstone reading- nervous, wet, uncomfortable

• Sit through half my class mates readings before my own- INTENSLY nervous, scared, terrified, NOT HAPPY

• Read 5 minutes of my story for everyone and was introduced as an ‘amateur puppeteer’- nervous, don’t even remember what I said.

• Enjoyed everyone after me read- RELIEF

• Realized that this was yet another ‘last’ for me, last English department event- sadness

• Stuck around for my last Sigma Tau Delta meeting- happiness that I am no longer in charge anymore, sadness that I am no longer in it anymore

• Drive home- happy

• Try to sleep for a half an hour- uncomfortable, body tired but brain won’t shut up

• Watched a Lost clip show with Nicole- happy, annoyed that it was a clip show but still happy

• Tried to fall asleep again because eyes hurt- annoyed

• Got up, realized I was not tired and wrote a blog about it- content

lost cake

Really I am sure more people encounter this many emotions in any given day if they sit down and write it all out like I just did. Now I am exhausted.

But still not tired enough to fall asleep.

I think I will watch one of my Netflix movies. Good thing I did not cancel my account.

The Muppet Show season one disk one here I come!

“You know what your problem is, it's that you haven't seen enough movies - all of life's riddles are answered in the movies.” ~Steve Martin

I was just saying yesterday that everything I know about love I learned from the movie “A Life Less Ordinary.” Steve Martin is one smart chap.



LK said...

I was so annoyed that Lost was a recap episode.

Jacques said...

1. Critically Acclaimed Emotional Dramas
2.Romantic Foreign Musicals
3.Independent Comedies
4.Feel-good High School Teen Movies
5.Crime movies based on real life.

Mine are not as exciting as yours...but they do make me giggle.
Speaking of Netflix, you must put Lost in Austen in your queue. DO IT!

major7th said...

HAHAH, I really like Feel-good high school teen movies, thats a really good one.

and yes Laura, I was annoyed too. Next better be amazing to make up for it.

DeeRoo said...

1. Critically-acclaimed Feel-good Comedies.
2. Cerebral Independent Dramas
3. Romantic first love movies
4. Suspenseful movies based on real life
5. Dark movies featuring a strong female lead.....
What's up with that list!:)
These are based on movies in my queue and I haven't even seen them yet, I may hate them! They should base them on movies I have already starred, not what is in my queue!
Oh, and you'll always be in Sigma Tau Delta!:) xo

foobella said...

Netflix: Switch your account to one at a time. That's what I did. I get two movies a month and that's fine with me.

my fave category: Visually-striking Mind-bending Foreign Movies....right on.