Thursday, March 12, 2009

50 Million years later...

Greetings gentle readers! It’s been far too long! It is cold outside today and I wore capris. What is wrong with me?


Much has happened since last we spoke. I have been incredibly flattered with the amount of people telling me to write a new blog because they are sick of reading my last one over and over again. (That amount of people was like 3, but that’s still better than ever before.) I have also had a request to write about my opinion of the Oscars. Here it is, short and sweet version:

I cringed every time Benjamin Button won something. Luckily it only happened 3 times.

I love Kate Winslet and am super excited she won best the actress. Shut up everyone saying that Merrell Streep got robbed, she has like 30 million Oscars already! As far as I am concerned, Kate deserved that award for the entire year of movies, not just The Reader. She was awesome in Revolutionary Road too. And in every other thing she is in.

I am happy for Slumdog Millionaire, even though I still have not seen it. But I did download the song from said movie that won best song, and it is awesome.

Sean Penn is cool and all, but I have a feeling Mickey Rourke should have won for best actor. I have not even seen The Wrestler (BUT I REALLY WANT TO If anyone knows that it is playing anywhere TELL ME) but I still get that feeling.

I LOVE Hugh Jackman. I don’t care what anyone says. He is adorable. And man can Ann Hathaway sing. Shocker. Just wait, she will be in a musical in no time.


The whole thing they did with the best actor and actress nominees, where they had the previous winners stand in a semi circle and talk about how great they are, was lame. They are all Hollywood actors up for Oscars, they already know how great they are, and so do we. It just wasted time that could have been spent actually showcasing each of the best song nominations instead of putting them all together (It was sort of cool though) or doing anything else.

Ben Stiller= HA.

Heath Ledger. I love him, don’t get me wrong, but he already won the Golden Globe for Joker. I was hoping someone else would win best supporting actor, more specifically Robert Downy Jr. I mainly wanted Robert to win because it would be hilarious, and because actors in comedies rarely win anything and don’t always get the respect they deserve. In a lot of ways it is way harder to be funny than serious.

I am sure there is more, but this is all I remember about the Oscars that I feel worth mentioning. A lot of people have been bashing the Oscars this year, saying that they did not care about them as much and that the movies up for awards were lame, but I will always disagree. I will always care, no matter what is going on, because that’s where I want to be someday. That’s the ultimate goal, as unattainable as it may seem. But that’s ok, what’s the point of having life goals if they are too easy to achieve? Aiming high is the only way to aim.

Another thing that happened since last we spoke was Watchmen. I saw it at midnight with Nicole and Jeremy, which was really something. The theater was packed, two theaters I believe completely sold out. It was like every fanboy and fangirl/comic nerd in the Morgantown area crawled out from their parent’s basements to see this movie. Practically all of my creative writing Capstone class was there. I love seeing movies on opening day. Those are the people who will appreciate it the most, and the reaction from that crowd is the one that truly counts.

There have been extremely mixed reviews of Watchmen ranging from fantastic to incredibly negative. I am more on the fantastic side, but for one important reason: I am not comparing the movie to the book. You can’t do that if you want to enjoy the movie at all. There is far too much going on in the book for any director to possibly cram into a movie, so he doesn’t. What we get is a gory superhero movie, which I found wildly entertaining. It was very well cast (except for Laurie, she blew), the soundtrack was awesome and it was visually appealing. My favorite part were the opening credits, which is the only part that strayed creatively from the original plot of the book.

Sure, Zack Snyder (the director) changed the ending, but I honestly don’t care. It was basically the same, and that’s all the matters. I think Snyder did a great job making the movie that for years was stamped un-filmable, and that is something to be admired.

Speaking of the soundtrack, there is one song in particular that I found not only prefect for the movie but hauntingly beautiful. It is by Phillip Glass and is called Pruit Igoe & Prophecies. Go look it up on youtube or something, its awesome. There is one video about Grand Theft Auto that’s cool. The video is stupid, but the song will blow your mind. I have been trying to rip it off youtube, but the site that Nicole always uses does not work for me for some reason, so if anyone else knows a good site, let me know! I would just buy it on itunes, but I can’t get that song without buying the entire album from the Watchmen soundtrack. I would just go for it, but it’s the soundtrack with the songs in the movie (not the original score one, which is better) and I have half the songs on it already so it would be a waste of $11. Of course it is album only, so I cannot just buy the one song like normal movie soundtracks without getting them all. Anyway, sorry about that little rant. Everyone go look up the song, its great.

So, Oscars and Watchmen, what else is there? I am at work at the CAC and they are having this event, it’s like a Convention or something for musical high schoolers (I don't think 'schoolers' is a word) or something dumb. It’s been catered, but I have been told that I cannot have any of the food till it’s over because it’s for the Convention goers. If my dad were here he would not stand for that. He would stay in line anyway (It looks like it’s the same people who cater MountainLair events) and tell the event staff to run across the road and get him a coke.

Spring break starts in a few days (not till Sunday for me) and I couldn’t be happier. Even the prospect of doing homework and working on projects during my entire break (thus why I don’t really have a break) is more appealing than staying here and going to classes.

More later.

“If the world is ending, I'm throwing the party.”


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Yo Major....
I agree with you on the Oscars...don't need to see a bunch of past Oscar winners tooting horns!:)Looking forward to your Break too!