Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh the cleverness of me!


My Capstone project is finished and turned in, I can graduate now. My story is about a little boy named Dorian (not that little, he’s 12) who is the saddest boy in the world. His imagination has been stolen by a mysterious figure called The Collector, but somehow he manages to make a little girl out of pipe cleaners (wonder where that idea came from) who magically comes to life one morning. Here is a little taste of my story, two of the fifty two pages the story has become:

“Please show yourself.” His usual polite tone seemed to be working. The edges of his bed spread moved as if something was pulling at them from the other side of his bed. Something blue started to rise up, bright, royal blue like the fake flowers in the craft store. Dorian gave a small startled cry as eyes and a nose followed the blue head of hair. Eventually they all became a girl about his age standing in his room next to his nightstand. The edges of the room seemed to shimmer as her body came full into view, as if her presence in the world shocked it as much as Dorian.
“Who are you?” Dorian asked the most logical and straight to the point question he could think of. The girl was not looking at him, but was looking awe struck at her hands, turning them over and wiggling her fingers with a delighted smile. Dorian repeated his question a little louder and her head popped up. Eyes as blue as her hair stared straight into his own dark pair.
“Who am I? Who are you? Where is this? Check out my hands, they have fingers and everything!” The girl was again distracted by her fingers, moving them above her head, letting the light from the window shine through them.
“All hands have fingers.” Dorian was not amused with the situation. There was a strange girl in his room with a thing for fingers. This was not how he had imagined spending his Saturday morning.
“Mine didn’t!” said the girl, “Do yours? Can I see them? Is this your room?” She climbed onto his bed and started to crawl toward him, a huge smile permanently stuck to her face. She was wearing a white dress with a lace ruffle around the bottom and small pink embroidered flowers speckling it. Her hair curled under her chin neatly and swung back and forth as she moved closer to the confused boy.
“Wait, stop,” said Dorian, “and don’t touch me! Where did you come from? Yes this is my room and I want to know how you got in here.” She had just reached for his fingers when his sharp words stopped her. Her smile did not go away, but it lessened a little. She was standing very close to him when she suddenly fell backward onto the bed laughing. Dorian could not see what was so funny.
“What could possibly be so funny? You are trespassing.”
“Oh calm down mad boy, I am not hurting anything. Anyhow, you brought me in here, so really I am not trespassing at all, isn’t that funny? You made me on the bed and now here I am! Can I open the window? Are those your toys? Can I read your books?”
“That is impossible. I made a doll. You are a real girl.”
“Right- I don’t see the problem here. What’s so impossible about it?” She was sitting on his bed, kicking her feet in the air. She was not wearing any shoes.
“Dolls can’t come to life. That’s what’s impossible. I would think I was dreaming, but I never dream.” The girl stopped kicking her feet and sat up straight, her smiling finally disappearing. Finally, thought Dorian, she understands. Now she will tell me where she came from. She pulled her legs up onto the bed into Indian style and looked up at him with sad eyes.
“You don’t dream? That’s the saddest thing I have ever heard.” It looked like she was going to cry. Dorian could not believe what he was hearing. This girl had to go before he got in trouble for having a strange girl in his room.


Any good? I don’t even know, and you probably don’t either since this is so little of it. Look for it at your neighborhood bookstore! In about a million to never years. One can only hope.

I finished reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman minutes ago. It was fantastic; I highly recommend it to readers of any and all ages. Did I ever tell you all about how I got to meet Neil Gaiman and now I sort of hero worship him these days? Well I did, he signed my copy of The Graveyard Book, The Dangerous Alphabet (in which he wrote ‘M is for Maria’ without being prompted) and my copy of the first Sandman comic that I gave to James (the brother) for his birthday. He wrote ‘Happy Birthday James’ inside at my request. It was one of my more successful gifts if I so say so myself.

Neil Gaiman is a tall, dark Englishman who, after an entire day of listening to him read and answer questions, I finally figured out reminded me of Alan Rickman a great deal. This is a compliment to both Neil and Alan, I assure you. Neil spoke about writing for children and how important it is, how the things children read before they are 15 are the things that shape the rest of their lives. Everything he said about writing children’s books and about imagination went straight to my heart, those being two of my favorite topics. He is easy to love.

