Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You See Me Crying Crazy

Greetings Earthlings.

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Everyone needs to go read C.L. Moore’s story No Women Born. It’s fantastic. I had to read it for my SiFi class and it blew my mind.

Sorry to all my loyal readers, I have been absent for a while. Last semester of my senior year is catching up with me in all the wrong ways and I have been booked solid. Since I have not had time to actually write a new blog, I am going to type up this writing exercise I had to do for one of my creative writing non fiction classes last semester. Our lovely teacher asked us to write our life stories with one or two sentences only for each year of our lives. At first it was really hard, but then it got easier, and then got really fun. I like how mine turned out, and I have been meaning to type it up for a while.

So here it is, my life in 21 (give or take) sentences:

1. I was born early in the morning on April 9th, minute too late to have an awesome birthday, but no one would know for two more years.

2. The first two years of my life were spent living the life of an only child with all my parents’ attention.

3. The day before I turned 2, my brother was born, providing me with a loud, whiny, cute little birthday present.

4. My only child existence was shattered.

5. I learned to share not only my parent’s attention but my room.

6. Elementary school brought me 5 friends I had no idea at the time would stick by me for the next 15 years of my life.

7. We learned to read and write, some enjoying this more than others. I enjoyed it enough for everyone.

8. In third grade I was taller than my teacher, breaking her only rule of the classroom.

9. Our teacher had a snake in Fourth grade and there was a war within our class; a few friends were lost.

10. In fifth grade we took a class trip to DC and made pizzas shaped like the USA. I used olives for Virginia.

11. Middle school started and with it the magical world of Harry Potter.

12. Nothing exciting or worth mentioning occurred in 7th grade, for me or anyone else in the history of 7th grades.

13. I took a trip with my family around the entire USA and discovered that I love to travel.

14. High School brought Color Guard into my life and consumed it for the next 8 years. That is also the year that tragedy made me patriotic.

15. I decided English was my favorite class in 10th grade after reading
To Kill A Mockingbird.

16. My sweet 16 birthday consisted of a brutal bike ride through a Civil War battleground with one of my friends from elementary school that ended at a cemetery at the top of the steepest hill I have ever biked. This may be why I love them so; I have never been so happy to see a cemetery.

17. At 17 I became a world traveler by dragging a tuba through 7 different European countries.

18. Senior year of high school I ruled my school (the band geeks that is). That was also the year I went to New Zealand for the first time and was shocked at how beautiful the world can be.

19. I went straight from New Zealand to college and started missing my friends immediately. I pretended WVU was Hogwarts for the majority for the year.

20. Sophomore year I started making new friends at last and went to Rome with my brother and grandparents. I also decided that I might enjoy writing for more than myself.

21. Junior year I stated to write, really write, and my world exploded in a way I never thought it would. I went back to New Zealand to visit one of my best friends and heard Country Roads sung by inebriated Kiwis.

22. This year I will graduate college and start my real adult life despite my severe Peter Pan syndrome. I will spin with a color guard for the last time and say goodbye to my college friends it took me so long to meet, but who I will miss desperately. But the future seems exciting, so all I can do is wait for it to hit and go with it.

This is my life in 22 sentences. I am not actually 22 yet, but I will be soon enough. If I had enough time and energy I would do a little more research and put a few more important mile stones in there, like the first time I saw Star Wars or when I was on an episode of West Wing or the first time I saw Aerosmith live. They were all important and life changing, but alas, it is almost midnight and I have stories to write and essays to figure out.

I listened to You See Me Crying 17 times today in a row, so here is my man Steven Tyler for your viewing pleasure. Ummmm.


I love that man so much.

“Youre packin up your stuff
And and talkin like its tough
And tryin to tell me
That its time to go
But I know you aint wearin nothin underneath that
Overcoat and that its all a show”

(I know those are not lyrics from You See Me Crying, don’t think I don’t. They are from Crazy. I have moved on to Crazy now and those lyrics there are some of my favorite Aerosmith lyrics of all time and I have no idea why. Something about ‘I know you aint wearin nothin underneath that overcoat’ gets me.)



foobella said...

Wow, that's a great assignment. You did a great job. You left out that you wrote a novel. That's a big achievement.


major7th said...

I have written two novels, I did it again this year. But neither are finished and will not be in the foreseeable future.

it was a cool assignment, you should try it!

foobella said...

Finished flimished. It still impresses me.

And yeah, that assignment sounds like a good one to add to all those "25 things about me" notes on facebook. =)

DeeRoo said...

Ah my love, I can think of a few more sentences to add to your life!:)