Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 happy things

I realized a bit ago that my last two blogs had to do with death in some way shape or form. That is to depressing for me to let slide, so I decided to pull the old copy-paste and take something I just posted on facebook to lighten the mood. I assure you all, I do not only think of death and dying. There was a point almost two years ago when I was fascinated with suicide, but I swear it was for a character I was writing about. I am a very happy person.


See? flowers are happy and so am I.

So this is a ‘25 things’ sort of survey thing that has been going around facebook like a plague or something lately. You are supposed to write 25 random things about yourself, then tag 25 of your friends who in turn do it and tag 25 of their friends including you and on and on and on until you know a lot of random stuff about people you never cared about in the first place. I resisted for a while, but then gave in because of my love of making lists. It turned out alright I think. James said it was ‘lovely’ so I guess it was a success.

Here are my 25 things in no particular order:

1. My picture is in the new Creative Writing Brochure! I mean, it’s the worst picture ever taken of me EVER, but whatever. I may be graduating, but the English department won’t be able to get rid of my face for a while! WOO!

2. To quote my good friend Tiffany’s 25 things “I have a huge thing for David Bowie.”

3. I adore polite people.

4. If I ever get a dog I am going to name him Atticus.

5. I have a cardboard cutout of Han Solo on my bedroom wall and directly across from him on the opposite wall is a READ poster of Sean Connery. Two of my most prized possessions.

6. On that same note, I love Star Wars with all my heart. All of them. I want to get married at Skywalker Ranch and have Princess Leia and Han Solo action figures on the top of my wedding cake.

7. I have been to New Zealand twice and want to go back right now.

8. I love making lists and usually make one every day for one reason or another. I have a really intense life goal list at the moment, something I need to get on immediately.

9. People I would marry if they asked me/were alive/were straight/were not old enough to be my grandfather: David Bowie, Harrison Ford, Freddy Mercury, Bobby Darin, Gerard Depardieu (RIP Guillaume Depardieu), Ewan McGregor, Robert Downey Jr, Sean Connery and Tim Curry to name a few.

10. I like to write. A LOT.

11. I like to read. A LOT.

12. I like to watch movies and want to learn how to make them.

13. Color Guard is kinda fun I guess. Just kidding, I love it.

14. I never have the right shoes and hate shoe shopping. Guess that’s why.

15. I am that annoying girl who is always shoving a camera in your face. Sorry about that. Actually I’m not.

16. I think my brother is pretty awesome. I hope I get into VCU for grad school so I can hang out with him more and see his shows.

17. I am going to write the next Harry Potter book, at least that’s what my dad is banking on. He says I need to hurry up and write it so he can retire. Har har, he thinks he is so funny. Actually, he is pretty funny. I LOVE my parents; they are the best in the world. I got real lucky in that department.

18. By the way, I am in no way comparing myself to J.K. Rowling in #17. She is a literary goddess and no one will ever compare to what she did to the world. I will defend Harry Potter till the day I die!

19. My favorite story of all time is ‘Cyrano De Bergerac’ by Edmond Rostand.

20. I used to have this secret ambition to be either a movie star or singer. Shyness and lack of talent have squashed these dreams, but they are still fun to think about. I have wanted to be a lot of things.

21. Currently I want to be the following: writer of children’s/YA/fantasy/magical realism/non-fiction/travel books, film director, work on movies in any capacity, puppeteer, professional traveler, work in publishing in some capacity, full time dreamer, kid for life or anything else exciting. I forgot super hero. My super power would be the ability to fly with wings that appear whenever I need them. I would probably be able to be invisible too. Probably.

22. I tried to dye my hair pink the day before classes started. It did not take. Wish it had.

23. I really do want to get into Grad school, but I don’t think I am going to. However, I have so many other options for the future that I am not really stressing out about it. I can always try again, or blow all my money traveling for a summer, or move to California and beg a movie studio to give me a job or anything!

24. Any and all music rules. I literally love all music. I play the tuba and hope that one day I will have enough time to actually commit to being good at it.

25. I am sure I will think of 25 way better things to have put in this as soon as I post it. And sorry if anyone I tagged is sick of theses, I only did it because I really like reading all the ones other people are doing. Whatever, I’m in the facebook generation; I might as well do the facebook thing.

There it is, 25 things about me you may or may not have known already. I hope I represented myself well, and yes, I have thought about 100 other much better things I could have written since I posted it. It happens.

Good night all and I promise I will stop writing about death for a while. Let all be happy forever!

“No more sad songs.”



Julie said...

James is right--that was lovely.

DeeRoo said...

Thanks bunches for #17 and right back atcha!:)

....and we agree with James and Julie!:)