My friend Hayley made an interesting observation that day, between his Q&A and his reading later that day. She said that he did not come off full of himself, that he was very modest and actually seemed like a genuinely nice person. I said something along the lines of “why does that surprise you?” and she explained that, with many of the famous writers she has seen read they come off a little self absorbed, which really, you need to be in a way to be a writer. You need to be confident in yourself and what you write or no one is going to want your stuff. Believe in yourself first and others will believe in you too. Any who, Neil seemed to have confidence and still come off extremely modest and friendly, which sunk him deeper into my heart.

He talked about C.S. Lewis and his love of the Narnia books growing up, his kids, his love of storytelling and answered many questions from his adoring fans. After his reading we all scampered to form a gigantic line (the likes of which I have only ever seen when waiting for the 7th Harry Potter book at midnight the night it came out) as they teach us to do in school, and waited out turn to get our books signed. My friends and I waited in line for a solid hour. We were the three levels of fandom; Hayley having only read one of his books (Stardust) and not knowing much about him, me being a new fan wondering where he had been all my life and having read a few more of his books than Hayley and Jae who had been reading his stuff her entire life and was probably his biggest fan on the planet. I have a lot to say about her and her experience in line, but I will save it. Let’s just say there were a lot of tears and that it was quite a sight to see. It is a magical thing seeing someone meet their favorite author.

Oh ps. The first thing he cleared up (at his Q&A that morning) is how to pronounce his name. It’s GAY-men, in case anyone was wondering. I sure was.

The girl in front of us in line had a stack of seven books, all with labels dictating who they were to be signed to. I could not get over her nerve. We were in the front half of the line and it took us an hour to get to him, and there were twice as many people still waiting behind us, why would she think it was ok to bring seven books? To my shock and amazement, when we got up to his table, Neil Gaiman signed each and every one of her books with a smile on his face. How utterly awesome.


This is Jae getting her book back. I love this picture, pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


This is me. Is it ridiculous that I was so awestruck that I don’t remember a single word he said to me?

Needless to say, Neil Gaiman is now one of my favorite authors. I have read The Graveyard Book, Coraline, Sandman (only the first one so far), The Dangerous Alphabet, Blueberry Girl and the first part of Stardust before school got in the way. I got a whole slew of his other books for my birthday, so guess what I am doing this summer?? That’s right!

“If you dare nothing, then when they say is over, nothing is all you will have gained.”
~Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book


If you were wondering what the title has to do with the blog, here it is. "Oh the cleverness of me" = Peter Pan = live action Captian Hook = Jason Isaacs = Lucius Malfoy = Harry Potter = Severus Snape = Alan Rickman = reminds me of Neil Gaiman. There.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steve Martin

I tried to cancel my Netflix today, but I just couldn’t do it. I realize that I have not had time for it for this entire semester and have been wasting my money on movies I have no time to watch, but canceling my account just tears at my heart, something I cannot afford to loose presently. Netflix is like a friend you are always in contact with but never have to talk to, sort of like all your facebook friends. It knows you and you know it is always there when you need it, just a mouse click away, and sometimes I really need it. Here is the main reason I couldn’t cancel my account, my movie suggestions.


On the home page of everyone’s Netflix account are five categories of the sorts of movies that Netflix figures you would be interested in based on your current viewing and rating. Here are mine as of today:

1. Romantic British Comedies
2. Movies Staring Robert Downey Jr.
3. Critically-Acclaimed Independent Dramas
4. Suspenseful Foreign SiFi & Fantasy
5. Visually-Striking Mind-Bending movies from the 1970’s

Now how hilarious is that list? Very. I remember when Netflix used to categorize movies into simple, one word genres like “DRAMAS” and “COMEDIES.” Now it seems that these simple classifications are not sufficient any longer. Either Netflix is trying extra hard to please its users by thinking extremely hard and creating genres that encompass every single thing its users like about movies into a category or I am just weird and these are the only descriptions they could think of to describe the types of movies I tend to watch these days. What about the rest of you? What are your categories? Do you just have Comedies and Dramas or do you have “Gay and Lesbian comedic tragedies from Finland” and “High-action and particularly bloody love stories?” I wish that last one really existed; I would watch a movie that fell into that category any day.

The long and the short of it is that I could not do it, I could not cancel my good friend Netflix, and I think I can live with the decision.


OH boy! I just got onto Netflix, just now, to see how much I was actually paying for their movies I don’t have time for (because I suck and can’t remember) and I have new categories already! See, they change by the minute according to my mood. Here is my new list:

1. Mind-bending Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy
2. Inspiring Independent Comedies
3. Critically-acclaimed Visually-striking Cerebral Movies
4. Emotional British Dramas
5. Romantic Musicals

WOW! This list is almost as good as the last one. They seem to like using the adjective mind-bending a lot. I would love to see the list of adjectives these are all coming from, cerebral is another good one.

