Sunday, February 22, 2009

I’m too excited to sleep!

The Oscars are on tonight The Oscars are on tonight The Oscars are on tonight The Oscars are on tonight THE OSCARS ARE ON TONIGHT!
Please please please watch this. Makes me SO happy.

I finished reading “Watchmen” last night for the second time. Still good, if not better because I picked up on things I did not catch the first time. Man it is so sad, I had completely forgotten how it ended. I am as excited about seeing the “Watchmen” movie as I have been about all the Star Wars movies and Lord of the Rings, and that is saying something. I have no idea how they are going to do the ending, just seeing it in the graphic novel is rough. I am so excited!


Who watches the Watchmen?

I have to start reading a book called “Cyteen” tonight for my SiFi class. It is about 600 pages long and I have to have the first 146 pages read by tomorrow. Not happening. Well, if it is a good book it may happen, but chances are it is going to be over my head. Our teacher even admitted that it took him three reads through to fully understand it. Humm.

I saw these things on facebook (once again, I am a slave to facebook) that have been really making me think. One is “Ten Fictional Characters you would not have dinner with under any circumstances.” And the other is the opposite, “What 10 fictional characters would you most like to have dinner with?” These seem like fun, so here I go. I will start with the people I want to have dinner with. I am sure my list would be different if I did it next month or next year; these are just the people I want to dine with at the moment.

1. Ziggy Stardust or Jareth the Goblin King for obvious reasons.
2. Han Solo. Duh.
3. Princess Leia. Duh.
4. Rorschach from Watchmen. Sure he kills a lot of people, but I admire him for lot of reasons. And he seems polite; as long as you are not bad person he will be nice to you.
5. Anton Chigurh from “No Country for Old Men”. I know this seems like a strange choice, but I feel that if he flipped his coin in my favor, it would be a very interesting dinner guest. I have a lot of questions for him.
6. Cyrano De Bergerac. I would ask him to write me a poem and probably fall in love with him on the spot and live happily ever after.
7. Fred and George Wesley. Hilarious.
8. Peter Pan. If he actually remembers that he said he would come.
9. Lee Scoresby from His Dark Materials trilogy.
10. Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”


This could be a potentially dangerous group of people to get together for dinner, but it would defiantly be interesting. The major problem comes with Rorschach and Chigurh being in the same room. Rorschach would try to kill Chigurh, and I can not even call who would win in that fight. They are both ruthless. So that fight would break out, and everyone would get freaked out. Fred and George would probably pick on Jareth for his hair and then he would stick them in the Labyrinth, but I think they could find their way out. Han and Leia would just make out in the corner the entire time while Cyrano tried to break up Chigurh and Rorschach with his sword and then write a poem about it. Lee Scoresby would just fly away in his air ship. In the end, Atticus would reason with everyone to stop fighting and just sit down and eat, because honestly, who can argue with Atticus Finch? If Atticus says sit, you sit. Peter would not even remember he was invited, but show up 10 years later. I would convince him to take to Neverland anyway.

You would think this would be my list of people I would not want to dinner too, what with all the fighting and everything, but not so. Actually, I got Chigurh off a friend of mine’s list of people she would not want to dinner. At first I agreed, but then thought about everything he could clear up for me if he promised not to kill me. She had Henry Plainview on her list, but I think he would be interesting to dine with too. So anyway, here is who I would not want to eat with under any circumstance.

1. Pizza the Hutt. Man he is gross.
2. The White Rabbit. I hate his voice, the Disney version anyway. So annoying.
3. Dolores Umbridge. I don’t think any character from Harry Potter has made me madder. I despise that women and she does not even exist.
4. Ignatius J. Reilly from “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole. I have a love hate relationship with that book, but not with Ignatius.
5. The Duke from Moulin Rouge.
6. The Children in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor.
7. Joy/Hulga from “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor.
8. Kate from Lost. She has always annoyed me.
9. Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias from “Watchmen.” His logic is so scary.
10. Hannibal Lecter. He would mainly be a bad choice in dinner guest because of what he would want to eat. GA.

I have no idea what would happen if these people would get together for dinner. This list was actually harder to make than the other one. I just kept thinking of villains, but a lot of my favorite characters are villains who I would probably not mind having dinner with. The Joker, Darth Vader, Severus Snape, all people I would love to talk to. If they were coming to dinner anyway, it is just assumed that most villains are only interested in eating and not killing anyone, and with death out of the way most villains are fascinating people.

I think I have a pretty good list of awful and or annoying people. I mean, The White Rabbit is not really that bad a guy, all I have against him is his voice. Umbridge, Ignatius and The Duke I would never even want to be in the same room with much less eating dinner. These are in no particular order by the way, neither is the other list. If they were in order, I think Umbridge would be at the top of this one. If anyone has seen Space Balls you will know why I don’t want to have dinner with Pizza the Hutt. He is more disgusting than Jabba the Hutt, makes him look like a fuzzy kitten. Apparently Flannery O’Connor is terrific at writing people you would never want to meet. Joy/Hulga would just be annoying to talk to and the Children I would smack. Ozymandias, well, for one thing he is the smartest man alive. Who would want to compete with that? What could you possibly talk to the smartest man alive about? Oh, and he is completely insane, but that’s another story. Last but certainly not least I have Hannibal. I am pretty sure I don’t even have to say why he is not coming to my dinner party. No thank you.

Weird that no Lord of the Rings characters made either list. I love all those characters too much to pick. Boromir and Faramir would probably make the list if it were longer, like a top 20 characters or something. Also all the hobbits, they would get along nicely with Fred and George. I don’t think any of them would be on my bad list to be honest, except perhaps Gollum mainly for being sort of gross to look at. But I even have questions for him about before he found the ring and all that. Humm.

I have been listening to a song called “Where The Wild Roses Grow” by Kylie over and over again on YouTube. I am trying to convert it to an MP3, but its not working. I don’t even remember how I found the song. I think it was when I was looking up The Duke from Moulin Rouge for my list and I stumbled across the actress who played The Green Fairy. She is Kylie, and apparently sings. Weird.

I guess I should start “Cyteen” now. I need to get through at least half of what I need for tomorrow before the Oscars start. THE OSCARS ARE ON TONIGHT! Did I mention that before? I can’t remember. One of these days I will be there, so you all better watch them every year just in case!
My favorite. Makes me cry every time. Go find some high speed internet and watch the videos in this blog!



DeeRoo said...

Was that high speed internet comment ment for me?:) Can't afford it right now...have a kid in college!

major7th said...

low blow.

Ya they were for you, but it’s ok. The first one is the song the Jack Black and Colin Ferel sang at the Oscars a few years ago about how the comedian is the saddest person at the Oscars because they never win. The other one is Roberto Benini’s acceptance speech for Life is Beautiful best Picture. It’s so awesome. Go to the library! I more meant go to the library than to actually get high speed internet.

foobella said...

No, she needs to get high speed internet. Forget the library.

raz-de-mer said...

Hahaha! I love this. Your dinner guest choices are SO Maria, obviously.. but I definitely agree with you. The children in Flannery O'Connor's piece would not be on my list of people I'd want to eat dinner with. UGH!!

See you tonight!! <3

Jacques said...

Um, dear. The green fairy is Kylie Minogue. She's been out for awhile (I think early 90s maybe and then again after Moulin Rouge was released.) She's big in England. The Brit in me is you!

Kelsey said...

Oh hellz yes.
Maria you are a golden god. That list is perfect plus the description of what would go down were the dinner to take place. Let's play this game with Beth while eating some Subway in Brunswick or Ledo's pizza. That would make me the happiest person ever.