Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Move out of my way.


Have you ever noticed that conversations about movies tend to be very fast? It may just be me, but whenever I start talking movies with someone, no matter who they are, the conversation always ends up very high paced with a lot of interrupting. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this, just that it seems to be the way things go. Everyone had an opinion about movies (even if it is that they don’t like any of them) so whenever you are talking about them with someone, everyone involved wants to make sure their opinion is known one way or another. This happens with conversations about music and books too, but I have never noticed it as much as I do with film chats.

That probably made no sense. I was sitting in the CAC today as usual, waiting for Puppetry to start and this girl I usually don’t like too much came and sat next to me. I was trying to find a song for class to be the theme song for my puppet and she noticed that I was looking at all sorts of movie scores in my itunes. She flipped out for some reason.

“OH my god! You have movie scores too?” says the girl as she plops down next to me, sitting entirely too close for comfort.

“Ya, I love movie scores,” I reply, thinking that I do not have the energy for where I can see this conversation going, “Lots of the time I have the soundtrack before I see the movie.”

“Oh man, that’s so cool; I have about 800 of them!” At this point I am thinking you are a liar, really 800? You are sitting way too close to me.

“Cool,” was all I could think to say. All my energy was being spent keeping the fake look of interest in our conversation plastered to my face. God I am mean.

“Yay! This is great,” she continued, “I finally found another movie buff!”

“Who isn’t a movie buff?” one of the puppetry major’s sitting across from us piped in.

“That’s sort of true…” I say, but am interrupted by girl face.

“I will have to burn you some CDs! I have so many scores; I have all the Star Wars…”

“I have all of them too.” No way was I going to let her say the words ‘Star Wars’ without letting it be known that they are my favorites. This is what I mean by fast conversations.

“Let’s see, I have all the Indiana Jones…”

“I have the first one.”

“Finding Neverland…”

“Have it.”

“OH and I have a HUGE John Williams collection!” Seriously girl face? I am in love with that man. “I will just burn you a whole bunch of stuff; if you have it you have it. This is so great! Oh I have Peter Pan too!”

“Really?” Now I am interested. I did not want this girl wasting her time burning me CDs of music that I already had, but I do love me some Peter Pan. “I have lots of Peter Pan too. Do you have the Disney version?”

“No, I have the live action.”

“Oh, well I have that one, and the Mary Martin one.”

“I will see if I have the Disney one, I am not sure.”

“That would be great.”

This story did not have a point. In the end she said she would burn me tons of music and bring it to class for me. Why would she do this? She does not even know me. That’s a lot of CDs that cost money that I am not going to give her. I am sure she will forget and not do it anyway, so I guess this is a moo point. (Like the opinion of a cow)

This conversation took an annoying point. Not because of whom I was talking too anymore, but the subject matter. We talked movies for a while, going back and forth really fast mainly because I had to basically interrupt her to get a single word in, then it turned to film school. Turns out WVU is in the process of developing a film school, just in time for me to graduate. That’s just great. ANDDD I find out that no, I was correct and there are no screenwriting classes here, but there ARE playwriting classes which is basically the same thing.

What is wrong with me? Why am I finding out about all these great things mere months before I am going to graduate and leave forever? This is awful. Other things I have been finding out about, the fact that there is a puppetry major for one, the fact that I could have minored in music if I took two theory classes and that If I was not doing Guard this semester I may have been able to actually have a flit minor. Why oh why did I not start caring freshmen year? Why did I wait till junior year to actually take advantage of my school? I am an idiot.

So what it all boils down to is that I want to create my own minor. I am going to call it a minor in ‘the arts’ and I believe I have more than enough credits to fulfill it. I have taken three film classes, not counting all the lit classes where we have discussed films as well as literature. I was in the marching band for 4 years, a rank leader two years. I am in my third semester of concert band with my lovely tuba. I am taking choral union for the first time, another thing I wish I had known about sooner/had the guts to try out for sooner. I am in puppetry right now and love it. I am a creative writing major for goodness sake. My Chinese lit class was all about plays and poetry. I did indoor guard freshmen year and am in one again this year (it’s not a class but whatever, it should count for something). I am practically drenched in ‘the arts’ and want it to show for something. I know that at some schools you can create your own major or minor, I will have to see if I can do it here.

I am not all that sure how this blog makes me look, but that’s ok. The first part makes me look really mean, but you all know that already, and the second part makes me look like a slacker, which is 100% true.



“It ain't much I'm asking, I heard him say,
Gotta find me a future move out of my way,
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now.”



Kelsey said...

Oh my god maria I love you. I am your #6 fan! How dare this hoebag (I like girl face a lot) think she can out movie soundtrack you. We all know how cool you are no one can compare with or without peter pan. But really... with or without a sweet new self-made minor, you can do whatever you want daggonit. As molly might say follow your bliss! <3

DeeRoo said...

I'm with Kelsey...just because you didn't do the music/puppetry/flit lit minors and film is just coming up doesn't mean you never can! There are tons of other schools and people work and take classes all the time. I read this to your pops....we are still grinning and forever proud!!!


raz-de-mer said...

Hahahahahaha. Wow. This girl reminds me of someone else. I'll tell you who later. Anyway, I love this post, but you shouldn't be so hard on yourself for not realizing things about WVU. We're all still learning about it too. I don't want you to leave foreverrrrr! :( Seriously, what about our travel blog? I say to hell with an MFA! Let's go make some magic overseas! I have friends in Sweden and Ireland that I can hook us up with to start out!