I have had a busy day full of every emotion I can think of. The day went a little like this:
• Wake up- unhappiness (it was 6:30am, gag)

• Finish project I was up till 2am doing- annoyance

• Snap at parents unintentionally because of lack of sleep- annoyance at self

• Get ride to class from dad and avoid walking in the rain- happiness

• Sit through class without having read the chapters assigned due to lack of time- guilt

• Run to next class in the rain- uncomfortably cold

• Realize that group project members (same project I stayed up late doing) did not get my e-mail and don’t seem to care that they may have ruined our project- hatred and loathing

• Walk through the rain again to library after turning in a project I was not happy with- annoyance, anger, frustration

• Sit through another class unprepared and unread- guilt again and confusion (had no idea what they were talking about)

• Picked up by parents and avoided walking home in the rain- happiness

• Ate broccoli cheddar bread bowl at Panara Bread with rents- happiness

• Drove to coliseum to pick up Nicole for our Capstone reading- nervous, happy to talk to Nicole

• Run through rain to get to Capstone reading- nervous, wet, uncomfortable

• Sit through half my class mates readings before my own- INTENSLY nervous, scared, terrified, NOT HAPPY

• Read 5 minutes of my story for everyone and was introduced as an ‘amateur puppeteer’- nervous, don’t even remember what I said.

• Enjoyed everyone after me read- RELIEF

• Realized that this was yet another ‘last’ for me, last English department event- sadness

• Stuck around for my last Sigma Tau Delta meeting- happiness that I am no longer in charge anymore, sadness that I am no longer in it anymore

• Drive home- happy

• Try to sleep for a half an hour- uncomfortable, body tired but brain won’t shut up

• Watched a Lost clip show with Nicole- happy, annoyed that it was a clip show but still happy

• Tried to fall asleep again because eyes hurt- annoyed

• Got up, realized I was not tired and wrote a blog about it- content

lost cake

Really I am sure more people encounter this many emotions in any given day if they sit down and write it all out like I just did. Now I am exhausted.

But still not tired enough to fall asleep.

I think I will watch one of my Netflix movies. Good thing I did not cancel my account.

The Muppet Show season one disk one here I come!

“You know what your problem is, it's that you haven't seen enough movies - all of life's riddles are answered in the movies.” ~Steve Martin

I was just saying yesterday that everything I know about love I learned from the movie “A Life Less Ordinary.” Steve Martin is one smart chap.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009



What a creeper, the Mountaineer could so beat up this guy. Oh well, I can’t have an awesome mascot every year.

Well folks, I got into grad school! George Mason finally got back to me, I have been on a waiting list for weeks now but I guess it was worth it. I have been accepted to GMU, home of the Patriots, Sharon Creech’s alma mater and Ryan Allen aka the drag Queen homecoming queen; sounds like a pretty awesome place hu?


On the down side of today, I also got a letter saying that I did not get into the Disney College Program that Nicole and I applied for. I am REALLY bummed about this, I knew I should not get so excited about it but alas, I did. But it’s ok, because GMU wants me. I just hope now what Nicole gets into Disney, which would be awesome. She has always wanted it more than I did anyway, she deserves it more. I mean come on, she is Alice!


Yea, that’s Nicole and a few of our guard friends. We did a whole photo shoot in the Arboretum the other day and then Nicole played with them in Photoshop on my computer. They came out really awesome, here are a few more:





There are more on facebook if you are interested, they tell a story. It’s basically Alice in Wonderland but with really creepy cards the like to stalk Alice and wear sunglasses. It was a fun day.

Here is what I get for having a fun day this weekend: NEVERENDING WORK TO DO THIS WEEK! I have a huge Public Relations project due on Wednesday, and I have to do a lot of the work because my group member’s work they keep sending me is not up to par, not my par anyway. It’s a gigantic project and they send me a few paragraphs about what they were supposed to be doing, what’s with that? They are all nice and really smart, why can’t they just do their part of the work well? I hate group projects.

I am really behind on my reading for my two lit classes. I hate going to class without having read the chapters, it’s the worst thing ever. I had to do it today because I had no time to finish reading and it sucked. I hate not knowing what is going on. In general. In life. Always. There are just not enough hours in the day for me to feasibly read everything I need to read and write everything that needs writing and do all my group projects. I really wish, and have been wishing all semester, that I did not need to sleep. Think of all that we could get done if we did not need to sleep! If you are Bella Swan all you do with that power is have sex all night and then get up, have annoying conversations with your ‘perfect’ vampire family and then go chat with your strange hybrid daughter for all eternity. If I had an entire eternity where I did not have to sleep, I would get so much done. Bella can suck it.

I know what you are thinking, why is she writing a blog when she claims to have so much work do to? That is a great question, and I do have an answer. I can’t force myself to work, usually. When I am not feeling it, it’s just not going to happen, and if I do force it and it does happen, it won’t happen well. Sometimes I have to work on something completely unrelated in order to really crack down later and get stuff done. That’s why I always liked all my extracurricular activities in High School, they meant that I did not have to go home and do homework right away, which I would not have done anyway. I got to go do something totally un-school related like guard or band or OM or whatever, then I could do my homework. Same now, I have not changed. So that’s my reason people. I tried reading my latest Science Fiction book (who’s author on the back of the book is described as the James Joyce of Science Fiction. That’s a horrible comparison! Telling people that the book is going to be as hard to read as James Joyce is not going to get people to buy that book; that was really poor marketing on someone’s part) but it just was not happening. I will stay up late and read it, I don’t have to be anywhere until 11am tomorrow morning. I’m good.

So this is my life of late, but it’s about to get better. I have some huge life decisions to make soon, like about GMU mostly. After this week I will be practically done with school besides the final touches on my Capstone story (which is finished by the way, how exciting!) and my handful of finals. Then comes graduation. Then comes random summer fun. Then comes…??? Fill in the blank with your favorite crazy adventure.

My last concert band concert is tomorrow night, tear. That’s a true tear by the way, I really am sad about it. That means I am a day away from never being in a WVU band of any sort ever again, how awful! Band has been such a big part of my life for the last 8 years, WVU band the most. I love it here so much I can’t imagine ever going to another school, to be honest. I love this band more than lots of things. I almost shed a tear last night at our dress rehearsal, just because the music sounded so good on stage and our conductors were being so passionate about it. I don’t want to leave WVU’s band.

There are a lot of things about this school I am going to miss. LOTS of people. I actually made quite a few friends, believe it or not. Who knew I was capable of making friends, I sure didn’t.

Is George Mason the right place for me? Who knows? Do they have an awesome mascot like the Mountaineer? No. Do they have sweet school colors? No, I have already been green and gold, I’m over it. Do they have a good English department? Yes, but do I know everyone in it and love them all? No, not yet. But honestly, am I really expected to ever love a school as much as WVU? No, I don’t think so. I may end up liking GMU a lot, but I will never have a place in my heart nearly as big the one WVU has couch burned its way into creation.


Ok, now that I have gotten this blog off my chest, I can get to work.

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened”

Whatever you say Dr. Seuss.


Monday, April 13, 2009

About to be WET

Why is it raining? I have to walk from the CAC to the Coliseum to my car to go home in a half an hour, and its raining! I don’t have an umbrella and I have my red bag today packed with books that WILL get wet the moment I step outside. Why did no one tell me it was going to rain today? I even checked the weather this morning!

If I could dance I would dance like BeyoncĂ© across the parking lot/two lane road/other parking lot through the rain to my car, but I can’t so the world is spared that embarrassing sight. I have been listening to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” all day/watching the music video and really wish I could dance. Or looked like BeyoncĂ©, either would be cool. Sorry Jen, I know how you feel about her, but I can’t help it, I’m a fan.

Between listening to that song and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” I really want to shake it.

I can’t believe its raining. I don’t even have a hood.

I have a better blog planned, but no time to write it. I am sure I will get to it eventually, probably tomorrow when I am putting off studying for my last PR test. Get ready.

Some guy just came into the Gallery and said something to me, but I have my head phones in my ears and I did not hear him. I am pretending I did not notice him say anything. Man I am a weirdo. He probably said something like “want this hundred dollar bill I just found?” or “I have an extra umbrella if you want it” but I will never know.

Ok, gotta go prepare myself for the rain. I am not in the mood to swim.

“If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it”

Can’t argue with that logic.


Friday, April 3, 2009


I swear I am not purposely neglecting all you loyal people who read this, I have just had a crazy couple of weeks. I have TONS to write about, just no time to do it. Hopefully after this sucktacular weekend I will write something real.

In the mean time, you can read this :

Molly brought that to my attention and it made me laugh for about an hour straight. Enjoy!

K, gotta run.